Starcodes June 16, 2017 

Starcodes June 16, 2017 


On Tuesday the Sun enters Cancer, summer begins, and we enter picnic season. We can use the extra light of this week of longest days to illuminate what’s really going on, to highlight consequences of our actions and help us see the path ahead. There is a lot to see because there’s a lot on the table.

Chiron sets an underlying theme for the week. As the Sun illuminates the consequences of our actions in the past, present, and the foreseeable future, we need to look at what we learned through the tough twists and turns of our life, distill this understanding and offer it in the present moment as Venus, the Sun, and Mercury all form aspects to the asteroid Chiron, a symbol of the wounded healer. It’s a good week to remember what we learned and pass on.  Just share the story or stand witness and weave in those pearls of  experience.

On Friday, every news story seems complex and woven with many different angles under a sensitive Pisces Moon and as Neptune retrogrades. No story seems to have a quick and easy answer because the stars ask us to look at the subtler complexities and entanglements. We’ll see this in the political headlines as well as in simple family matters. A sensitive Pisces Moon can leave us feeling a little peeled and vulnerable, so it’s not a good day to push anybody out of their comfort zone and into the decision-making process.

Neptune stations retrograde, squares Mercury, and adds to confusing decisions and an uncertainty about the future.  It also adds to health problems related to pollution, to obstruction, gas leaks and other Neptunian problems, so stay aware.

Venus is now in its own earthy sign of Taurus and encourages us to stay grounded throughout this, no matter how buzzy or busy or unreal the general vibe can be. Stay grounded through simple earthy summer pleasures, fresh water, muscles stretched in the sunlight, practical answers, grilled vegetables, fresh fruit, and summer romance. As Venus approaches a trine to Pluto at the end of the week she encourages us to move out of shallow and entangled thinking, which can be one of Gemini’s problems, and into healthy and practical solutions, even when the going gets tough.

Generally, Taurus encourages us to hold on and collect, so it can be hard to let go of any person, thing, or idea right now with Venus in Taurus, but that may be exactly what we need to do for further progress. Somehow we need to lighten our load to create room for the future.

We may be thinking seriously, but also ready to change and adapt this weekend, ready to organize and find practical solutions because the Sun sextiles versatile Uranus and helps us switch gears, while Mercury opposes Saturn and brings mental durability and tenacity, even when that’s not productive. Some people want to really hammer through a tough conversation, and others just want change the subject.

Summer officially begins at 10:24 PM on Tuesday, June 20 as the Sun enters Cancer. On this longest day, our feelings may be unusually soft as Venus sextiles Neptune. We may need to take a long hard look at our chosen and biological family, and our sense of home, whether we define home as a house, country or planet. Inventory relationships and sort what needs maintenance, what we need to let go, and what we need to nurture.

Friday, June 16: Early morning sensitivity and confusion can morph into creativity midday, though people may stay thin-skinned. Look for an important understanding late afternoon as the Moon sextiles Pluto, offer unspoken reassurance where needed. Conversation bubbles tonight, though don’t take it personally if attention spans are short.

Neptune retrogrades 5:09 AM. Moon conjunct Neptune 7:10 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 3:20 PM, Moon square Mercury 6:29 PM.

Saturday, June 17: Hurry up and wait, work with a sense of irritating urgency as the Moon enters Aries around noon, but notice that some of this pressure is an illusion. Work with the energy, but add patience to keep it productive. Old wounds twinge, sore muscles or tender psyches, take care of it and don’t project that pain on this moment.

Moon square Mercury 1:44 AM, Moon square Sun 5:32 AM, Moon enters Aries 11:54 AM.

Sunday, June 18: Father’s Day with under a macho Aries Moon can bring out the competitive attitude, perfect for backyard sports. A macho Aries moon brings out a competitive streak this Father’s Day, but also a willingness to shift old patterns and try something new. Mental Mercury opposes serious Saturn and loans us mental tenacity to perseverate in a tough discussion or complete a project. Don’t get caught in a tug-of-willpower. Tonight, emotions overflow, the bittersweet and the bitter and mingle as the Moon squares Pluto. Share the love.

Moon square Mars 4:02 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 11:28 AM, Sun sextile Uranus 12:47 PM, Mercury opposed Saturn 1:07 PM, Moon square Pluto 8:36 PM.

Monday, June 19: Hit the ground running this morning as the Aries Moon trine’s constructive Saturn then conjunct Uranus. People are edgy and not particularly polite as the Sun semi-squares Venus butts we can accomplish a lot a short period of time. Hurry do not rush or expect to be redoing the work. Some emotional soreness tonight needs comforting in order to help us distill the wisdom as Venus and the Sun challenge Chiron and the Moon enters more settled, earthy Taurus. Cuddling helps.

Venus quincunx Jupiter 5:49 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:07 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:19 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:05 PM, Sun semi-square Venus 12:08 PM, Moon sextile Sun 1:41 PM, Moon enters Taurus 3:52 PM, Venus semi-square Chiron 4:03 PM, Sun square Chiron 4:25 PM.

Tuesday, June 20: Happy summer solstice. Slow and steady wins, even if there is no race. Feel the gentle magic as Venus sextiles Neptune, though whispers from the past can tweak sensitive feelings. Evening encourages warmhearted beauty and strengthen community if we can just share a magical moment together as the Moon conjuncts Venus and the Sun enters Cancer at 10:24 PM. Let the light of this longest day shine on what’s working, because this gratitude helps us handle all those other dark corners.

Venus sextile Neptune 2:25 AM, Mercury sextile Uranus 3:30 AM, Moon sextile Mars 9:20 AM, Mercury square Chiron 3:01 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:24 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 4:24 PM, Sun enters cancer and summer begins 10:24 PM, Moon trine Pluto 10:25 PM.

Wednesday, June 21: The Moon enters talkative Gemini as Mercury leaves Gemini and enters more emotionally based cancer and we may want to go to a chosen home or to our family. Tell stories instead of sound bites. Expect some disagreements around matters of the home, how things are moved or placed; instead of making someone wrong, explore healthy compromise. Mixed feelings can pull us in many directions, but really, we know what we have to do for the moment. Let’s take care of ourselves without jumping into defensiveness.

Mercury enters cancer 3:57 AM, the Sun conjuncts Mercury 8:14 AM, Mercury semi squares Venus 11:54 AM the Moon enters Gemini 4:44 PM.

Thursday, June 22: Let this be a summers day; putter, meander, swing in the hammock. Since the mood is not efficient, we might as well rest and recuperate. If we have to work, we can multitask and juggle possibilities better than concentrate. Errands further. The mood may be beneficent this afternoon, but with more haunted edges later on.

Moon trine Jupiter 2:04 PM Moon square Neptune 3:18 PM.




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