Starcodes  May 20 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes  May 20 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


Expect windstorms and smoky fires, and probably not just on the political scene. The astrological energies switch gears this week and create some turbulence as they change. What was hidden becomes visible, what was stuck becomes unstuck, but this won’t always be easy. By the end of the week we get a green light and begin to feel a new chapter beginning, but let’s invoke patience and stay centered in the meantime.

And let’s be a little careful with our hearts this week, feelings can get easily hurt as we straighten out misunderstandings; we may find out what’s really been bothering a friend or what’s been brooding in the mind of a truly difficult person. Clues rise to the surface as we begin to find out what’s been going on. We uncover misinformation, both intentional and unintentional and can feel quite disappointed.

The weekend first begins under a broody but fertile Scorpio Moon, some strange power dynamics can bring a tendency to wrestle with our self, wrestle our conscience or with one another as Mars challenges Pluto. We could feel frustrated by recent complications or sidetracked by unexpected adventures. Or just a little down. Maybe our conscience is bugging us to let go of our personal agenda and get back to work, but it’s not quite time. But we can put some of that frustration into our creative process, into our connections, and make the best it for now.

The Sun enters communicative Gemini today. Tomorrow, Saturday, the Moon enters Sagittarius, the upbeat and honest sign of the traveler, and opposes the Sun immediately, making it a great day for unexpected trips, though possibly round and round in a circle. With Mercury appearing to hold still, travel and serious travel may have its complications or delays, but an exploratory meander is good for the soul. We want to wander, and our feet know where they need to go. On Sunday Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde, marking a turning point to get us back on track.

So if we can’t easily travel across the globe, we can travel in our minds, and travel within our ecosystem. This is a philosophical full Moon that brings our hearts and minds to the bigger questions our time. Sagittarius is a sign that most brings our attention to our human connection to the natural world, the symbol of a centaur intimately and inextricably connects the human with animal world.

Let’s connect with tree and bone, stone and river, and talk about climate change and global economics, look at our political ideas in terms of global evolution and the health of all species, and acknowledge the truly terrible news around bird and mammal extinction, proliferation of taken mosquito borne disease that are directly related to climate change. We can also journey within for fresh resources and talk to the people, spirits, and archetypes that are our soul’s companion. Though a good wander in the dog park may do.

Early next week a competent Capricorn Moon supports our desire to refocus on the work of our next chapter. We may begin to pull out of our personal story and reconnect with community, the bigger picture, with national and international politics towards the end of the week.

Friday, May 20: Cranky, moody, and creative; these moods make good blues music, but can leave us uncomfortable or dissatisfied this morning. The Sun enters Gemini and the conversation picks up, but Mars forms that tough aspect with Pluto and brings undercurrents of unsettled business and old resentments. We may wonder if it’s worth the fight, feel discouraged, or have trouble finding our energy and enthusiasm. This is temporary, take good care of one another and notice the different agenda are subconscious and body have, versus our activating Gemini-like surface thoughts Look for mechanical issues and mood swings tonight. Sing the blues rather than live it.

Moon trine Neptune at 12:30 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:39 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 5:47 AM, Sun enters Gemini 8:36 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:37 AM, Mars semi-square Pluto 10:53 PM.

Saturday, May 21: We may be more in our solitary mode this morning, but the mood switches quickly midday as the Moon enters outgoing restless Sagittarius and opposes the Sun. We want to leave the familiar and go exploring, explore cultures, ideas, and landscapes. It furthers to connect to the natural world, and take a playful approach to life. Although our awareness of climate and global activities can hurt our soul and make us want to take action. We do not want to be bored, contained, or told what to do, or will speak up in no uncertain terms towards dinner time as the Moon conjunct Mars.

Moon opposed Venus 5:39 AM, Moon enter Sagittarius 12:48 PM, Moon opposed to Sun 3:14 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 4:42 PM.

Sunday, May 22: Morning is accident-prone, whether accidents of words, cars, or sharp implements as Mercury turns direct and the Sun opposes Mars. So let’s avoid some serious foot-in-mouth events and rest up, and make life and exercise in attention. Let’s move with grace, and think before we speak. Decisions are ripening, but let’s think them through rather than jumping the gun. Later on, watch the change in the tides; be ready to jump in to work, to straighten out misunderstandings and correct recent problems as the energy begins to shift. It is time for humorous honesty and sharing tonight.

Sun opposed Mars 5:16 AM, Mercury stationary direct 7:19 AM, Moon square Neptune 12:19 PM, Moon square Jupiter 3:30 PM, Sun sesqui-quadrate Pluto 3:36 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 4:20 PM.

Monday, May 23: We have places to go, thing to do, problems to explore, and fires to put out this morning. But may feel like were running around and chasing our tails, or traveling to get to where we need to start. Explore, tell stories, find humor in the mundane, and practice patience. Tomorrow a new layer of efficiency kicks in, today we gather information and get in a better position, and can feel like horses stirring in the stall before the horse race gates open. Have some fun with one another in the process.

Moon trine Uranus 9:37 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:33 PM.

Tuesday, May 24: Feel an influx of organization and competence, and begin to get to work on the next chapter under and industrious Capricorn Moon. Work begins to flow, but our interpersonal relationships can get a little sparky as Venus leaves settled Taurus, enters more flirtatious and conversational Gemini, and opposes Mars. A little friction can light fires; enjoy sparks of differing opinions but don’t get stuck in opposition. Respect one another and agree to disagree; let’s find each other interesting even as we differ. Keep eyes open for new friends, new conversational topics, new work connections.

Venus enters Gemini 3:44 AM, Venus opposes Mars 8:38 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:25 PM.

Wednesday, May 25: Let’s not get discouraged if we come to a new understanding of what’s missing, what’s the problem, or how much work needs to be done as the Moon conjuncts Pluto this morning. Instead, let it bring new determination to streamline our efforts or try a different approach. It will not pay to keep trying the old solution as the moon squares Uranus later in the day, no matter how hard someone tries to talk us into it. A moody dissatisfaction or sadness haunts the corners tonight as Venus sesqui-quadrate Pluto. We might be aware of difficult choices or just feel a little lonely, a free-floating spark of grief. A good night sleep will help.

Moon trine Jupiter 1:39 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:34 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 8:20 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:11 PM, Venus sesqui-quadrate Pluto 9:43 PM.

Thursday, May 26: The moon enters communal Aquarius this morning and trines Venus and the Sun later; tend to community relationships and team meetings on this this sociable, political day. We can get a new feel for the lay of the land, of both political allies and nemesis in international politics and local community or family dynamics. Spontaneous conversations at the coffee shop or street corner can be highly productive. Let’s talk about the ideal. But let’s watch a tendency to abstract from our hearts, come up with great ideas that will need to be reassessed later to make sure they’ll actually work.

Jupiter square Saturn 6:27 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:26 AM, Moon sextile Mars 9:30 AM, Moon trine Venus 1:59 PM, Moon trine Sun 7:58 PM.

(all times MDT)



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