Starcodes May 6 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes May 6 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


What a fertile time to tend our green garden and human landscape. Pay mindful attention to the healthy, burgeoning natural world, and let that natural enthusiasm infuse every cell of the body. Today’s New Moon in Taurus at 1:29 PM MDT heralds one of the most fecund weekends of the year. Let’s plant seeds, transplant blooming flowers, and seed new habits, plant anything we truly want to grow. It’s time to be embodied.

What is root, bone cell growing and alive furthers this weekend. The messages of body language and heart can come through loud and clear. Moving and talking, however will need extra attention. Transportation issues and communication problems of all kinds, however, can be truly problematic. Do not ignore the “check engine” light as this Mercury retrograde is in an Earth signs, and we can see pragmatic physical difficulties with tools we use to transport and communicate. It can also be hard to find the right word in a simple conversation. And every time we wind up with irritation or righteous indignation, let’s make sure we have all the facts first and really understand what’s going on.

Mercury retrograde brings gifts, it precipitates things which should’ve happened a long time ago, and brings forward people, places, and things from the past. It’s good time to repurpose or recycle things we no longer use, look for missing items and long-lost friends or research past political exploits. Reconnect a history and old ways.  

As this Mercury retrograde forms a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto, also both retrograde, it can bring our minds back to some of our most uncomfortable places (Pluto) but with the hope of pulling out those thorns (Jupiter), or bring out our most belligerent speech patterns, with the hope of breaking that cycle. As always, we don’t get to choose the planetary pattern, but we can choose how we respond.

Venus is strong in its own sign of Taurus, so we can lean into our Venusian skills to help with the challenges. Send love letters and bring posies. Poetry rolls around our brains and brings understanding where and attempt to be straightforward can miss the mark, so let’s take our time and paint pictures with our words to get a point across. We need to listen with our heart, make sure others receive what we send, and we hear that they intend, especially if we have a strong emotional response to the conversation.

The weekend begins with the Moon in this earthy fertile Taurus line-up. Tomorrow, though still a great day for planting, the Sun trines Pluto as the Moon enters more verbal Gemini and we need to talk and process, though let’s look out for misperceptions, and not expect to come to clear conclusions. Long distance travel could get really tricky, but our jaunts around the neighborhood should be just fine. Though we may stumble across parts of the neighborhood we’d never noticed before, rerouted by some detour.

Jupiter turns direct on Monday and gives us a green light on some of our plans for expansion and enthusiasm. And if we feel a desire to be generous, let’s respond to it. Midweek we may get a little self-protective and focused on our more intimate family and friend relationships under the domestic Cancer Moon, and as Venus and Saturn form a challenging quincunx. We finish the week with an intriguing, stubborn, but extroverted flair under the Leo Moon. Extraordinary things may happen.

Friday, May 6: On this earthy thoughtful sensual stubborn day, prepare new beginnings this morning then plants flowers, love, possibilities after the New Moon in Taurus at 1:29 PM. Notice where stubbornness is a gift and where stubbornness causes problems this afternoon, and share about what renews and heals us tonight as the Moon trines Mercury.

Moon trine Jupiter 8:05 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 1:29 PM, Moon trine Pluto 2:37 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 8:10 PM.

Saturday, May 7: Engage what matters this weekend, and let trivial chores wait for another time as the Sun trines intense Pluto. Keep planting early this morning, after the Moon enters Gemini around 10:30 AM, change to pruning, weeding, editing, and plant things of the air; plant ideas, plant doubts in other people’s certainty, and plant suggestions for improvement. Just don’t expect conclusions to be drawn. This sociable afternoon is good for cost pollinating, meandering through new neighborhoods and stumbled across fresh information. The evening may grow edgy as s the Moon opposes Mars; conversation buzzes, but our comments are easily misconstrued and our reaction time can be faster than our wisdom.

Sun trine Pluto 7:02 AM, Moon enters Gemini 10:34 AM, Moon opposed Mars 8:33 PM.

Sunday, May 8: Changing needs can make us feel spread too thin or pulled in many directions this Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed furthers as the Moon squares Jupiter this morning, so does a sociable gathering this evening as the Moon sextiles Uranus. But we can feel more tested in the middle of the day, as nothing feels quite enough while the Moon opposes Saturn. A new or serious thread weave through the early afternoon. It helps to honor the Mother, the earth itself, to feel love and roots beyond familial expectations, no matter how we feel about our biological mother. Don’t try to meet everyone’s needs at once, let conflicting demands take turns, and keep coming back to center rather than feel pulled apart. Evening lightens up, though grows a bit nervy.

Moon square Neptune 5:17 AM, Moon square Jupiter 7:50 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 10:32 AM, Moon and sextile Uranus 10:15 PM.

Monday, May 9: We may not be technically or mentally ready for Monday, though some very positive aspects warm our hearts this morning get have a chance to share. Jupiter turns direct after months retrograde and begins to return our enthusiasm. The creative heart warms as Venus in her own sign of Taurus sextiles Neptune, but we may not feel like hassling with the public as the Moon enters self-protective and domestic Cancer. Tonight we can get easily defensive, but because we are feeling more, not less. 

Jupiter turns direct 6:14 AM, Venus sextile Neptune 6:40 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 9:12 AM, Moon conjunct Moon enters Cancer 11:23 AM,

Tuesday, May 10: This bittersweet day is full of beautiful conflicting feelings. Venus trines Jupiter and can bring bountiful generosity, but also bring a longing to our heart. That longing can come in strange forms; we may be deeply aware of what is out of reach or no longer possible, but we can use it to bring our attention towards gratitude for what we do have. Although we may want to stay home in our little cocoon, it is important to strengthen connections today.

Moon trine Neptune 7:17 AM, Moon sextile Venus 9:38 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:56 AM, Venus trine Jupiter 1 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 5:04 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:12 PM.

Wednesday, May 11: This morning can be relatively friendly, low energy, diffuse; emphasize relationship, not efficiency. Puttering furthers. Expectations and energy picks up as the Moon enters Leo this afternoon, we get a sudden with of extraversion. Clients and family members may become higher maintenance and want to be the center of attention. Work through some logistical strains or an old grudge as Venus quincunx Saturn around dinner time, instead of showing off, or being demanding, it truly furthers to build up trust and teamwork.

Moon enters Leo 3:31 PM, Venus quincunx Saturn 5:08 PM.

Thursday, May 12: If a funny, nervy, interrupting energy weave in and around a truly deep conversation, keep a sense of humor about the interruptions, respond to them briefly, and come back to the deeper process as Mercury trines Pluto. Important revelations wait just under the surface. We can glean new understanding as we review our personal history. It furthers to be open, transparent, but to also listen more than we speak.

Moon trine Mars 12:49 AM, Sun semi sextile Uranus 7:43 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:29 PM: Mercury trine Pluto 8:45 PM: Moon square Venus 9:12 PM: Moon square Mercury 11:27 PM.

 (all times are MST)






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