Starcodes January 18, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes January 18, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins


This is shaping up to be an eventful week. While the mood is generally competent and effective, midwinter blues, last week’s grim, power maneuvering sun-Pluto conjunction and this week’s deep-thinking Mercury-Pluto conjunction can leave some of us in a restless funk, reviewing our inadequacies and old ghosts or feeling as stuck as the national budget. But fate’s wheel is turning and a change is coming in the stars. It’s not like we are stepping into a bed of roses, this next month is a doozy (as Mars approaches a square to Pluto and a conjunction with Uranus) but we will see movement.

The weekend begins under a grim note as mental Mercury conjuncts Pluto-mythic ruler of death, rebirth, power, and things that come from the deep. This conjunction can bring to our mind what’s wrong with the world, what’s not working, and whatever litany depression might want to whisper to us. But the Sun also squares Uranus, the changemaker, which, along with Venus and Mars now in a fire sign, leaves us allergic to the dysfunctional situations, compelled to make a difference, and help us feel discontent but we can also reach into that restlessness for help moving out of any stuck place.

Mercury rules both communication and transportation, so let’s try to stay safe while driving or transporting this weekend. Zimbabwe has shut down the Internet in response to local protest, but we can work to keep our lines of communication open. While this aspect is great for research and focus, it can bring our thoughts to dark places, so let’s choose where we focus with care. Some people may feel compulsive need to talk about it, others will refuse to talk and won’t appreciate being poked. Let people begin the conversation on their own time, then sit back with a cup of tea because they may not stop.

Negotiations may be at a temporary stalemate; a person shouldn’t bother coming back to the negotiating table unless they have something new. If an important decision needs to be made, don’t just give in, make sure that decision is ripe.

Over the weekend a cozy Cancer Moon encourages us to curl up through winter weather, to nurture and be nurtured. On a larger scale it asks us to look at the domestic situation: our house, our country, our safety and support. Let’s make sure we’re eating well, and so are others. We could all use some comfort.

Fate’s wheel turns further on Sunday as the Sun enters Aquarius, the Moon enters Leo, and they oppose in a lunar eclipse at 10:15 PM at 0 degrees of fixed signs. Spookily called a super blood Moon because the Moon appears large at its closest point of orbit, and appears red as it passes through our earthly shadow, it’s just an intense lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse can ripen and precipitate events, unstick what has been stuck, and illuminate some apparent dichotomy which needs balancing. Here we feel the debate between Aquarius and Leo, highlighting tension between our individual needs and those of a couple or the group.  Between a president’s pet project, and the priorities of Congress. It calls on each of us to shine in own right, but not in a way that precludes the needs of the group, and to work with like minds for good progress, keep our egos out of the way, but let ourselves fully express.

 It challenges each of us to shine in own right yet tend our community as a whole, let ourselves fully express, but keep our egos out of the way. And spotlights those who cannot pull this off.

If you have any planets triggered by this 0° of a fixed sign eclipse, look to the house and the planets involved for information about how to best direct this energy. For the rest of us, we may feel it vicariously, through the people in our surroundings.  We can call it in to work for us though, notice what feels blocked in our life and see if we can apply this eclipse to get the flow going. This one’s in Leo, so don’t underestimate the drama around it, but we may see more smoke and mirrors and melodrama than event. Mars squares Saturn at the same time intensifying tension between generations, between generations in the Congress and on the home front, and even between our mature and our youthful personas.

Underneath this introspection is a river of interpersonal warmth. It’s a great week to renew the sparks with one another and remember our passion for our work or our politics. Romantic, creative Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius (beautifully visible in the morning skies), they both square confusing Neptune and trine Mars in Aries, all in fire signs. This pool of emotional fuel lies underneath all we do, and can spark great passion in all directions, ignite the best and worst of sparks. We could fall in love with a new puppy or someone with a foreign accent, or the way the snow falls over pine trees. It’s not a good week to ignore beloveds, so make the time and feed the best sparks in life.

On Wednesday our nerves wind up, we can feel an ambient tension and a shift in the wind. We may need to rethink as Mercury squares Uranus then leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, which is no less stubborn than Capricorn, but can give us more room to think in the big picture. Don’t let details of recent work get lost in the wind, but do see how a larger vision can help find new solutions.

