Starcodes April 15 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes April 15 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


This could be a really interesting week; we have a fire-sign trine, an earth-sign trine, Mars and Pluto turn retrograde, and Mercury slows down to retrograde the following week.

We’ve had a lot of fire in the sky lately, with a few good solar flares and a line-up of planets and fire signs. In a good moment all this fire can leave us enthusiastic, easily irritated, and boldly going where we have not gone before; in a tough moment we can feel hotheaded, fried because we’re juggling too much, or bored because we wish we were juggling more.

As the weekend begins, the Sun, Venus, and Uranus in Aries, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, and the Moon in Leo forming a loose grand trine to get us moving and grooving. Our emotional actions may be over the top, but we can feel more brave and outspoken than usual, willing to reach out and meet strangers or share our vulnerable ideas. We may also have to let go of a need to be seen and appreciated first, because most everybody will have the same need. If we graciously (if briefly, no one had a long attention span at the moment) share the spotlight and pay attention to others, they will find us fascinating.

Also notice the tug of a strong grand trine in earth signs which intensifies over the week; Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury can help us put those great ideas (or terrible ones) into concrete action. We want liberating (Jupiter in Virgo) transformational (Pluto in Capricorn) thinking and communications (Mercury in Taurus). We could just sit around and have great discussions about profound and meaningful things, but we can feel an urge to put these ideas into motion. It’s a great idea to sketch out the future, organize ideas, but in the coming retrograde season we may have to rethink or delay (not stop) while we deal with other agenda through early May. But it is important to brainstorm plans and get the process in motion.

But if we don’t have something unusual and interesting to sink our teeth into this week, we can be tempted to walk out of otherwise perfectly fine circumstances. Boredom or dysfunction can feel lethal. Let’s localize the problem, deal with the real issues, and give each other a lot of attention to make it fun. Feel the urge for new terrain and a hands-on experience. Take kids on field trips, help them build a working model of a village.

Taking on challenging projects can seem like a piece of cake, while finishing ordinary chores can feel like pulling teeth, but may be no less important. It’s much more fun to start than to complete at the moment, but it can help to think of the finishing work as a solid springboard for the future.

Now different people will respond to this fire-sign stimulus for practical action towards substantial change in very different ways. This energy can blow apart a dysfunctional relationship or spark a revolution. Mars and Pluto, both planets that symbolize willpower and power, turn retrograde this week and stir the political pot. Watch this week for the beginning of plots and plans that take the rest of the year to unfold.

On Sunday we may get a little more practical as the Moon enters more rigorous-thinking Virgo, conjuncts Jupiter, and activates that grand earth trine. They rise beautifully together on the eastern horizon shortly after Sunset; we can let them pour into our heart and open a beautiful sense of possibilities. We won’t want shallow answers, might be a little edgy and easily irritated, but can use this irritation to get work done. We need to get to those philosophical questions about what we need to do, and why we need to do.

On Sunday and through early next week let’s pour actively critical thinking into our work, and towards the dynamics of how things are run, from our household to our country. Let’s just go lightly with one another in the process.

Mars turns retrograde on Monday and through June 29, the normally direct and focused active form of Mars swirls around and requires us to rethink our motivation and question the motivation of others. We need to get clear about what we’re feeling and how we express those emotions. While Mars is retrograde some people brood, and we see the results as that brooding turns into action when Mars turns direct.

Mars retrograde is a good time to let go of old anger, but can do so by bringing up those old angers first; it encourages us to run over old territory, territory we thought we’d covered and are done with, and clear up old messes. Pluto turns retrograde the next day, and pushes us to go of rebellion for rebellion sake and look for purpose.

Tuesday, and through the middle of the week, our affections and our creative process need attention and may feel tested. The heat begins to leave as the Moon enters Libra and the Sun enters Taurus, both Venus-ruled signs, just as Venus is tested by a trine to Saturn and square to Pluto.

Venus trine Saturn asks us work with our beloveds, put craft into our arts, to follow through on the business end behind our creative process. Make that path, shape that garden. Pluto asked us to do this in the face of potential loss. Even if we lose, it’s worth it to love and to create beauty. We may be called to take compassionate action.

Enjoy these two days when the energy slows down and people move towards their heart because life get intense again when the Moon waxes full in Scorpio on Thursday. Expect people to entrench in their opinions and hurl stinging rejoinders in response to the week’s problems. We all may have a tendency to pull away and pull within after feeling emotionally over-extended. But the new Scorpio focus can help us drop beneath the waves of recent activity, and focus on a meditative contemplation as refuge.

Mercury appears to slow down this week, as it prepares to turn retrograde on April 29, so let’s clear the decks. If there are important new contacts that need to be made or tickets purchased, now is the time to do so.

