Starcodes June 22, 2018

Starcodes June 22, 2018


(all times MDT) Astrological aspects are often reflected by news headline which gives us a current myth to work on and a metaphor to remind us of our personal work.

The recent headline grabbing conflagration between our government and immigrant families in the name of holding a healthy border is a painful illustration of the present astrological issues. An ongoing Jupiter-Neptune trine points out (and asks us to liberate) wherever our boundaries feel leaky, and wherever people are truly victimized. Mercury opposes Pluto this weekend and brings our mind to loss, loss of information, loss of people, how we handle depression, and who is in control of communication. The Sun is now in domestic, maternal Cancer, and this Wednesday the Moon will oppose the sun (a full moon) in paternal Capricorn, conjunct serious, restrictive Saturn, which may bring to a head this terrible debate around the American treatment of immigrant children and families. Mars turns retrograde in communal, political Aquarius and asks us to look at how we handle our anger, and how our standing armies, our national version of Mars, act in relationship to our shared philosophies. We may reach a temporary solution now, but probably won’t find real resolution until Mars turns direct at the end of August, or as Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius in November.

This first weekend of summer adds an extra layer of mixed feelings created as the Sun and Moon in introverted signs bring us inward while Venus and Mars in sociable expressive signs take us out. We want be near people, family in particular, but we don’t. We’ll we want to be invited and included but might actually rather spend time alone. We may even be happy if the picnic gets washed out. Saturday and Sunday could bring some emotional issue to a head as Mercury opposes Pluto and stirs up the shrapnel in the psyche while the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and asked us to liberate those blocks.

The Moon enters more upbeat, travel oriented Sagittarius late Sunday night and helps us stay, more portable and positive on Monday and Tuesday. Mars turns retrograde on Tuesday, which can bring mechanical and weather-based frustrations, and can also bring up some pivotal questions around appropriate anger and rebellion. A problem may go underground now that will erupt again at the end of August as Mars turns direct. So just because a conflict has gone dormant does not mean that it is over, but this time can give us a chance to negotiate with more preparation.

There’s a lot of emotional juice flowing through our nervous systems this week as Venus and Mars oppose each other, and both square Jupiter, all in stubborn fixed signs. Some people will seek the emotional intensity they desire through fighting, without taking the risks of actually opening hearts and creating intimacy. It will be much scarier, much braver, and much more productive if we can take leadership and create that tender, vulnerable connection. We need to put our necks out there.

On Wednesday night, a full moon in determined Capricorn conjunct Saturn can help us get to work. But it can bring up major control issues in family dynamics and around governmental control. We may find in our own lives where nurturing and discipline, between hearts and work, appear to square off. Let’s look for a way to love with healthy, soul-respecting boundaries and stop seeing the world as such a dichotomy of opposites.

Friday, June 22: Life will flow more easily if we get personal interactions, meetings, shopping over this morning before the Moon enters Scorpio afternoon and sharpens our temper, our focus, and our sense of purpose. Work around a passive-aggressive streak and let people get on with what they’d rather be doing. Feel the pressure grow to make important changes, both personal and political. Evening carries a deeper musky, curious, mysterious edge. We become ready for a change of pace and will start making mistakes if we feel stuck as the Noon opposes Uranus and the Sun sextiles Uranus.

Moon enters Scorpio 1:10 PM, Moon trine Sun 3:49 PM, Moon opposes Uranus 4:24 PM, Sun sextiles Uranus 11:57 PM.

Saturday, June 23: A grand trine in sensitive water signs (Moon-Jupiter conjuncts, trine both Mercury and Neptune) can leave us emotionally awash. Our psychic boundaries are thin for better or worse, so let’s choose carefully where we open ourselves, and with what we empathize. Later, the Sun squares Mars and can bring a feisty backlash, sensitivity can really tick some people off and cause them to thicken their walls and become more oblivious, while others swim in the woes of the world. We can choose to tune in to the abundant plant the flowering earth, the hearts of people, the creative flow, and soak up the stamina we need to face all the other stuff. Once a fight or protest starts, it strengthens quickly; choose battles carefully.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:45 AM, Mercury opposes Pluto 3:26 AM, Moon squares Mars 6:23 AM, Moon squares Venus 10:33 AM, Moon conjunct’s Jupiter 3:10 PM, Sun squares Chiron 3:39 PM, Moon trines Neptune 8:22 PM.

Sunday, June 24: We can settle in and work side-by-side comfortably but may have trouble really working with one another, so it furthers to be alone but in in proximity and to do some form of work that is soul satisfying. Tonight, the mood grows more talkative, easily-amused if a tad oblivious, and energized, as the Moon enter Sagittarius; consider a late-night walk.

Moon sextile Pluto 3:59 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:59 AM, Moon enter Sagittarius 10:29 PM.

Monday, June 25: We may really want to travel this outspoken morning. Hopefully we can clear the air from any interpersonal tension over the weekend, show love instead of resentment, and get on with an exploration. It’s a good day for an adventure as Venus in Leo squares Jupiter while the Sagittarius Moon trines Mars. Venus square Jupiter can ramp up our emotional expectations or desire to spend money. Everyone needs a bit more attention, could use a liberal sprinkling of appreciation, a feeling of being special, so it furthers to make the most out of any small moments of joy.

Moon trine Chiron 3:07 AM, Venus square Jupiter 11:18 AM, Moon trine Mars 4:13 PM.

Tuesday, June 26: The energy can feel wonky, out of balance today as Mars stations to turn retrograde. Weird weather patterns and temperaments, mechanical strange things, we all tend to go in circles. If we start to run on automatic, instead of be conscious about our process, we can express anger in really inappropriate ways. It may be hard to follow through on our intentions and isn’t a great day to try and start anything dynamic. But it is a great day to cut loose, kickback, and let go of old arguments, to step into beauty and see where the heart takes us as the Moon trines Venus and squares Neptune.

Moon trine Venus 2:48 AM, Moon square Neptune 6:53 AM, Mars turns retrograde 3:04 PM.

Wednesday, June 27: This could be a complicated day, the desire to relax opposes personal responsibility; if we’re on vacation, our work may knock on our door. We can learn easily, develop the skill. But if we feel the family dynamic tension building, let’s find a way to retain our sense of humor, find a project to do together, and work together rather than try to have humorless fun.  It furthers to take responsibility and respect boundaries but don’t try to tell each other what to do. Attempt to micromanage will backfire.

Sun opposes Saturn 7:27 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 9:52 AM, Moon trine Uranus 1:40 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 9:33 PM, Moon opposes son 10:52 PM.

Thursday, June 28: On this productive, constructive morning, we may feel less confrontational about yesterday’s issues and readier for work. Our conversation picks up as Mercury enters Leo and encourages us to tell our stories; we can talk over the past and the future but may have trouble negotiating a few intransigent points in the present. Some experience, event, or wave of sadness can bring us to our hearts.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:12 PM, Moon sextiles Neptune 7:05 PM, Mercury enters Leo 11:16 PM.




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