Starcodes Jan 11, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Jan 11, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins


We need to take care of what really matters this week as the Sun conjunct Pluto, and take care of our immune system and joints for the next two weeks while Jupiter squares sensitizing Neptune, feisty Mars squares Saturn, and mobile Mercury conjuncts Saturn.

As the weekend begins, we watch our national government hit a crisis in limits, power struggle, responsibility and integrity. We may also run into a personal limit, or some intense experience which reminds us of our priorities as the Sun conjuncts Pluto on Friday. In response we may need to make decisions which end one series of possibilities and allow another to progress on Sunday as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. It could be time to set a limit, to release what’s not working so we can reorganize and reinvigorate what does.

Activating Mars, now in fiery Aries, squares off with the old guard inflexibility and strength of Saturn in Capricorn and, like a combustion engine, help drive us forward but can also leave our joints inflamed, our tempers flaring, and our politicians irritated. This square can temporarily widen the generation gap and political divide; what’s obvious to each side is so inflexibly clear to each side. We need to encourage the emotional and physical flexibility, to stretch our soul, our mind, our joints and sense of possibilities so we don’t take on the tension from our surroundings and can roll into better possibilities.

If we’re heading into a touchy or difficult maneuver whether it’s a congressional fight or a divorce, or a reorganization of personal work, it may further now to use Saturn’s gifts and look at the systems, get documents in order, use formal structure to contain and direct the surplus emotions so they power the situation rather than send it all awash.

Because there is a surplus of ambient emotional fuel as the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, are now in energetic fire signs (Sagittarius and Aries respectively) which can add volatility to relationships in the best and worst of ways. Sparks fly and can start new relationships or reignite old ones if we can share our passion for life and stir the coals. If our fires aren’t well fed, we can feel like straw, ready to go up in flames when graced with a loving spark. Our feisty need for independence is as strong as our potential passion. Our tempers can spike and dissipate quickly with Mars in Aries, but our willingness to put up with somebody else’s spikes is minuscule, because we may be feeling both unusually sensitive and independent, a combination that will not put up with guff.

That extra permeability leaks in as Jupiter and Neptune square off this week, the first of three passes this year. An aspect which really underlines the present crisis in credibility, of our tendency to live in an imaginary world, ignore facts, which is being modeled from the White House down. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Neptune symbolizes our sensitivity, permeability, intuition, imagination, delusion, and escapism. In between all of our busy doing, many will appreciate some midwinter escapism into a good book or movie by the fire. But this week, some people will hold tenaciously to their illusions and have an unusually hard time with anything resembling a fact. Let’s also watch for accidents around water, liquids, support the immune system, and considered ducking away from any madly sneezing person nearby.

Friday, over then underlying buzz of activity, we may feel like the world catches up with us at the end of a long under a sensitized Pisces Moon. We may need to deal with a wave of depression, be painfully aware of some worldly power struggle or just feel the weight of the world as the Sun conjuncts Pluto. But the energy picks up this weekend as the Moon shifts to Aries, we are ready to move and groove, start projects and revolutions, and shake things up. Machinations brew behind-the-scenes. On Sunday we may be ready to make a decision or set a limit as Mercury conjuncts serious Saturn. If we can’t hammer out the details now, we may find a more creative workaround on Monday as Mercury sextiles creative Neptune. Early in the week of Taurus Moon loans us a nuts-and-bolts pragmatism with a steadier pace. We can multitask and discuss more easily towards the end of the week as the Moon enters verbal Gemini, but our ability to concentrate may come and go.

Friday, January 11: Deal with potentially obsessive, intense energies, and personal and collective insecurities as the Sun conjuncts Pluto early in the morning. The Pisces Moon resonating with all kinds of emotions and concerns about vulnerability but we can find our center and ground in the work that needs to be done this morning. This afternoon the energy strangely drifts; the tendency will be to putter in circles and have trouble completing. Rest and repair tonight.

 Sun conjunct Pluto 4:38 AM, Moon sex tile Pluto 7:10 AM, Moon sex tile Sun 7:24 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 11:08 PM.

Saturday, January 12: Okay, now we move. New energy, new decisions can catalyze us into action under a fiery Aries moon. Morning energizes, though our willpowers may wrestle communication can flow midday if we share love as well as impatience. Watch sparks of temper and brilliance around dinner time. If the debate if it feels destructive, disconnect or redirect; if the debate is creative, enjoy.

Moon enters Aries 1:17 AM, Moon trine Venus 12:19 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 5:11 PM

Sunday, January 13: Our spiritual and imaginative resources are close by if we reach for them as Jupiter squares intuitive Neptune, even as concrete reality clamors for attention. Some people will tenaciously hold on to an illusion and ignore facts, but we can balance the need for internal peace and external productivity. Be the grown up in the room. Summon all maturity to deal with ripening important decisions and set healthy limits. Get organized.

Moon square Mercury 2:04 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:36 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:30 AM, Mercury conjunct Saturn 6:30 AM, Jupiter square Neptune 11:57 AM, Moon square Pluto 6:28 pm, Moon square Sun 11:45 pm.

Monday, Jan 14:  Our situation can still feel urgent as the feisty Aries Moon conjuncts change-inducing Uranus and promotes actionable new beginnings, but we have more access to the intuitive creativity needed to work around obstacles. This afternoon the Moon enters earthy Taurus and stabilizes the action. Put out fires if they’ve started, and follow through on productive leads. Offer comfort and steadiness.

Mercury sextile Neptune, 6:13 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 8:55 AM, Moon enters Taurus 11:31 AM.

Tuesday, January 15: Pay attention to pacing and timing as that steady Taurus Moon adds endurance. Morning brings competence, with potentially a side of bureaucratic paperwork, afternoon encourages our imagination. Utilize an opportunity for clear communication as the Moon trines Mercury tonight.

Moon trine Saturn 11:50 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 2:14 PM, Moon trine Mercury 6:29 PM.

Wednesday, January 16: Follow through and complete goals as the Moon trines the Sun and Pluto this morning. Tonight, our endurance relaxes and the conversation increases later as the Moon enters verbal Gemini. Check in with teams, find out what the kids of been doing, find a sense of humor and reconnect with family tonight.

 Moon trine Pluto 2:16 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:33 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6 PM.

Thursday, January 17 If mixed messages and social faux pas confuse the situation as the Moon opposes Venus this morning, laugh; shame won’t further. Don’t let small problems interfere with potential alliances, keep priorities clear. Let go of a preconception and compassionately clear the air later on as the Moon squares Neptune.

Moon opposed Venus 12:53 PM, Moon sextile Mars 1:31 PM, Moon square Neptune 6:56 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 8:10 PM.

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