Starcodes September 29, 2017 

Starcodes September 29, 2017 


A fresh efficiency rolls in and can push our work along as long as we can feel inspired, rather than distracted or overwhelmed, by our imagination or empathy. We can see where we’re going on practical matters, but can be distracted by our hopes and fears, or easily project an illusion on our politics or love life, anything we really care about. The emotional arbiters, Mars and Venus, are both in nervy but diligent Virgo and echo off each other as they conjunct, oppose confusing Neptune and trine intensifying Pluto.

Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo help us have a good long talk with our selves, really ass our life and progress. They also help us form bonds of compassion, which is a Virgo strength, with one another to do the work that needs to be done, which will help in disaster relief, but bring out a fierce critical edge where we are anxious but do not feel we can fix a problem.

Venus and Mars in Virgo can lead us to be more defensive, if we are not an introspective sort or not in introspective mood, it is easy to feel easily guilty and therefore defensive, and for some it may lead them to hold on to their prejudices with an even greater fierceness because they don’t want to let in that self-criticism. In general the lighter a touch that we use to make our point and be critical of others, this more strongly we say what we feel but the less we attack in the process, the more our opponent may be able to hear us.

Virgo rules the gut, so we can feel any emotional tension in our digestive system. But this can nudge us to take better care of ourselves. We can also find-tune that sensitivity into a more subtle perception like a Geiger counter, and listen to our gut reaction to learn what relaxes our gut as well is what creates tension.

One helpful note, Mercury leaves Virgo and enters equitable Libra this week, and loan us the ability to see another’s perspective, if we choose to do so. We might find a new diplomacy in the rhetoric of all sane people, and could see an easing of political tensions where we don’t have a case of dueling egos. Every bit of diplomacy helps while Pluto is on the exact degree of Kim Jong Un’s Sun through October, and while Trump’s progressed Moon in Leo approaches Pluto over the next 5 months.

A Capricorn Moon can bring a new determination to Friday’s work. Pluto has just turned direct after a long retrograde and that is correlated with shifts in tectonic plates and the revelation of brooding power tensions.  But over the weekend our heart is pushed to expand as Venus semi-squares Jupiter. An Aquarian Moon suggests that it may be easier to love a good cause or love group than it is to love individual people. Friends we normally love may feel just too full of good advice, or lists of complaints, and not be comfortable to be around. On Sunday, as Mars trines Pluto, we may to deal with something emotionally deep and personally important.

Early next week a sensitive Pisces Moon leaves us softer, squishier, but we still have an effective work ethic leaning in on us. Let’s keep our hearts open and our creative process plowing and get to work. Just go light on criticism and impatience with others, compassion actually is the most efficient way to proceed.

The week ends on a wildly passionate note, the full Moon in brave, impulsive Aries can be one of the wildest times of the year. This year Venus and Mars conjunct exactly on that day, though luckily in thoughtful Virgo, and really crank up the emotional heat for romance and anger, for wild parties or riots in the street. We can channel this emotional momentum into whatever makes us passionate, but be wary of a combustible reaction. Relationships can combust in the best of ways. But they can also blow apart if we don’t honor one another’s individuality.

Mercury in Libra loans us diplomacy to share if we can just keep talking and not give an ultimatum. Let’s love what we do, and let our hearts operate from deepest empathy.

Friday, September 29: Competence and endurance are strong, but a glow of unreality tinges today as Venus opposes confusing Neptune. Our imagination can pour into our work, but also our daydreams distract us. Wishful thinking can obfuscate what really needs to be done. If we feel overwhelmed, it will help to concentrate on the work in front of us, one thing at a time. Relationships can open up with an unusually intuitive connection, or they can become projection screens, so we have to stay awake. We need to stay curious rather than make assumptions to use this energy well. Energy shifts as it towards a more sociable and interactive evening as the Moon enters Aquarius and Mercury enters Libra, both communicative air signs.

Moon square Uranus 5:20 PM, Venus opposed Neptune 6:11 PM, Moon square Jupiter 6:13 PM, Mercury enters Libra 6:42 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 10:40 PM Moon trine Mercury 11:22 PM.

Saturday, September 30: Get out there and weave community, build connection as Venus semi-squares Jupiter. People want to know one another are friendly but maybe not very intimate, which can be perfect for the farmers market or to work well together for a healing cause. Just don’t stray into projecting complaints others. Keep social expectations under control, and let’s enjoy who people really are, not who we think they are.

Venus semi-square Jupiter 7:24 AM, Moon trine Sun 2:05 PM.

Sunday, October 1: After an occasionally sweet if somewhat disconnected or meandering morning, a motivating Mars-Pluto trine pumps up our will power and can help us over come, make us pushy, or help us turn ideas into an actual event, for better or worse. So let’s will good things.

Mars trine Pluto 5:36 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:56 PM.

Monday, October 2: Although the work continues apace, our feelings flood our practicalities as the Moon moves into more sensitive Pisces. Notice a longing for freedom, a respite as the Moon trines Jupiter this morning. Look for a piece of good news and build from there. We work best if we feel surrounded with support and sympathy. Feelings hurt easily, so criticism needs the lightest touch; but where we feel connected, we can truly accomplish.

Moon sextile Uranus 3:13 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:12 AM, Moon enters Pisces 8:26 AM.

Tuesday, October 3: On this emotionally labile day, bring attention into the present moment if feeling overwhelmed. Consider beauty in the face of loss; our emotional priorities can clarify as Venus trines Pluto and the Moon opposes both Venus and Mars. Catch up on unprocessed emotions. We may feel unusually porous and can soak up feelings from our surroundings. Tonight, that surplus of emotion can leave us edgy and raw, and need emotional salve. Some may get difficult because they feel raw; without enabling bad behavior, tend their tenderness, not the rough edges, in order to get at the root cause.

Moon conjunct Neptune 6:45 AM, Venus trine Pluto 1:09 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 3:20 PM, Moon opposed Venus 3:33 PM, Moon opposed Mars 5:36 PM.

Wednesday, October 4: Use a burst of pragmatism to get grounded between two emotional days. Solve problems, fix mistakes, catch up on paperwork this morning while the Pisces Moon conjunct Chiron. Our attitude grows brisk as the nearly full Moon enters pugnacious Aries this afternoon; the mood is energized, charismatic, but watch a tendency to jump to conclusions. Listen to that wild spirit growing but practice impulse control.

Moon square Saturn 1:18 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 7:24 AM, Moon enters Aries 2:39 PM.

Thursday, October 5: The Moon is full in impulsive Aries as Venus and Mars conjunct, and together they add strength to our passions and rocket fuel to any emotional situation. We could jump into and out of relationships, projects, or strange events. These emotional aspects can tweak the stock market and political events that pretend they run on logic, but really run on feelings. If we honor the feelings but not let them drive the boat, we can still find a new honesty about what we really feet. Tonight, howl at the Moon and get into reasonable trouble.

Moon opposed Mercury 8 AM, Venus conjunct Mars 10:53 AM, Moon opposed Sun 12:40 PM, Moon square Pluto 7:45 PM.

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