Friday, April 15: We may be feeling a little melodramatic, and can frolic with the best of them under the Leo Moon, if we’re in a good mood and our taxes are done. If we waited to the last moment, it may be tricky to get those taxes done, because a Sun-Neptune semi-square can leave us a feeling little unrealistic and prone to mistakes of judgment, or with a strong desire to get away from it all. Our concentration improves but our worry builds as Mercury quincunx Saturn tonight, we may need to dramatize our situation in order to get a heartfelt experience across. But let’s not suffer over our suffering. Don’t play one-upsmanship with problems; many = of us may feel and anxious streak running along with our enthusiasm.

Moon trine Mars 12:31 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:43 AM, Sun semi-square Neptune 10:24 AM, Moon square Mercury 1:30 PM, Moon trine Saturn 2:11 PM, Mercury quincunx Saturn 8:27 PM, Moon trine Uranus 11:25 PM.

Saturday, April 16: Morning is sociable, energized, though we may have a little trouble concentrating. Midafternoon is good for gathering and experiencing, bad for finalizing decisions, notice a second-guessing or critical edge creeping in as the Moon enters Virgo late afternoon. Although a self-conscious note can bring in an edge of reserve, we can have really interesting conversation and enjoy sparking off one another tonight as Mercury approaches a trine to Pluto.

Moon trine Sun 11:48 AM, Moon enters Virgo 5:22 PM, Venus quincunx Jupiter 7:26 PM.

Sunday, April 17: Go deep or go home. Lightweight won’t cut it. A serious note weaves through the day as Mars turns retrograde. The Moon conjunction Jupiter and both trine Mercury and Pluto. We may not be able to do what we want to, but in feeling frustration, come to know our less conscious motivation, or understand more what challenges we are truly facing. Our willpower can feel itchy; we need something to chew upon rather than each other. A good time to learn, clean closets or weed gardens, write political critique. Tonight is friendlier and more expansive as the Moon conjunct Jupiter; we may be ready let go of some bone we’ve been chewing and see the bigger picture.

Mercury trine Pluto 3:23 AM Mars retrogrades 6:13 AM, Moon square Mars 10:59 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 3:33 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:04 PM,

Monday, April 18: Let’s be kind to ourselves on this moody morning even though the Virgo Moon sharpens our sense of self-criticism. It’s easy to relieve discomfort by blaming others, but it won’t help; notice any anxiety around feeling out of control, soothe the heart, and stay solution- focused. Difficult power dynamics lace through the headlines, and can add and uncomfortable note with coworkers as Pluto retrogrades. The past can serve us; it, helps to connect with people we already trust or remember solutions that worked before as Venus trine Saturn. The deeper the work we do, the happier we’ll be.

Moon square Saturn 1:03 AM, Pluto retrogrades 1:25 AM, Moon trine Pluto 4:09 AM, Moon trine Mercury 6:29 AM, sesqui-quadrate Jupiter 7:02 AM, Venus trine Saturn 8:37 AM,

Tuesday, April 19: This could be a pivot point for relationships and creative projects, they need our attention as the Moon enters Libra, the Sun enters Taurus (both Venus-ruled signs) as Venus squares Pluto. If asked, respond to a call for compassion, consider it an offering to the muse. Take no one for granted, acknowledge some emotional creative fear or fear of loss, and be willing to let go of something whose time has ended. But stay focused on a new and softening potential. We may feel a new inspiration; if so, take notes, but it’s important not to drop the ball on work in progress.

Moon enters Libra at 5:23 AM, Sun enters Taurus 9:29 AM, Venus squares Pluto 2:51 PM, Moon sextiles Mars 11:20 PM

Wednesday, April 20: If we are discouraged by technical delays, or creaky bones as the Sun challenges Saturn this morning, it will pay to hold still or sensitively persevere rather than back off. Our fortune needs our perseverance, even though we may be distracted by new possibilities or frustrated with old problems. See a project through, but take breaks to feed to let imagination roam. Go back and forth between completion and the seeds of new enthusiasm.

Sun sequi-quadrate Saturn 6:31 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 1:32 PM, Moon square Pluto 4:52 PM, Moon opposed Venus 7:54 PM.

Thursday, April 21: Our nerves can feel stretched as Mercury semi-sextiles Uranus and the Moon enters Scorpio. The mood grows moody, musky, ripe with darker undertones as we head into the full Scorpio Moon. Feel the tension between what makes us comfortable and cozy (Sun in Taurus) and what will evolve and transform (Moon in Scorpio). Mercury retrogrades next week, so consciously bring in extra patience and don’t attached to minor frustrations. Use a new focus to sharpen our attention where we needed. Start battening the hatches for the upcoming Mercury retrograde, get documents signed, tickets purchased and important understandings straightened out.

Moon opposed Uranus 12:13 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Uranus 5:26 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 6:17 PM, Moon opposes Sun 11:23 PM.


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