Starcodes Aug 3, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Aug 3, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Soak up the summer this weekend, rest, there’s no point in trying to push the river with six planets retrograde by the end of the week. Of course, we need to handle emergencies, keep the ball rolling on ongoing business, and stay aware of what political scalawags are doing, but otherwise the stars encourage us to prioritize our health and relationships, and dream big, rather than muscle our work.

As the weekend begins, the Moon in comfort-loving Taurus trines serious Saturn and reminds us to refill our wells and appreciate traditional summer fare. Having heatstroke isn’t one of them. Our weather conditions can alternate between lovely and mythic as a Mars – Uranus square in air signs stirs up storms and a Jupiter – Neptune trine tends to extremes of water and drought. May it bring us extremely nice weather and let everyone recover.

Uranus joins Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto all retrograde this week. Now the planets appear retrograde just about every year as pass them on our lap around the sun, or are lapped by them, but they don’t usually all go at once. Retrogrades aren’t evil, contrary to some astrological rumors, but the retrograde planets slow is down, send us back group for review, and remind us with a few complications not to take ordinary life for granted.

Over the weekend we have a chance to indulgent in creature comforts of the summer time and refill our wells under a cuddly Taurus Moon. But underneath summer coziness, old emotions or him strange events may trigger old scars as Mercury quincunx Pluto, an aspect that can leave us a bit maudlin even when we’re sipping lemonade in the shade but could also bring our attention to real problems. We can feel affected by even distant disasters or small splinters of local news. This aspect is good for investigative reporting or personal introspection but it can also leave us with strange primal feelings or emotions, worried that we could lose something, never have enough, or will never solve our problems. Go ahead and bring those splinters up, but let them go; don’t believe that story of insufficiency.

Relationships of all types may feel a little threadbare or underfed after a busy month laced with minor snafus and logistical distance, the summer has been so focused on work, spiritual practice and politics, and not necessarily the cozy and the cuddly. We can put those caring relationships on the front burner as sociable, affectionate Venus enters its own sign of Libra on Monday and trines Mars on Tuesday. Let’s use this warm, relationship-oriented Venus to build resilience in all our relationships with some extra friendliness and appreciation, and where applicable, sweet romantic gestures. And if communication gets difficult we can smile, be quiet, hold hands and walk together.

We may need this emotional resilience as Uranus, the sixth planet to retrograde this summer, turns retrograde on Monday. Relationships may work but our machines may not. Update that roadside assistance insurance. Expect a fair amount of technical snafus this week. impulse control and unsettling of the ground, whether it’s minor tremors or with loose tremors are geological or political.

Early next week a talkative Gemini Moon can help smooth out recent communication rumbles. It may not be time to hammer out problems, but to strengthen relationships by catching up with one another and sharing appreciation. Nurture new relationships by long wandering talks that express the soul.

Towards the end of the week more introspective perspective cancer moon asked us to take good care of ourselves. May need to do some work on the home front through a series of minor challenging aspects that can leave us feeling out of sync, or as if are for is being brushed backwards. Don’t take other people’s crabbiness personal. We may find our schedule interrupted for an important message, some side agenda that urgently needs tending to. For the rest of our work, it will help to simplify priorities, choose a few things that we really need to do, and gently but firmly keep our eyes on that prize.

Friday, August 3: The day could be edgy, the more impatient we are, the slower we move, so let’s pace ourselves so let’s pace ourselves as a steady Taurus Moon squares Mars. We can get more difficult if we are feeling the pressure to hurry and are unsuccessful. Relax the and leisurely occupation furthers, but send prayers to people on the fire lines. People can be cheerfully stubborn later on, but an opportunity may come to share some wisdom and heal a rough edge as Mars sextiles Chiron. Tonight, familiar territory furthers as the Moon trine Saturn, so get comfortable.

Moon enters Taurus 1:50 PM, Moon square Mars 5:38 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 6:33 PM, Mars sextile Chiron 6:57 PM, Moon trine Saturn 8:06 PM.

Saturday, August 4: We’d love this to be an indulgent morning, no one wants to rush as the Taurus Moon opposes Jupiter, but we can do whatever we need to do- if we can get moving. Just let everybody work at their own pace. If we honor the hammocks siren song it’s just hard to get up again. Tonight, some existential discomfort or logistical difficulties can complicate our lives. Watch where the mind goes and don’t believe its depressive stories. Pay attention to hints about urgent issues which need attention even if we can’t solve the problem tonight.

Moon squares Sun 12:17 PM, Moon opposes Jupiter 3:49 PM, Moon sextiles Neptune 6:47 PM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 11:14 PM.

Sunday, August 5: Thoughtful feelings run deep in the morning as the moon, Pluto, and Venus form a grand trine in Earth signs. We could sit around and feel sorry for ourselves or let love and compassion compel us to take action, and as we do so, make new connections. Communication picks up this evening as the Moon enters Gemini and trines Mars; talk, talk, and more talk, minds buzz late into the night.

Moon square Mercury 12:57 AM, Moon trine Pluto 1:03 AM, Moon trine Venus 5:46 PM, Moon enters Gemini 7:31 PM, Moon trine Mars 10:08 PM.

Monday, August 6: Use and ambient agreeableness to help deal with technical difficulties and misunderstandings. Reach out an appeal to people’s goodwill to solve problems as the Sun squares Jupiter. Extra feelings abound, but we move through them pretty quickly as long as we can express ourselves. As Venus enters Libra tonight our creativity works better than our minds, and stars can have an extra romantic glow.

Venus semi-square Jupiter 3:12 AM, Sun square Jupiter 5:27 PM, Venus enters Libra 5:27 PM, Moon sex tiles the Sun 8:22 PM Moon squares Neptune 10:37 PM.

Tuesday, August 7: A day of warm hearts, strong feelings, and technical snafus as Venus trines Mars and turns up our emotional volume, which can help us work together but can also bring us and the surplus of an emotional reaction to anything we do.  Uranus stations retrograde, producing static electricity between people (all kinds) and gremlins to technical structures. Bond over the odd moments. If a change is in the works, and a project has to be put on hold, do not give up.

Moon sextile Mercury 1:54 AM, Uranus retrogrades 10:49 AM, Venus trine Mars 6:32 PM. Moon enters Cancer at 10 PM.

Wednesday, August 8: Today could be like the junk drawer, containing one of everything except logical objectivity as Mercury conjunct the Sun. Some confusion can add difficulties in the morning Mars semi-squares Neptune, potential weather or water flow problems in, and our energy can be staccato, making it a challenge to stay focused and concentrate. Random acts of kindness are a bright spot, and tonight a sense of faith or magic can give us a respite as the Moon forms a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune. Listen to the dreams.

Moon square Venus 12:08 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:12 AM, Moon opposes Saturn 3:14 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 10:59 AM, Venus opposed Chiron to 40 p.m., Mars semi-square Neptune 4:44 PM, Sun conjunct Mercury 8:05 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:43 PM, Moon trine Neptune 11:41 PM.

Thursday, August 9: Morning could be difficult, laced with misunderstandings or missed timings, so check schedules and cut everybody a bit of the slack for mishaps as Mercury challenges Neptune. Constructive work can be done on creative projects, hard work will pay off if we add patience and be steady rather than rushed. Temporarily return to old systems, trust in old friends or old connections, practice good relationship skills to make through rough waters. Hold hands and make it through as Venus squares Saturn.

Moon opposed Pluto 5:20 AM, Venus quincunx Uranus 5:56 AM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 3:28 PM, Venus square Saturn 7:33 PM, Moon enters Leo 10:17 PM, Moon opposes Mars 11:12 PM. him




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