Starcodes June 15, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes June 15, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


The days are long, nights are short on this last week of spring. Venus in extroverted Leo brings us out of our shell to appreciate the abundance of both the natural world and creative human spirits while Mars in Aquarius encourages our community spirit and philosophical perspective. Enjoy pontificating over the picnic table while planting new seeds for future social and political action.

This Venus and Mars are opposite each other this week which adds a touch of emotional drama to our stories. We could feel tension between a leonine desire to personally shine and be cherished, versus an Aquarian desire to do what needs to be done. Or a clash between the voice of one ego versus the needs of many. Both Venus and Mars, the emotional planets, are now in stubborn fixed signs, so while our minds may be open, stubbornness is abundant and our opinions strengthen. This dynamic can also have the genders play off against one another in the best of work the worst ways or trigger romantic tension as it underlines any differences between our relationship needs unless we can celebrate our differences instead of trying to talk others into doing life our way.

Our minds, on the other hand, may be ready to dig in to some important work or uncover some juicy new bit of self-understanding. Mercury now in more introspective Cancer tells stories and remembers the past. We may also have to do some work on and ongoing story in our life. Think back on problems or projects that arose then and see if they are ready for the next chapter. This Mercury is now at right angles to the point where it turned retrograde in March, and so hits some of the same wonderful and difficult aspects this week, moving through a rigorous and worried Mercury-Saturn opposition as the weekend begins and into a magical and magical thinking, therefore not particularly realistic, grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune as the week progresses, and then into an opposition with Pluto next week. It’s a good week for spiritual practice in the community, for creating something with others, for visionary collaboration, or a good time at a party.

The trouble is when Mercury is in this magical place, our sense of timing and structure can dissolve, which can leave us at one with the divine on a good day or feeling the illusion that we are stuck in our problems for all eternity on a bad day. With our imagination with such a heavy torque, we can either get lost in the best of our dreams or feel overwhelmed by the worst of our fears. Over the next few weeks we need to not let our imagination spin out in the dark places, use our emotional stubbornness to stay on a good track, and develop a healthy relationship with the present moment.

As the weekend begins Mercury opposes serious Saturn and asks us to complete the work at hand, post grades and finish papers. Over the weekend the astrological weather will be more sociable with a few sprinkled ego issues as the Moon enters outgoing Leo and conjuncts Venus. Just keep an eye out for problematic sparks and fires while enjoying good sparks between people.

Monday, hammer out nuts and bolts of good ideas as the Moon enters industrious Virgo. A potential low-level anxiety improves if we deal with the work on our plate. Creativity boosts midweek under a warm and friendly Libra Moon; some people will drop the ball on practical logistics, but camaraderie and cooperation improve. Find new friends or put a team together in time for summer to begin on Thursday.

Friday, June 15: We may want to be more sociable than we feel, but some serious discipline, worries, or work needs our attention. We’ll worry less if we do more while Mercury opposes serious Saturn. If we pay attention, our routines or our spiritual practices can help us overcome an emotional rawness or ambiguity and help us get to the root of problems.  People are stubborn, self-protective, but we can make great logistical progress where the goals are already clear. The mood becomes less contrary and more appreciative after dinner; share a sunset with friends.

Moon trine Jupiter 12:09 AM, Moon trine Neptune 3:38 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 10:18 AM, Venus trine Chiron 2:23 PM, Mercury opposed Saturn 7:46 PM.

Saturday, June 16: it’s party time, find a good sociable way to gather and celebrate, get and give feedback as Moon enters extroverted Leo and conjuncts Venus this morning. Some glitch may interfere with our dreams or offer a tricky wake-up call this afternoon, and some people get irritable from the friction between their dreams and reality as Mercury quincunx Mars. But most of us can just utilize the tension, make healthy choices, and expand our day. Watch for flat tires and other simple mechanical transportation issues later on.

Moon enters Leo 1:20 AM, Uranus semi-square Neptune 3:40 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:44 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 6:14 AM, Moon opposed Mars 3:18 PM, Mercury quincunx Mars 7:02 PM.

Sunday, June 17: Storytelling furthers, let’s tell our stories, listen to others and see how spirit speaks to us through these narratives as Mercury drifts into that grand trine with Neptune and Jupiter. The day has a circular, roundabout quality that can make it hard to get from point A to point B or follow any other linear process. Some frustrated egos will push others (rather than themselves) just to try to make something happen. But sharing, web weaving, bridge building, hearth fires cooking creative process, meandering renews.

Moon square Jupiter 12:22 AM, Moon sextile Sun 9:25 PM.

Monday, June 18: Notice a nervy and brittle attitude towards work as the Moon enters Virgo and trine Saturn. We may feel pressured by time but can be distracted by our interactions and lose that brittle edge. Let’s put our detailed self to work for our dreams rather than against them as Neptune stations retrograde.

Moon enters Virgo 2:40 AM, Moon trine Uranus 5:18 AM, Moon trine Saturn 1:39 PM, Neptune stationary 5:26 PM.

Tuesday, June 19: Watch a tendency to test relationships, limits, or our audience as Venus quincunx Saturn. Something reminds us we can feel time passing, notice a wrinkle or a child grown; where is the wisdom grown in this time passage- look to that. An opening in communication this afternoon as Mercury trines Jupiter allows us to expand our perception, the mental playing field. Just watch a tendency to say too much; some will need to externally process and put it all on the table but most points will be best made with succinct words.

Moon sextile Mercury 12:43 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 2:32 AM, Venus quincunx Saturn 4:54 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 6:48 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 1:42 PM, Moon trine Pluto 1:52 PM.

Wednesday, June 20: Our hearts may be open, our emotional shields thin and permeable as Mercury trines Neptune and the Moon enters friendly Libra. Avoid codependent behavior, our empathy can be so strong we enable others so as not to feel their pain, when they need to walk themselves out of the problem. Otherwise it is a day to chat people up, make new friends in odd places and reconnect with old contacts about long-term work ideas.

Moon square Sun 4:50 AM, Moon enters Libra 6:29 AM, Moon square Saturn 5:48 PM, Moon sextile Venus 9:31 PM, Mercury trine Neptune 9:58 PM, Moon trine Saturn 10:37 PM.

Thursday, June 21: Summer begins at 4:07 AM MDT as the Sun enters Cancer. Our thoughts turn to picnics, home, and echoes of family dynamics. A fresh touchiness can tweak interpersonal dynamics as Venus opposes Mars and the Moon squares Mercury and Pluto. let’s stay gently honest rather than send mixed signals to protect ourselves. If difficult news arises, don’t overreact: stay in the present and respond appropriately.

Sun enters Cancer 4:07 AM, Venus opposes Mars 10:53 AM, Moon square Mercury 2:29 PM, Moon square Pluto 7:33 PM.



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