Starcodes June 8, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes June 8, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


(all times MDT) Feel the Gemini buzz in the air, our summer plans are beginning to cook, were making adjustments, saying goodbyes and hello. Conferences held, meetings of all types can get the word out or wrangle over difficult points as the Sun and Mercury in Gemini infuse a talkative, nervy energy though they form an uncomfortable quincunx with Pluto. To use this energy well we need to stay on point, remember what we’re doing and not get easily distracted. side-step power plays, or hooks to one’s solar plexus chakra, and really get down to the logistics at hand.

But this may be tricky, we may have to process or cleanup recent troubles. Last week’s emotionally volatile grand trine in water signs bisected by a Venus- Pluto opposition, along yesterday’s reality-skewing and misunderstanding-producing Sun and Mercury square Neptune, which can leave people feeling flooded or overwhelmed, along with Mars conjunct things South node this week which lowers our impulse control, has been a delightful journey into rest or imagination for some, and a lethal excursion for others. Knowing that our impulse control is low at the moment, it is really important that we notice any sudden thoughts, self-destructive, expensive, any sudden ideation and give it time before we act upon.

Let’s clean up any misunderstandings but also follow through on the positive dreams and connections that we might have made in this emotional and somewhat unreal time. Issues of life and death have been so close to the surface, from the news headlines a volcano taking out a town in Guatemala to high-profile suicides, our priorities are shifted and sifted Remember what’s really important and let the rest float away like pollen on the wind.

If we don’t keep our minds productively occupied, our mental hamsters get busy and can run amok to spin around our worries. We can use this busyness to catch up with our workload or cleanup recent misunderstandings or mistakes from the last few weeks’ Neptunian fuzziness.

Underneath this busy, buzzing week may lurk a chunk of personal homework. Our hidden insecurities can be subtly stirred as Venus in sensitive Cancer approaches a square with erratic Uranus. Some people will feel the upheavals in the nature of relationships, sudden beginnings of new love, fear of abandonment, relationship distractions. It will help to hold hands together, with friends and with beloveds, with creative partners, and explore new territory together; get unexpected, upheaval-producing, urgent Uranus out from between the two and look for it in the world around. Even in simple interactions, we might want to step back, change the subject or get snarky in unconscious self-protective actions, but we can become more aware of our emotional armoring so we can more consciously choose where we need privacy, where we need to heal, and where we need to hold our insecurities gently and step forward anyway.

On Friday and Saturday an independent Aries Moon encourages us to start lots of projects, but can we finish them. Over the weekend a competitive vibe inspires sports but if beloveds develop a fiction-producing attitude, give them room. Tend to health, nesting, and home chores on Sunday and Monday under a comfort-loving Taurus moon. A new Moon in Gemini midweek encourages a new chapter in writing and communication but can make it harder to sleep. Mercury enters private, thoughtful Cancer late on Wednesday as Venus enters outgoing party-centered Leo and our confidence may return but ego issues add drama to the headlines.

Friday, June 8: A competent buzz with a short attention span keeps us focused and moving forward if we can remember to stay on track. Underneath a breezy busy top note, we may feel impatient or be troubled by worries, tough news, or communication glitches as Mercury challenges Pluto. Depression the plus low impulse control can be dangerous, so hold each other gently. Don’t let the mental hamster run circles and try to run the show; be kind, concerned and stay proactive. Solutions are more easily found this afternoon and evening.

Moon sextile Mars 4:55 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:57 AM, Mars semi-sextile Saturn 6:21 AM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 7:31 AM.

Saturday, June 9: Early morning can bring a moody discontent or flash of insecurity that is easy to take out on the people nearby while the Moon squares Pluto. But that dissipates quickly if we let people drink their coffee first and deal with any emergencies that arise. Warmth returns but our rhythms may move out of sync easily, so give everyone a lot of leeway to move at their own pace. Later on, this wandering energy is good for exploration, but can be tricky if were trying to focus. We’ll appreciate more physical comfort as the Moon enters Taurus tonight, grow more stubborn and feel a need for contrary excitement tonight as the Moon squares Uranus around midnight. A good dinner followed by a reasonably safe adventure can help shift the mood.

Moon sextile Sun 1:29 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:42 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:03 AM, Moon square Venus 1:36 PM, Moon enters Taurus 10:03 PM.

Sunday, June 10: This competent morning can turn a little feisty around noon time, suddenly people become less cooperative as the Moon squares Mars in fixed signs. Keep expectations low, communication lines open. Midday, enjoy one another’s company, but don’t expect agreement. If beloveds are feeling recalcitrant, they may just want their interests taken into consideration rather than be attached to their position.

Moon conjunct Uranus 12:13 AM, Moon trine Saturn 10:20 AM, Moon square Mars 11:21 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 11:14 PM.

Monday, June 11: A pleasant, ordinary day on one side, with the potential for difficult undertones. Ordinary life may proceed apace, but some Plutonian matter, like life-and-death, power dynamics, lava, anything that comes up from the underworld, may need attention, though most of us will just see these issues echoing in the headlines. Take care of business and tend community.

Moon sextile Neptune 2:22 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Venus 6:22 AM, Moon trine Pluto 9:30 AM, Sun quincunx Pluto 11:13 AM, Moon sextile Venus 9:28 PM.

Tuesday, June 12: Go back to unfinished conversations and connect with old friends and business contacts as the moon enters talkative Gemini. Our attention span will be short, so we’ll be most productive with quick projects and frequent short breaks. Our conversation grows more thoughtful, laced with memories this evening as Mercury enters more introspective Cancer.

Moon enters Gemini 12:52 AM, Moon sextile Chiron 4:29 AM, Mercury enters Cancer 1:59 PM, Moon trine Mars 2 PM.

Wednesday, June 13: Roll with the interruptions as mental Mercury sextiles impulsive Uranus. It’s a great day for brainstorming, mind-mapping and for looking back and changing our memories with fresh insight. The new Moon in Gemini at 1:43 PM MDT can launch a new era in our communication style. This afternoon update websites, reach out to new contacts. Start a great conversation. Venus enters Leo and helps fuel our outreach with enthusiasm and a returning sense of confidence.

Moon square Neptune 3:40 AM., Mercury sextile Uranus 5:40 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 1:43 AM, Mercury square Chiron 3:27 PM, Venus enters Leo 3:53 PM.

Thursday, June 14: Our inner introverted and extroverted are both pumped up and may be wrestling for control. The Moon joins Mercury in introspective Cancer and brings us thoughts of home and safety while Venus in Leo squares Uranus and increases our desire to talk to new people, explore fresh territory, and to celebrate something, anything. This approach-avoidance conflict around relationships can leave us feeling a little neurotic and lead us to send mixed signals. Our feelings can run hot and cold and complicated unless we make sure we feed both sides of this nature; the quiet time within allows us to reach out, and if we feed our fresh enthusiasm to explore, we can also be more contented home and with beloveds.

Moon enters cancer 1:19 AM, Moon sextiles Uranus 3:34 AM, Moon opposes Mercury 7:01 AM, Moon opposes Saturn 12:09 PM, Venus squares Uranus 9:32 PM.






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