Starcodes April 27, 2018 

Starcodes April 27, 2018 


(all times MDT) On one level, the aspects are lovely this week for connection, so flirt away and enjoy the lilac and spring fever. Get ready for May Day, the celebration of all things fertile. Possibilities, relationships, flowers, ideas are all bursting in the bloom.

On deeper, more disconcerting level notice an intense push to accomplish, to exert willpower as Mars and Pluto conjunct and the Moon squares them both this weekend. Mars and Pluto are the two planets that symbolize physical energy, will, and power dynamics of all types, and they are both in the most determined and competent sign of Capricorn. Like a teacher that kicks us on stage, whether we’re ready or not, this conjunction pushes us forward.

It’s a great aspect to declare a run for office; if we have a clear direction and organized marching orders this can be a really helpful aspect. But we also see it pushing people into action who have crazy ideas or won’t look at the consequences of their actions. Keep an eye on the international chess board and watch the moves people make as it will reveal their intentions.

Over the last few weeks, while this aspect was in orb and influencing us, we have seen both Mars (action)-Pluto (underworld, up from the depths, use and abuse of power) play out in both the mechanical near-disaster of the Southwest airplane, the Toronto van which mowed down 10 people in the name of frustrated masculinity, and the waffle house mass shooting. We also saw incredible bravery, the best of Mars, in all three events. We don’t get to choose the transits, but we always have a choice about how we respond.

While this aspect can help us move forward when we know where we’re going, it can be frustrating or painful if we’re feeling uncertain, blocked, or have to be patient in a complex situation. Like a car engine that’s revving but not in gear, our spinning wheels can produce anxiety.

It helps to put this energy to good use and keep it out of the nervous system. Take on small projects while waiting for the big ones to come through. As Mercury pulls out of its shadow in the week ahead, much that was hidden or confused becomes clear. Answers finally come to those dangling emails. And whatever the answer, we’ll have more information about our next steps.

The week and begins with a friendly discontent. Savor the flowers as the weekend and prepare for a moody Sunday and Monday under a full Moon in intense Scorpio. We know what we want, and what we don’t. Karma comes home to roost. A spike of retribution or payback could waste this energy, so don’t get stuck there. Feel that powerful desire nature but respect the needs of others; no running roughshod. Events pick up speed midweek, our attention may want to go in 10 directions unless we keep our priorities clear.

Friday, April 27: Flirt with someone this morning, with a butterfly, passing stranger, or piece of chocolate as the Moon in Libra trines the Sun in Taurus, both signs ruled by cuddly Venus. Focus in around noon as the Moon squares Saturn; get grounded and deal gracefully with serious concerns. Communication can jam up this afternoon as Moon opposes Mercury, use patience and determination, but don’t drop the ball. Let in the world’s beauty tonight and let go of the week’s stress.

Moon trine Venus 12:47 AM, Moon square Saturn 11:21 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 2:16 PM.

Saturday, April 28: Our sybaritic and ambitious natures can be at odds this morning and create tension. Honor both sides. The tension can make us accident-prone because we are distracted or grumbling about what we do midday, always play it safe.  Don’t act out this tension between one another, honor the inner calling of each person and create joy. Notice what thoughts are being planted under this waxing Libra moon, as our words take root.

Moon square Pluto 9:18 AM, Moon square Mars 11:16 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 11:31 PM.

Sunday, April 29: The Moon enters focused Scorpio this morning and waxes full tonight at 6:58 PM MDT. The emotional winds intensify, so find something positive to obsess upon. Let’s say what we mean, and mean what we say, and avoid any whiff of passive-aggression. Avoid snaggles of retribution, stay away from possessive vortex. Keep boundaries clean and clear. Take a needed contemplative moment alone this afternoon. Howl at the Moon tonight.

Moon enters Scorpio 1:11 AM, Sun trine Saturn 4:03 AM, Moon sextile  Saturn 5:49 PM Moon opposed the Sun 6:58 PM.

Monday, April 30: What can we release to feel liberated? A draining friendship, bad habit, preconception, or our garden’s underbrush, what we release can set us free as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. If something is taken from us, let’s look for what opportunity that creates. Morbid optimism, a strange black sense of humor can open new honesty. Tonight, is a night for bonfires of all types.

Moon trine Neptune 6:31 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:11 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 4:43 PM, Moon sextile Mars 8:55 PM.

Tuesday, May 1: Sneak baskets of flowers on to other people’s doorsteps at this heart of springtime and bring blooms into one’s own life. Dance the Maypole or let life’s dance bring in new people under an outgoing Sagittarius moon. Honor the ecosystem and the hard-working people that keep our human ecosystem moving as Venus quincunx Saturn. Reach out and make new connections, span the globe. Make travel plans. Speak up and get the word out.

Moon enter Sagittarius 9:19 AM, Moon trine Chiron 10:44 AM, Venus quincunx Saturn 8:24 PM.

Wednesday, May 2: Enthusiasm mixed with odd undercurrents and fuzzy, confusing, or sleepy moments can make this a complex day. It will further if we can stay in the heart, be clear about our intentions with ourselves and others, and discuss openly any mixed feelings as Mercury semi-sextiles Neptune. Animals have a lot to say; listen to puppy and bird call as if they are messages from the wild.

Moon opposed Venus 3:20 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:58 PM, Moon square Neptune 4:09 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Neptune 6:03 PM

Thursday, May 3: Stay on target, Tension improves when we’ve done everything we need to do to get where we want to go. Then, stop and smell the lilac. People need connection with a light touch; check in, but keep pleasantries to a minimum, we’re patiently cheerful but for only a few minutes. Act on a need to reach out, make travel plans, talk to people from faraway, or commune with nature. A few moments of play therapy help prepare for a busy next few days.


Moon trine Uranus 6:49 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 8:05 PM.

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