Starcodes July 27, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes July 27, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Welcome Midsummer. Though it may be an astrologically complicated week, at the peak of overheated days and sunlit evenings it’s good to move slowly, have safe adventures, and store up memories for the winter. It pays to bring our minds to points of brightness, good memories or hopeful projects- This is an emotionally volatile week depression can hover at the edges- our psyche can wrestle with ghosts and chase rabbits-so listen, process, and don’t believe the script the mind may write. We need to take extra care of one another, check in, and find the sit calm in the center of this gyroscope.

The weekend can be fun if not intimate, perfect for family gatherings or a rodeo, woven with some wild headlines and a few chaotic moments. Today brings the party full Moon in community-oriented Aquarius, normally perfect for any gathering with like souls to celebrate life; music and art festivals, county fairs or a Lughnasa celebration.  And that may be true in most circumstances this year.

But this full Moon/lunar eclipse is a doozy. First, Mercury turned retrograde on Thursday (joining four other planets already retrograde) and is still moving extremely slowly; Mercury is happier in full retrograde than it is stationing- appearing to stand still. Anything that encourages us to stand still will succeed. Meditation, gardening, sitting in a chair by the sea. These retrograde planets can give us lovely moments of retreat, but make even ordinary events odd, timing off, and increase accidents when we hurry or forget to pay attention.  Anything that involves computers, electronics, a clear message, speed, cars, or recorded tapes can get really complicated. Pad the schedule with extra time and a sense of humor, keep the roadside car service number in easy reach.

This full Moon peaks at 2:20 PM MDT on Friday with the Moon conjunct retrograde and feisty Mars, and the Moon, Sun, and Mars all square erratic Uranus- with earth caught in the crossfire. Eclipses can act like astrological acupuncture, they can end one chapter and begin another. They can shift what’s been stuck and let ripe fruit fall. Some people or situations may feel eclipsed while others can feel freed up as old blocks fall away. An eclipse can break things down, clear the ground for new growth- which can be constructive. But it adds drama to the weather, turns up the volume on history. We are already feeling flooded by the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune trine in water signs, flooded by water or fire, an ongoing, year-long aspect adding extra tweaks to the climate crisis.

Every full Moon sets up the illusion of a dichotomy, this one between the needs of the individual and the needs of the community. The Sun and Mercury now in Leo encourages each of us to let our little light shine, be seen and engaged, be generous and let personality be a hearth fire. This generous, positive aspect of Leo helps us with Leo’s shadow side, the narcissistic edge which encourages us to believe our own stories, be self-involved, and have trouble appreciating others as separate from our needs.

This complex eclipse could bring up bring some major stories into the news about the selfishness of the single perspective, or the difficulty of balancing of the needs of one person versus the needs of the whole. Our own government is doing a great job with this right now, but we may see many other subtle forms.

Even loving relationships can find our it unusually difficult to hear both sides of the story unless we really hold hands and appreciate the beauty of unique personalities coming together. Let’s just love each other now and work out the details of what’s fair later on.

Some of the frustrations may spill into Saturday as Mars semi-sextile Saturn. A bit of local, national, or international drama may tell the story conflicting needs, of selfishness versus selflessness, or of natural drama and human needs and push us to ask our more personal questions. Or our chores cramp our style. As Moon enters Pisces from Sunday- Tuesday we can feel a crash from the full moon, as if we drank too much coffee the day before; we’ll need to give room for any extra sensitive feelings that show up. Energy in fuses Wednesday and Thursday as the willful Aries Moon re-engages us; we’ll have more momentum, just have to watch where were going.

So, let’s practice mindfulness and stay awake and aware through the high and low tides this week. And keep our hearts open if things get rough.

Friday, July 27: This could be a wild and crazy day. We can both love being around people and can find them irritating as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Mars midday. The lunar eclipse is exact around 2:20 PM MDT but will only be visible on the other side of the planet. We’ll still feel it, may notice that some door slam close and another opens. Potential for real breakthrough in some emotionally stuck place. We get brought to our hearts, easily moved by the arts and the story tonight as Venus trines Pluto. Stay present, stay safe around cars and machinery. Find a way to connect to community without asking anyone to be too personal or intimate.

Moon enters Aquarius 4:40 AM, Moon sex tiles Chiron 9:10 AM, Moon square Uranus 9:47 AM, Moon conjuncts Mars 12:47 PM, full Moon lunar eclipse 2:20 PM, Venus trine Pluto 7:25 PM.

Saturday, July 28: Enjoy the county fair or other community venture, people can be a bit oblivious to personal relationships, but happy to see you in the group. Some frustrations midmorning challenges us to get a groove going as Mars semi-sextile Saturn, we may just have trouble finding a rhythm. The afternoon has emotional microclimate, with the mood shifting subtly and repeatedly, like the weather. Put safety first around sunset and enjoy the evening. Our conversation can just run in circles, but it can be a joy to dance or move together.

Moon square Jupiter 8:46 AM, Mars semi-sextile Saturn 10:40 AM.

Sunday, July 29: Energy drops this morning as the Moon enters Pisces, we come back into our heart and begin to see the people around us. Sentimentality, emotional catch up time, we may need to process a backlog of feelings. Feelings are touchy, but we will reward sensitive outreach with real affection. Laughter after tears.

Moon opposed Mercury 3:24 AM, Moon enters Pisces 5:27 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 10:32 PM.

Monday, July 30: A dream drifts in, energy slows down, the mood is imaginative but uncertain, feelings are abundant but logic is not. It’s hard to move quickly as the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune. People may not mean everything they say, so give room for creative license but confirm all facts. We may be processing other people’s emotions, so let feelings flow and notice that the sadness or joy may be in our environment and not from our own puzzle.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:47 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Venus 1:32 AM, Venus semi-square the Sun 6:28 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:22 PM.

Tuesday, July 31: On this sentimental day, we can feel easily overwhelmed by new experiences or old stories. Don’t try to take on too much or look far ahead, take it one step at a time. Let the feelings flow and find that calm center underneath. Don’t hold tight to something that needs to be released.

Moon conjunct Neptune 1:29 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 8:27 AM, Moon opposed Venus 4:41 PM.

Wednesday, August 1: Energy runs in fits and bursts, temper can spike quickly and easily as Mars squares Uranus. Headlines will be volatile. Change what needs changing but keep the rhythm steady; stay in the center of the gyroscope. Watch sudden impulses. Keep safety first and keep a five-second lead on snappy comebacks.

Moon enters Aries 4:54 AM, Moon sextile Mars 10:04 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:44 AM, Mars square Uranus 8:38 PM.

Thursday, August 2: Although we may need to do some repair work from yesterday, fix any recently- frayed relationships, the energy flows smoothly as the Sun and Moon trine in fire signs. We may be looking backwards more than forwards, but let’s use this bit of ease to further, heal, communicate, transport and move forward in our efforts.


Moon trine the Sun 12:03 AM, Moon square Pluto 6:16 PM, Moon trine Mercury 8:52 PM.





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