Starcodes July 8 2016  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes July 8 2016  Heather Roan Robbins


This summer the astrological patterns have constantly reminded us of the world’s serious problems underlining our summer’s flowers, fireflies, and lightning-crackled summer skies. The world’s problems don’t go away, but after this next week, the underlying mood has a chance to lighten. But we have healing work to do first.

Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are all now in internal, self-protective, home-nurturing Cancer. The Mercury and Sun opposed serious Pluto yesterday, leaving an emotional heaviness in the air, a shared heart-ache, a melancholic awareness of loss and a need for change in the world, though we may all see the answers differently.

Today the Moon enters productive Virgo, and thoughtful Mercury trine in optimistic Jupiter, and we want to be more proactive about those concerns. We’ll feel better if we fix something, anything.

And for the next few nights, soon after Sunset, we can see the Moon dancing with Jupiter in the night sky, an encouraging site that can expand our emotions and uplift our spirits. It can help us to gather together for healing purposes, expand our work and collaborations, as it reminds us that a better world is possible, and is a worthy goal.

On Sunday and Monday a diplomatic Libra Moon encourages us to warm up to one another and collaborate, and it helps us insist on justice. It also can bring a flirtatious edge and a desire to get along. But though we may want get along, we still need to speak our truth and may speak pointedly about what we see as Mercury trines argumentative Mars. Everyone needs room to say what they see, and feel loved anyway.

If there is a decision we’ve deferred, a bold act we need to make but kept finding ourselves walking in the other direction, this week may bring a turning point. Our decisions ripen and clarify as we get a real feeling about where we don’t want to go. We may surprise even ourselves by changing our mind and taking a sharp turn early next week as Mercury squares surprising Uranus.

The summer’s outgoing, arts-oriented, operatic, community-building Leo season has its first beginnings as Venus enters Leo on Monday and Mercury follows on Tuesday. It will add extra drama, and potentially grace, to all we do. A Scorpio Moon sharpens our edges towards the end of the week. The Leo energy can help bring us out of our shell, we just have to decide if we want to reach out for personal grandstanding, or the collective good.

Mars resides in intense, in-depth, no-nonsense, Scorpio, a sign with a long memory, through early August. At the end of this week it forms a difficult and irritating quincunx with Uranus. That in conjunction with the Scorpio Moon will show us just where we need to do our work, both personally and culturally. Sewage backs up and explodes, old resentments ferment, and with that extra drama from the new Leo energy from Mercury and Venus now in Leo. Be careful with a sudden urge to dramatically cut off, seek revenge, or explode a problem. It will further to take swift firm action in a good direction and deal with problems directly. This aspect can give us energy to do what we need to do, if we have the wisdom to do it wisely.

Friday, July 8: It’s been heavy lately, and today we need to make authentic healing gestures as Venus trines Chiron under a critical, efficient, potential healing Virgo Moon. We know you need to know were not the only one seeing the problem. Encourage moments of pleasant connection as they give us the room to handle bigger issues. Collaboration furthers. Morning brings a breath of optimism, around noon we may be painfully aware of the problems or can hammer out details to repair as the Moon square Saturn, and then begin to let it all slide away as the Moon opposes Neptune this afternoon. Catch each other doing something right tonight.

Venus trine Chiron 1:47 AM, Mercury sextile Jupiter 3:05 AM, Moon square Saturn 1:01 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 3:10 PM, Moon trine Pluto 11:27 PM.

Saturday, July 9: This is a generally positive day but it won’t be easy to sit around doing nothing, even if it Saturday. The urge to fix, weed, improve, experiment, ameliorate is strong, let’s just not turn it on one another but instead encourage each other’s projects. Collaborated and begin wonderful things. Tonight, our digestion might be a little touchy, but communication flows as we analyze the world together and discuss our morals, growth, consciousness, and a desire to expand our world under the Virgo Moon while the Sun sextiles Jupiter.

Moon sextile Sun 2:06 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:31 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:18 AM, Moon sextile Mars 2:08 PM, Moon sextile Venus 9:27 PM, Sun sextile Jupiter 11:47 PM.

Sunday, July 10: The Moon enters friendly, diplomatic, if usually indecisive Libra this morning and helps us work together. The Libra Moon insists on what is fair, balanced, and beautiful, and we are extra sensitive to unkindness at all levels. But we can also find practical solutions and employ our technical skills. Mercury trines Mars and loans us a decisive ability to balance the Libra; we know quickly in our gut, in our bones, our yes and no, so let’s use it to make important and egalitarian decisions, particularly where we have been putting them off.

Moon enters Libra 2:32 AM, Mercury trines Mars 8 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:44 PM.

Monday, July 11: Free the mind and the feet will follow, or so goes the theory. Mercury squares Uranus and our nervous system can feel tightly wound, disgruntled, ready to change our mind or second-guess a previous decision. Electrical and mechanical oddities can complicate life transportation can be interrupted, and we can all feel little attention-deficit-disordered. Late tonight Venus enters Leo, feels swell, and the summer party begins.

Mercury square Uranus 1:28 AM, Mercury trine Chiron 11:32 AM, Moon square Pluto 10:46 AM, Moon square Sun 6:51 PM, Venus enters Leo 11:33 PM.

Tuesday, July 12: This is not a socially smooth day, our prickles show; we may push away more than we pull in, and, in the name of protecting ourselves from rejection or criticism, may reject and criticize as the Moon squares communicative Mercury, enters self-protective Scorpio, and opposes diplomatic Venus. But we can turn some of this discomfort into creative inspiration and compassionate action, even if we are feeling disagreeable. We can have great focus when we’re on track or in solitude.

Moon opposed Uranus 3:29 AM, Moon square Mercury 9 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 2:52 PM, Moon opposes Venus 4:38 PM.

Wednesday, July 13: We can feel such a strong approach-avoidance conflict about being seen; the Moon, Mercury and Venus now in Leo bring out our inner diva, we want to give attention and receive attention share what we know, but may have a harder time than usual getting out of our own perspective and walking in another shoes. The Scorpio Moon brings our thoughts deep within, makes our tales twitch. Both Leo and Scorpio are stubborn fixed signs, differences become more easily entrenched than solved unless we reach out and become curious about the other person’s perspective and experience.

Moon trine Neptune 2:45 PM, Mercury enters Leo 6:46 PM, Moon sextiles Pluto 11:19 PM.

Thursday, July 14: Focused, snarky, stubborn and with a few ego clashes, this day is full of personality as the Scorpio Moon trines the Sun midday and then conjuncts Mars midafternoon. Creativity abounds where we can step away from a reactive frame of mind. It’s a good day to set a healthy boundary, but let’s not ask a question unless we’re willing to hear “no” as an answer. Look for an opportunity to heal a rift though radical acceptance around dinnertime.

Moon sextiles Jupiter 5:22 AM, Moon trine Sun 12:44 PM, Moon conjuncts Mars 4:27 PM. Moon trine Chiron 5:30 PM.



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