Friday, January 18: Serious work is afloat, mysteries solved, limits made. Watch the power trips or efforts to control or manipulate as Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Also watch depressive thoughts; feel the feelings, but question any thoughts about the future. Everything will look different in week. Some important decisions need to be made but make sure the decision is really ripe, and no one is just giving up. Underneath a seriousness of work is a hopeful lighthearted irreverence and the spark of heart as Venus trines Mars in fire signs. It furthers to engage the healing of the arts tonight, our, music, the art of conversation.

Venus trine Mars 9:49 AM, Mercury conjunct Pluto 1:03 PM, Sun sextile Chiron 5:56 PM, Sun square Uranus 6:30 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 6:32 PM, Moon enters Cancer 8:43 PM.

Saturday, January 19: The Cancer Moon pulls us to stay home and domesticate, heal the soul, while Venus and Mars in fire signs pull us out for adventure and to spark up new connections, so let’s make the day a mix of both. Take a food adventure. Watch for unproductive tension or arguments which can lead to accidents around dinner time as the Moon squares Mars and opposes Saturn. Evening smooths out afterwards.

Moon square Mars 5:27 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 6:48 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:19 PM.

Sunday, January 20: Emotions run high tide and anyone can feel hormonal as the Moon waxes full, enters Leo at 8:54 PM, and is eclipsed at 10:15 PM. Some will need to make a decisive shift but let’s be careful around any decisions we make today, strong feelings can create an illusion of fact, but the decisions can effect permanent change, so let’s verify all information first. Cry at a movie, find a place for emotions to flow productively. Notice tension between the needs of the individual versus the needs of the collective, and find a way to mediate a balance between the two.

Sun enters Aquarius 1:59 AM, Moon opposes Pluto 7:01 AM, Moon opposes Mercury 11:56 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:49 PM, Moon enters Leo 8:54 PM, m Venus squares Neptune 9:14 PM, Moon opposed sun, lunar eclipse 10:15 PM.

Monday, January 21: Great ideas meet frustrating circumstances early this morning. Work it out midday, let everybody feel truly heard without letting ego flares stop the progress. Don’t make the situation any more melodramatic than it really is, but also don’t under estimate the emotions involved. Ease and romance can flow tonight as the Moon forms a grand trine with Venus and Mars. So, can great discontent if there is no hearth fire to warm ourselves upon. Sparks of the future ignite.

Mars square Saturn 4:47 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:19 PM, Moon trine Venus 9:43 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, January 22: Visible early this morning, Venus conjuncts Jupiter exactly in Sagittarius the sign of movement, travel, restlessness. Our hearts may be full of potential, of longing for wider horizons and a more beautiful future, the what this restlessness looks like will be different for each of us. People who feel trapped and hopeless about their desired future can get explosive. Good changes are possible all day, though we grow more edgy and nervy tonight as the Moon enters Virgo.

Venus conjunct Jupiter 5:25 AM, Moon trine Uranus 6:19 PM, Moon enters Virgo 8:21 PM.

Wednesday, January 23: The mood is nervy as mental Mercury squares electrical Uranus under a mercurial Virgo Moon. We’ll probably feel better if we stay busy productively busy. Watch a tendency to doublethink, to change one’s mind just because of doubt and anxiety, not because there’s any new evidence. This aspect also allows us to adjust, to accept a change that’s already in place and turn a corner. Tonight, Mercury enters Aquarius and offers hints about our long-range view.

Mercury square Uranus 4:13 AM, Mercury sextile Chiron 5:28 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:56 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 7:54 PM, Moon square Jupiter 10:40 PM, Mercury enters Aquarius.

Thursday, January 24: People get on their high horses easily, and can get brittle and opinionated if pushed, but will open their minds and become curious if they peer through open doors without feeling challenged directly. Let go of preconceptions and theory and look with fresh eyes this morning, see farther horizons, farther down the road. Let tension and arguments go as the Moon enters Libra tonight. After a nervy, busy day, most of us want to relax and feel appreciated.

Moon square Venus 1:27 AM, Moon trine Pluto 6:50 AM, Moon enters Libra 9:02 PM, Moon trines Mercury 11:55 PM.

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