Starcodes  June 1, 2018

Starcodes  June 1, 2018


We can get all the feels this week. Affectionate, creative Venus moves into a grand trine with generous Jupiter, and intuitive Neptune in sympathetic water signs and creates an emotional high-tide. Like an arrow being shot out of a bow, this grand trine is bisected by an opposition from Venus to Pluto, which leaves Venus holding the focus point. Love needs to be at the heart of everything.

An ongoing Jupiter-Neptune trine brings the potential for sparkling magic when we tap into its warmth, but it can also leave us easily swamped by our feelings. Jupiter brings abundance, or excess, to whatever it touches, and as it touches Neptune can bring a lot of water, both symbolically (intuition, imagination, mental fog, sensitivity, longing for escape, connected to the collective unconscious) and pragmatically (water, liquids, things that flow). On top of this the Sun forms a challenging square to Neptune towards the end of the week. Do not underestimate the capacity for flooding under these aspects.

Because of these Neptunian transits we may feel unusually permeable, our hearts are easily touched by an event of exquisite beauty like a new child coming into the world or a flowering vine growing up the side of the decayed building, or a loss which pierces our heart. A cute puppy pictures can bring a tear to our eyes even when we know better. All emotions bubble up, so let’s choose to lead with love.

The shadow side of these abundant emotional aspects is that our worst crimes are crimes of the heart, and painful interpersonal rawness can come from people who are obsessed or who are resentful that they feel left out, and these scenarios are potentially real problems as Venus opposes Pluto. Love can also turn into hate with the flash of primal emotion. This aspect can also bring up a real loss, whether it’s a memory of a person whose no longer there, coverage of young ones who died at gunpoint, or a fresh event that pulls our heartstrings. But the healing edge of this grand trine can help us process emotions we didn’t have time for before.

So, if we’re feeling squishy, it may help our hearts to do something with this aching ability to love. It’s important for us to share that love, and those hopeful feelings, and not waste them in protective anger. It may further to pour this emotion into creation, whether we are creating artwork, romance, or a better social structure.

Friday begins with competence and control as mental Mercury trines active Mars under a competent Capricorn Moon. We are encouraged to use this extra feeling to weave community over the weekend by an Aquarius Moon working with a thoughtful if uncomfortable and easily-worried Mercury-Saturn quincunx. It can help us to putter by ourselves, but even better to putter with others. Some challenging news make arise around the structures of our life, from a washed-out bridge to an exacting legal decision, but this news may help us, eventually, make decisions and move forward productively. If we’re carrying a low-level perseverating worry, that worry needs to be honored as there may be serious information coming through. But don’t let worry destroy a chance to open life through opening the heart.

Monday can feel disconnected as the moon makes no major aspects, but this gives us a good day to deal with the residue of recent events and assess our next steps. Clear the to-do list now because the rhythm may slow down midweek, reaching an almost treacle-like quality on Wednesday as both Mercury and the Sun square Neptune. Keep an eye out for Neptunian difficulties, like misunderstandings, waterflow problems, lava flow, or spilled coffee. Old addictions can bug us, so watch a desire for sugar, alcohol, or other ways of insulating from the present moment. Take care of that sensitivity in a healthy way.

The haze of pollen or political misdirection can make it hard to ascertain the nuts and bolts of the truth. It may be hard to stay focused but a great time to run with the imagination or dive into spiritual process. If a homework assignment absolutely must be done now, engage extra willpower to keep it on track to turn Gestalt thought into linear format. Our energy returns and our focus improves on Thursday as the Moon enters activated Aries.

Friday, June 1: Get it done as mental Mercury trines active Mars under a competent Capricorn Moon. Strong emotional undercurrents tug us in one direction while a clear need to accomplish pulls us in another direction. With this tension it can be easy to get out of sorts or obsess on a glitch. If so, it can help to come back to the heart and remember who and what is loved and cherished. To connect with others, come from the heart, share workloads as a sign of affection. Support, rather than try to rationalize with, those who’ve gone down an emotional rabbit hole; this is not a logical process. Design graphics and edit for flow and grace, put competence in service of sensitive creativity; objective work and pragmatic design can be soothing. Engage a longing for more depth tonight as the Moon conjunct Pluto.

