Starcodes June 2, 2017

Starcodes June 2, 2017


(All times given are MDT) Let’s stay light on our feet and roll with the flow to make the most of this peculiar week. Adaptability is the medicine we need for a potential underlying anxiety as the planets make many subtle changes which instigate shifts in weather and moods, changes in our opportunities and sprinkle challenges throughout the week.

On Friday, an irritable Virgo Moon sharpens our editorial ability and encourages us to imagine the worst-case scenarios. Our anxiety may have a good cause, and call us to action now. We can multi-task with the best, but let’s not inventory ourselves or offer a work critique unless we carefully look for the good. We can observe something truly important about ourselves though, if we ask what actions come from our anxiousness rather than from wisdom, and see if we can level that out.

But this weekend offers a beautiful opportunity for emotional or societal healing as the Moon enters flirtatious, sociable and social-justice-prone Libra while heart-activating Venus conjuncts change-maker Uranus. Venus conjunct Uranus can put the clutch in on our hearts and help us change gears, let go of old patterns that no longer work. Relationships can feel ephemeral, as if we could spark across a crowded room, or slip in or out of connection quickly. We could all use a change of pace and may feel unusually open to new experiences and connections. Sparks fly. Wardrobes change. Collaboration furthers.

Enjoy this idealistic moment as cynicism and self-protection can swell up again when Mars enters Cancer on Sunday and the Moon enters Scorpio on Monday. Together they remind us to care of business on the personal front, and be ready for a long haul on the political front. Early in the week the mood is more introverted, touchy, and our attention is directed to the mark made on our personal lives by other people’s decisions.

It’s important to stay honest about what we feel and need, rather than go silent. Don’t test love with the attitude that if they don’t know, we’re not going to tell them. It will get easier to talk and to speak our minds on all levels when Venus enters Taurus and Mercury enters Gemini towards the end of the week.

Friday, June 2: We may be called to multitask and juggle differing projects, opinions, and personalities, but let’s not get cranky with one another when we worry. It’s important to work for what we want, even if we don’t get it right now, and so send clear signals of our intentions. Sharp edges produce injudicious comments late afternoon, but the mood grows more talkative, sociable, and accepting as the Moon enters friendly Libra tonight.

Moon trine Mercury 2:54 AM, Sun semi-square Uranus 3:55 AM, Morris square Chiron for 14 a.m., Moon square Saturn 9:21 AM, Moon square Mars 3:48 PM, Moon enter Libra 6:03 PM.

Saturday, June 3: Get out there and make the world a better place. Connect with people around a cause, open horizons for one another while Venus conjuncts Uranus in proactive Aries. Keep eyes open for new connections along the way. Check out yard sales, as people will let go of great things that no longer further for them. But don’t let go of dear relationships. The mood is generally creative, open, and optimistic, but resistance can spark quickly wherever we feel cornered.

Venus conjunct Uranus 1:31 AM, Sun trine Jupiter 10:12 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 7:43 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:33 PM.

Sunday, June 4: Concerns can make us cranky as mental Mercury quincunx serious Saturn and Mars enters domestic, self-protective Cancer. Worried energy cranks back up and we may not feel is articulate as we want. Public comments can appall with self-defense. Clarify any kerfuffle and find out what they really mean midday, avoid those misunderstandings. Attend transportation difficulties. We need time off to let our attention wander, let our psyche process, as the Sun squares Neptune. It furthers to take a moment near water, with spirit, to pray and care.

Mercury quincunx Saturn 1:24 AM, Moon square Pluto 50 1 AM, Sun square Neptune 10:31 AM, Mars enters cancer 10:15 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 11:09 PM.

Monday, June 5: Do not bother folks until after the coffee kicks in. Tend to business this morning with efficiency and reserve as the Moon in Scorpio sharpens focus and cynicism, and brings a snarky edge. We need to be skeptical of our skepticism. It will further to keep a sense of humor for ourselves, though not use it to poke others. Strive for a balanced, nuanced view, even if it is a stretch.

Moon opposed Venus 2:56 AM, Moon enters Scorpio for 40 5 AM, Moon trine Mars 5:50 AM, Venus semi-square Neptune 6:32 AM, Mercury Cecily square Jupiter 5 PM, Mercury sextile Chiron 9:41 PM.

Tuesday, June 6: Our hearts calm down but our minds speed up as Venus enters earthy, sensual Taurus while mental Mercury enters nervy, verbal Gemini. Both planets move into their own signs, and ease a bit of existential discontent. They encourage us to take better care of our bodies, to touch our beloveds, and taste delicious summer foods. The Moon in Scorpio fuels a territorial streak. Important design and aesthetic decisions ripen. Engage a pointed conversation about world events tonight; though deeper personal feelings swim under the surface, we may not be ready to talk about them.

Moon semi-square Saturn 1:05 AM, Venus enters Taurus 1:26 AM, Moon trine Neptune 9:14 AM, Mercury enters Gemini 4:15 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 6:35 PM.

Wednesday, June 7: Emotional sludge can congest our hearts this morning, we may need to have a long talk with ourselves and get honest about something we’ve been avoiding. The mood shifts quickly this afternoon as the Moon enters active Sagittarius; our sense of humor returns, as does a physical and mental wanderlust. Contacts with people faraway may feel easier than those with people close by. Tact disappears tonight, but we can be kind in our honesty.

Moon semi-square Jupiter 1:23 AM, Moon trine Chiron 2:12 PM, Moon enter Sagittarius 4:59 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 9:35 PM.

Thursday, June 8: If we feel stuck in conversation or our own through process, it will further to contemplate while moving, driving, or walking. Difficulties need to be discussed, but people will be more honest if we talk it through tangentially rather than confront directly. Listen to one another’s concerns, but don’t let the worry run the show, work with the emotional poignancy of that Sagittarius Moon brings. Let them change the subject if needed, and then circle back to the work. Nerves are a first level of honesty, look underneath nervousness for hopefulness and real interest.

Mercury sesqui-quadrate Pluto 5:21 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:41 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:47 PM.



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