Starcodes Sept 7, 2018  (all times given are MDT) him

Starcodes Sept 7, 2018  (all times given are MDT) him


The astrology of this week pushes us to continue the roll into fall with industry and ingenuity, and instigate some concrete practical changes for a better future. But our energy may be a little low at the moment and our empathy and immune system may feel unusually permeable, so we need to take care of ourselves along the way.

The planets are posing a positive challenge to old systems and structures, to the chain of command and ordinary ways of doing things.  Saturn just turned direct yesterday after many months retrograde, and as it pivots it forms a trine with change-master Uranus. Saturn symbolizes structure, solidity, stability, restriction, powers that be, and symbolizes a more conservative, traditional way of doing things. Uranus instigates change; it unsettles the status quo and can bring good change, but rarely makes it comfortable. Because these two make this dynamic trine in pragmatic, manifesting Earth signs (Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus), we can instigate practical differences now that will that manifest in politics and in our work in the months ahead.

Trines are considered comfortable aspects, the aligned to energies to work together, but they don’t push us out the door; we have to take advantage of them and may find that opportunity this week. Watch what happens as the faster moving planets hit the third corner of the triangle, forming a grand trine. The sun already passed over this point at the end of August and started to stir the pot. This weekend both Mercury and the moon hit that corner and strike that cord. We want Saturn (sanity and structure, responsible practicality) to work with Uranus in Taurus (restlessness, the desire to unsettle) trine both Mercury (our mind) and the Moon (our moods). Talk (Mercury) about these changes around the dinner table (Moon loves food).

Friday begins under an outgoing Leo Moon which can bring some great theater in the political arena, but can also help the kids just back to school reach out and make new friends. We can use this buoyancy to expand our social circles or build support for new ideas. But we may be tired, and occasionally forget what we’re doing as the Sun opposes Neptune this weekend, so let’s pace ourselves. We may need a nap just when we want to get busy.

The weekend brings a new Moon in thoughtful, worried, but improvement-prone Virgo which nags us to get our lives organized and our chores caught up. This new Moon starts a new chapter in our work, and is the good time to set fresh goals for self-improvement. Phrase those goals in positive terms; it’s important to focus, not on our flaws, but what we want to nourish. Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday and sharpens our emotional and creative focus, but can add a tendency to get jealous, and adds to the suspicious, even paranoid edge in politics over the next few weeks. When we are feeling emotionally unsettled, Venus in Scorpio reminds us that a few minutes alone with our soul, with Creator-Creation, can hit the reset button.

Early next week collaboration gets easier as the Moon enters friendly Libra, Mars enters sociable Aquarius. Venus and Mars square, which makes no less stubborn but does help us engage the community. Our attention is brought to the bigger picture as Jupiter and Pluto sextile on Tuesday, just in time for 9/11 memorial services. Both this point in history, and this aspect, remind us to drop pettiness and remember what matters in the face of death and life. Relationships can get wobbly as Venus opposes Uranus on Wednesday and Mercury opposes Neptune on Thursday, but we can choose to hold hands with spaciousness acceptance instead of focus on our differences.

Friday, September 7: Changes are afoot; although we may not have a lot of energy and may not be sure which way the changes are going, it’s important to get out there and get involved. Get the conversation going early in the morning as Mercury trines Saturn, and Uranus. Make a statement of intent. Listen to the signals on the wind. Move with care through some confusion or sleepiness midafternoon, peer through the clouds while the Sun opposes Neptune. Take advantage of any opportunity to create connection tonight as the Leo Moon (below the horizon) squares Jupiter (high in the night sky).

Mercury trine Uranus 1:40 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 6:19 AM, Sun opposed Neptune 12:26 PM, Moon square Jupiter 1:20 PM.

Saturday, September 8: We have work to do but can meet new people why we’re doing so. The energy can be a bit rocky, but can be navigated constructively with attention. As the Moon enters Virgo we see what needs fixing, whether were talking international politics, our home or our health needs. The afternoon brings a feisty streak as Venus squares Mars; if we realize we’re approaching problem from a very different perspective than our beloveds and coworkers, we need to step out of judgment and appreciate the chance to stretch our own perspective. If we are having a tough internal debate, let’s find a way to meet opposing needs. Watch for issues of jealousy; don’t get snarky just for the fun of it, it will not further. Communication flows more smoothly, debate feels more productive this evening as the Moon conjuncts Mercury.

Moon sextile Venus 7:31 AM, Moon enters Virgo 8:29 AM, Moon trine Uranus 11:57 AM, Moon trine Saturn 12:35 PM, Venus square Mars 2:38 PM, the Moon conjunct’s Mercury 4:54 PM.

Sunday, September 9: Broody moodiness stems from more existential longing than from a personal story as Venus enters Scorpio on the Virgo new Moon. Our critical edges sharpen just as our self-protective, defensive walls thicken, which can be a tough combination. Don’t take a sullen mood personally, just give the person some private time. In the morning, focus on what needs to be weeded and released; after noon, drop the critical edge and focus on what needs to be nurtured and encouraged instead. Catch beloveds doing something right, and let them know.

Venus enters Scorpio 3:25 AM Moon conjuncts Neptune 8:48 AM, Moon conjuncts the Sun 12:01 PM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 2:23 PM, Moon trine Pluto 3:03 PM.

Monday, September 10: With a new seriousness underneath we need to be ready to return to the fray. Be kind to self-doubts, but don’t let them run the show. Network and connect as the Moon enters friendly Libra, find mutually beneficial solutions to work around problems. Although we may suddenly get busy and immerse in our work community, it’s important to also tend intimacy and tell dear ones that we love them.

Venus quincunx Chiron 3:16 AM, Moon trine Mars 9:12 AM, Moon enters Libra 9:19 AM, Moon opposes Chiron 10:28 AM, Moon square Saturn 1:33 AM, Mars semi-squares Neptune 5:40 PM, Mars enters Aquarius 6:55 PM.

Tuesday, September 11: This day is serious, thoughtful, even profound. The Sun trines Pluto, the Moon squares Pluto, and both aspects echo this date’s historic content two remind us that in the face of life-and-death we need to let go of inessentials and stand up for what is important and life-giving. Drop the crap and get real with one another, let go of petty disagreements and bring the debate or the search for quality of life to a higher level.

Sun sextile Jupiter 6:09 AM, Sun trine Pluto 9:31 AM, Moon square Pluto 4:57 PM.

Wednesday, September 12: Snark alert, we can get is difficult as a sarcastic teenager as the moon enters Scorpio and Venus opposes Uranus. Let’s make sure we’re fighting for good cause and not whatever’s nearby. Our inner muse calls us, we are motivated by something deep within which may not be convenient to the people around us. Make discontent productive, take a break, but do not disrespect familiar supports. It furthers to have something to concentrate upon.

Jupiter sextile Pluto 1:55 AM, Venus opposed Uranus 3:01 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 12:14 PM, Moon square Mars 12:51 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 3:50 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 4:31 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 4:46 PM, Venus sextile Saturn 9:57 PM.

Thursday, September 13: Take it one step at a time. As Mercury opposes foggy Neptune we can forget important items, miss the exit, or drift in a daydream unless we stay focused. Tap into spirit and imagination, drop into soul work, but keep eyes open to avoid practical complications.  Communication can be good, creative process can be delicious, just remember the edges of life are blurred, and take it one step at a time.

Mars sextile Chiron 11:35 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 2:01 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 2:49 PM, Mercury opposed Neptune 7:31 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:58 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 10:32 PM.






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