Mercury trine Mars 8:13 AM. Venus trine Jupiter 8:28 AM, Moon sex tile him Jupiter 10:41 AM, Moon opposed Venus 10:57 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 12:29 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 9:36 PM.

Saturday, June 2: Work with Venus, put art and affection first as Venus perfects its trine to Jupiter and Neptune. Engage in action and heart-centered meditation. Appreciate beauty and put it into form; build, buy, recreate, and love. Just know that it will be easier to love all sentient beings than it will the people closest to home, we can be both highly sensitized to how another treats us, and still be a little oblivious about what they need, because our attention can be fogged by our ideals, our theories on what they need rather than on deep connection. Tonight, we can be irritated by the expectations of family and familiars. It furthers to get out of the house and enjoy eccentric company as the Moon enters Aquarius and squares Uranus. Break routine.

Venus trine Neptune 2:25 AM, Mercury quincunx Saturn 7:15 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 4:06 PM, Moon squares Uranus 5:58 PM.

Sunday, June 3: What a day for a daydream. Many doorway-opening aspects call us to explore potential, the potential of a relationship or idea though we may feel rather passive and really feel a need to rest in a sense of safety. Most people are on good behavior as the Moon trines the Sun and Mercury in air signs but may be distracted by deeper feelings yet not comfortable talking about them. Use these opening aspects to expand lines of communication and connection; invite conversation, but do not poke or pry into tender places.

Moon conjunct Mars 4:21 AM, Moon trine Mercury 1:05 PM, Moon trine Sun 7:22 PM, Moon square Jupiter 11:09 PM

Monday, June 4: The nature and content of our community may be changing as summer approaches, so let’s take a roll call and see who’s here. The Moon only makes minor aspects today which can leave us drifting and responsive rather than proactive. But people want to feel understood, so let’s give them a chance. Wait to start new projects until the end of the week and use the next few days to clear the decks, envision possibilities beyond the box.


Tuesday, June 5: Sensitive, touchy, and easily insulted on one side, able to make leaps of compassion on the other, it’s our choice as the Moon enters permeable Pisces and the Sun conjuncts Mercury, all while Venus opposes Pluto. We can isolate or feel like no one really understands us with our mood or realize that we’re all in this together and everybody is could use some support with their emotional reality today. Some event may break our heart open. We may need to deal with hovering thoughts of death, loss, or repair to violence against women. Reality and objectivity are ephemeral things for the next few days, so let’s do what we need to do to stay grounded, centered, and gently taking care of business.

Moon enters Pisces 4:53 AM, Moon sex tiles Uranus 6:57 AM, the Sun semi-sextiles Jupiter at 2:10 PM, Moon semi-square Pluto 4:32 PM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter 5:20 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:34 PM, Sun conjunct Mercury 8:01 PM, Venus opposes Pluto 8:24 PM.

Wednesday, June 6: One could swear Mercury is retrograde on this foggy, emotional, confusing, and potentially shamanic day with permeable boundaries as Mercury and the Sun squares Neptune under a sensitive Pisces Moon. It furthers to be around bodies of water, to splash at the beach and stay hydrated. But watch for water damage of all sorts. Walk with alertness, as if in a fog bank, the present moment is clear and clean, but everything past a few feet or a few minutes can be confusing. Rein in the temptation to jump to conclusions and dream productively instead, just be alert to the difference between the two. Intuition may be strong but we may lose our ability to perceive correctly what our intuitive hits actually mean.

Mercury semi-square Uranus 4 AM,  Mercury square Neptune 8:07 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:37 AM, Moon square Sun 12:31 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 1:24 PM, Moon squares Mercury 2:33 PM, Sun semi-square Uranus 2:54 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:52 PM, Sun square Neptune 11:57 PM.

Thursday, June 7: Yesterday’s mental fog dissipates by midafternoon as the Moon enters Aries and cranks up the energy. But the effect of recent misunderstandings or storm damage may still need cleanup. Stay in the present moment, use the wisdom from past lessons but do not project those stories intact onto this moment, even if some event brings up the memories. We still need to look where we’re going carefully and watch those preconceptions even as the energy returns.

Moon trine Venus 12:34 AM, Moon enters Aries 3:25 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 7:23 PM.

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