Starcodes May 13 2016  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes May 13 2016  Heather Roan Robbins


If we relax we can enjoy a heartfelt and aesthetically intriguing week. Strive to be understood or expect efficiency, we may be frustrated instead.

On this auspicious and interesting Friday, the 13th, under a melodramatic, friendly, one might say even say bombastic Leo moon, our sense of romance is strong and fed by the burgeoning lilac and the beauty of new leaves. Gremlins may trigger unexpected delays or lost items kind of mechanical failures as Mercury retrogrades, but it also conjuncts Venus in earthy Taurus and warms our heart and our aesthetics. Old stuff surfaces and we get a chance to release a weight on our soul.

It’s a good weekend to reconnect with old friends and family and see how much people have changed since the last time we checked in. We could find the perfect antique hiding in the back of some garage. Or we may take this retrospection to a deeper level and have a substantial conversation about our worst fears, particularly fears around materiality, like financial instability, job or self-worth, the effects of war, or a territorial possession of person, place, or thing, which is the shadow side of Taurus. And once we start on politics, we can rant and rail with stubborn abandon.

The moon heads into more thoughtful, introspective and chore-oriented Virgo over the weekend.

Early next week brings a generally friendly atmosphere but we may get our feelings hurt by an unfairness which turns out to be a misunderstanding. Build up goodwill with one another now before the moon enters Scorpio on Thursday. Romantic expectations and possessive streak thicken as the week goes on. It’s easy to blame an outsider, but we really need to nurture the strength of our connections instead.

Friday, May 13: After an early morning burst of experimental energy, a lazy or self-indulgent streak can really interfere with our efficiency. Watch unusual stubbornness midday, but words can take on dramatic beauty this afternoon as Mercury conjuncts Venus under a Leo Moon. Early evening is sociable, let’s just go to sleep if we get edgy later as the moon enters Virgo.

Saturday, May 14: Enjoy a thoughtful, productive, if slightly touchy day after a cranky early morning. Work on unfinished projects and things that need healing from the past. It furthers relationships to set a small common goal, just notice that everyone’s a bit touchy, and will take helpful suggestions as criticism.

Sunday, May 15: A lovely earthy day to weed in the garden and fix whatever needs to be fixed; homes, souls, or relationships. Free up tangled roots or some locked emotional place, peel away any strangling lines of weed or old critique that no longer serves.

Monday, May 16: We may grow both more sociable and friendly, yet more easily lonely, really missing people that are far away or easily upset if we don’t get the time we want with the people we love. Nurture the connections already present and look for some lovely new beginnings in the work.

Tuesday, May 17: The day is generally pleasant and productive, though a low-level irritation around delays can rise up like seeping water. We can organize our human resources more comfortably this afternoon as the moon sextile Saturn. Tonight we may feel tempted to take out some emotional discomfort upon one another as the moon squares Pluto, but were not the problem. Hold hands instead.

Wednesday, May 18: We’re feeling a little quirky and urgent, and want to be fed by beauty, but something we haven’t seen before. Our usual opinions and preferences can be challenged, and even changed. Be open to new friendships. This restlessness can, but doesn’t have to, strain ongoing relationships; boldly go forth and explore together.

Thursday, May 19: Look out for stormy conditions and watch the chip on the shoulder as the moon waxes into Scorpio. Desires and frustrations intensify; we get seriously focused about our passions, territorial about what we value. Some will be looking for a fight. Do not believe nasty comments; they’re random lightning bolts. If storm clouds swirl, dive between beneath the waves and remember the calm in the center of the soul.

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