Starcodes  Nov 16 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes  Nov 16 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


This week could limp in and laugh out. Let’s keep our expectations low and our compassion wide open Friday and Saturday. We may feel like were spinning our wheels as the weekend begins as Venus and Mercury both appear to hold still from our perspective here on earth. Venus, retrograde since October 6, turns direct, while Mercury turns retrograde now through December 7, all under a sensitive perceptive, but easily overwhelmed Pisces Moon. Anything can happen, so let’s cut each other a lot of slack.

As Venus turns direct she closes one emotional or creative chapter and makes room for a new one. After months of dealing with people and emotional issues from the past, we can start looking to the future. We just may not get there very fast Mercury retrograde bugs us to finish up what we’ve already started or tend an urgent side agenda before we launch anything new. It might even be able to help us recount those ballots and clear up old mysteries. But we may not really get momentum on this new phase going until December 7. It also suggests that if we don’t have to travel this Thanksgiving don’t; if we do, schedule extra time and load up the e-reader before we go. Look for opportunities hidden within delays.

After an emotionally squishy and wafting weekend, the Moon enters Aries on Sunday and begins to motivate us towards the holiday. A competitive Mars-Jupiter square on Monday suddenly reminds us of all the work we have to get done first. Just when we feel we have to hurry up, Mercury retrograde slows us down and complicates the situation. Accidents tend to increase when we’re thinking ahead rather than paying attention to what we’re doing right now. This aspect can also fuel any ongoing fires or political debate, but bring out some really heroic efforts where needed. Let’s hope it energizes all those dealing with the wildfires right now.

The Moon conjuncts Uranus early on Tuesday and helps us shift gears, then it enters more steady, cozy Taurus midweek, which doesn’t hurry us up, but can bring a stable note and help us cook good food.  Although Mercury is retrograde, the aspects are relatively good for traveling otherwise, if we give ourselves enough time, and keep an eye on the weather.

A new outspoken quality kicks in on Thanksgiving as the Sun enters Sagittarius. After a flurry of minor mishaps in the morning, we could look forward to a comfortable if slightly delayed holiday dinner. Conversation flows as the Moon waxes full in voluble Gemini that evening.  Mercury retrograde helps us look back, dig out old stories and come to a new understanding. But it might be good to skirt around tough and tender issues until later in the weekend.

Friday, November 16: We’re dealt wildcards, nothing may seem to go as planned. Emotions can swirl in place. Expect delays, confirm all engagements, and don’t be surprised at strange emotional outbursts. Tonight, escape to a good movie or other relatively stationary and easy pastime.

Moon square Jupiter 1:10 AM, Venus turns direct 3:50 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:27 AM, Mercury turns retrograde 6:33 PM.

Saturday, November 17: Take a break, catch up and let feelings and experiences flow. Water can be problematic, as can an overflow of our emotions while the sensitive Pisces Moon conjuncts intuitive Neptune. Schedules are only a suggestion, attentions wander, but our dreams are close by. Tap into that fount of imagination and spirit.

Moon square Mercury 12:40 AM, Moon of conjunct Neptune 1:07 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:09 PM.

Sunday, November 18: The Moon enters Aries and our energy level revs up. Willful, impatient, we’ll hate to feel manipulated. We may suddenly be aware of deadlines, but will resist them anyway. Don’t feed flareups of temper or fire. It’s easy to bump into things if were not well-organized, so if minor accidents accrue, slow down and prioritize. Don’t argue with others about their priorities, everybody’s got to work on their own agenda.

Moon trine Sun 1:03 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 5:15 AM, Moon enters Aries 8:55 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 1:18 PM, Moon square Saturn 9:30 PM.

Monday, November 19: A competitive, straightforward, and argumentative Mars-Jupiter square can help us make a bold move, but we have to think carefully to make sure it’s a bold move in the right direction. Defenses are up, we too easily respond with snappy rejoinders, fights can start with the mere flare of impatience. Tend to inflammation of joints or moods. Instead of running into a wall, put this energy to good use and keep it out of trouble.

Moon trine Mercury 9:26 AM, Mars square Jupiter 6:30 PM, Moon square Pluto 9:21 PM.

Tuesday, November 20: We may get more cooperation this morning, and efforts to heal recent tension are appreciated. Morning has socially awkward moments where our feelings and our actions can be out of sync. Early afternoon encourages us to think fast and roll with the changes as the Moon conjuncts unexpected Uranus and then settles into a more stable groove as it enters Taurus by dinner time. That stable Taurus moon can help us pack and plan.

Sun trine Chiron, 3:55 AM Moon opposed Venus 8:44 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 3:46 PM, Moon enters Taurus 4:42 PM, Moon trine Mars 10:35 PM.

Wednesday, November 21: Steady and easy does it as the Taurus Moon trines Saturn today. While no one wants to be rushed, this aspect can the loan us the stamina to keep moving. Just stop and check to see that nothing has been left behind at each step along the way, no matter how rushed. The stars support slow and steady traveling and delicious cooking. Taste often.

Moon trine Saturn 4:53 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 5 PM.

Thursday, November 22: Expect this to be a sillier, informal, but potentially delicious Thanksgiving. The Sun enters Sagittarius and reminds us to be grateful for what we have, even of all we can think of is being alive. Small things may snafu but we can still laugh about it. Take a walk after dinner. Keep the conversation flowing, we’re not quite ready to go deep, but willing to talk more broadly as the moon waxes full in Gemini at 10:39 PM MST.

Sun enter Sagittarius at 2:01 AM, Moon trine Pluto 2:55 AM, Moon enters Gemini 9:10 PM.




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