Starcodes January 4, 2019

Starcodes January 4, 2019


The mood is serious, impatient, with some growing concerns but also an underlying competence that can us cope. We may need to come to grips with needed changes and the see the outlines of the work ahead as Mercury enters competent Capricorn tonight, followed by a new Moon with solar eclipse in determined Capricorn this weekend. The planet we associate with change, Uranus, turns direct this weekend and can increase seismic activity; either symbolically, politically, or geologically, we may feel an earthquake. Just as new Congress settles in.

That new Moon eclipse in competent, responsible, if occasionally grim Capricorn at 6:28 pm MST on Saturday can both bring us back home to our roots and help us ask tough questions about personal responsibility and authority in our life and our culture. It calls us to take a clear look at our Dharma, our work, and asks what’s not working and needs to be released, and what has the potential to grow in the future. It’s a good time to make our real New Year’s resolutions for the disciplines that we’d like to shift in the new year and goals we’d like to aim for. Because Capricorn is a mountain goat, it encourages us to climb, or we may feel like we are sliding downhill.

Momentum picks up all across the board this week as motivating Mars, now in proactive and feisty fire-sign Aries, is joined by Venus in another restless fire sign, Sagittarius, on Sunday. If it’s time to leave dysfunctional situation and start anew, now is the time to do so but with a good plan in place. Venus and Mars in fire signs can bring out the hero in us all, the firemen and rescue worker, whether or not people want rescuing. But they can also trigger sudden shocking temper flares, military action, and revolutions. This excess of human will can be used to cause real problems, or it can save the world. Mars in Aries is a good time to stay away from abusive people and help those who live around them, but most of us will feel this feistiness more positively, as an entrepreneurial can-do energy that allows us to get started.

As Uranus turns direct on Sunday after a long retrograde, it suggests changes that we thought were going to happen last summer, before Uranus retrograded, may now begin to precipitate. On Monday, we may be tempted to quit, tell people off, or run away from home, as thoughtful Mercury in determined Capricorn squares Mars in Aries. But let’s keep a lid on it and think through consequences before we spout off. Instead we can use the moon in collaborative Aquarius to put our team together and get that new chapter rolling.

Watch the temper at home, as it can be easy to snap at people we love when we’re frustrated. The key to harnessing this restless energy will be to stay proactive and work towards our goals rather than react against the world’s more annoying occupants. 

Let’s catch up with ourselves on Wednesday and Thursday as our sensitivity reasserts itself under and intuitive Pisces Moon and as the Sun conjuncts deep Pluto. Things get real, we may need to deal with issues of mortality or have to let go of something important in order to step forward. Tend to the inner work now as momentum picks back up soon.

Friday, January 4: Life can feel like an itchy wool suit, though the discomfort can be motivating. Feel a strong ambient emotional torque as both the Moon and Mercury enter Capricorn and square irritable Mars, loaning us a strong and healthy revolutionary pull, a desire to move the world forward in a positive direction with pragmatic steps, but also a real resistance to being forced into anything. Competence flows, but objectivity and compassion will be worth gold.

Moon trine Uranus 9:09 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 10:41 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:54 AM, Sun trine Neptune 12:56 PM, Moon square Mars 5:05 PM, Mercury enters Capricorn 8:39 PM.

Saturday, January 5: Plan, build, reorganize, strategize, but leave final decisions open until after the New Moon at 6:28 PM. The eclipse will only be visible over the Pacific but offers us all an opportunity to shed old plans and start a new chapter.  Deal with questions about foundations, organization, our choice of work, and what we want to build the future. Watch the tendency to become controlling in response to uncertainty. If grim thoughts arise, listen to their message but don’t believe their density. And find some small project to complete and offer satisfaction.

Venus trine Chiron 11 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 11:32 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 4 PM, new Moon solar eclipse 6:28 PM.

Sunday, January 6: Morning could be potentially tough, grim, or friction-filled but give us info about the next step. We could feel an existential or geological earthquake as Uranus turns direct. Feel the prompting to make a shift and put it to good use. It will be easier to see where we’re going, get and receive help this afternoon.

Moon conjunct Pluto 5:11 AM, Uranus turns direct 1:26 PM, Moon square Uranus 8:56 PM, Moon sextile Venus 11:20 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 11:45 PM.

Monday, January 7: Put the team together for those new plans, make calls and reach out with the Moon in Aquarius and as Venus enters Sagittarius. People may respond with a new openness and may be more willing to see the humor and explore possibilities. We don’t want to feel trapped, but temper a desire to leap away from what’s not working, to run away from home run away and join the circus. Bring the circus home instead. It may be time to leave dysfunctional situations and start a new, but let’s do this with a good plan in place. In these few serious weeks, find the fun in being together.

Venus enters Sagittarius 4:17 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:41 AM,

Tuesday, January 8:  The mood is argumentative but curious, with many leaders and few followers, which could bring some interesting political fallout as Mercury squares Mars. Joints and tempers are easily inflamed, accidents and arguments are likely, so stay aware, stay thoughtful, and count to ten before reacting.

Moon sextile Jupiter 2:43 AM, Mercury square Mars 3:04 AM.

Wednesday, January 9: Morning brings competence, and cooperation as long as we let everyone proceed under their own terms. Later on, we may feel more emotional or sensitive, some doubts creep back as the Moon enters intuitive Pisces. We feel what’s been going on, for better or for worse, we need more consideration, have more compassion. As resentments spurt easily it is important to keep our priorities clear and, while being considerate of others’ needs, focus on our own agenda. Stay on target, but proceed at a kindly pace.

Moon sextile Uranus 9:52 AM, Moon enters Pisces 12:43 PM, Moon square Venus 6:09 PM.

Thursday, January 10: Momentum slows but doesn’t stop. If we respond to a flash of sensitivity with kindness and compassion, we can reconnect from the heart and discuss what’s been going on. When in doubt, respond with generosity. It will not be effective to push people to hurry up. Around dinner time, take a break as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, let’s use the time to rest and recuperate because the momentum picks up again soon.

Moon sextile Mercury 5:15 AM.

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