Starcodes Feb 8, 2019

Starcodes Feb 8, 2019


Ready for change? The stars call for revolution. They create a high point of tension which can precipitate a change, and sparks planted this week will tend to catch fire, though they may smolder for a while first. Then the mood shift gears, takes the heat off, add stubbornness and loans endurance to shepherd those changes forward. It will help if we know what we’d like to change, and how we’d like to change it. Also, while the energy is this Sparky, enjoy it, but be cautious around explosive people and substance; think safe and powerful.

Some people will just want the situation different, they take this existential discomfort and project it on any pre-existing condition. But we can throw out a lot of wisdom in that process. There are plenty of problems in the world that really do need change, plenty of situations in our groups and organizations that really knew deep need to be revitalized, let’s direct this energy there rather than just try to put our stamp on things for sake of difference.

Feel that strong willful torque as motivating Mars approaches a conjunction with electrical Uranus on Tuesday, in the feisty sign of Aries. It stimulates not a Machiavellian manipulative kind of willfulness, just a straightforward, almost bulldozing willfulness which can work powerfully for good, or be really destructive, depending upon how it’s used. This motivation runs like a strong underground stream; to use this well, we have to be honest about what we want.

Let’s be honest about what calls our soul. Our first clue can be what we’re vehemently against, as the stars also loan us very strong won’t power. But that’s just the first clue, it won’t take us anywhere.  If we feel exhausted or disinterested with our life, we’re probably trying to do something, or tend some responsibility, that is very different from what our inner nature clamors to do. If so, we need to stop and listen to those underground rivers and ask what it is that we really want.

If the answer seems simple, let’s take another look. The fuel for willfulness is so strong some people push just for the sake of having an effect. Though that may be the second clue. If it looks like a particular confrontation, goal, wall, thing or person will solve all our problems, there’s a good chance that simplistic approach will only start a string of other conundrums. We need to listen to that longing, the situation needs to be addressed, but probably calls for a more nuanced and complex approach. Look deeper.

Over the weekend our inner fire is fed by an abrupt, positive, impulsive Aries moon. A mind-opening, ingenious sextile between mental Mercury and change-inducing Uranus can open up the conversation and let us really get somewhere if we’re willing to explore possibilities rather than just exert our will. Our efforts can stabilize as the Moon enters earthy Taurus and Mercury enters intuitive Pisces on Sunday. But this search for new answers continues, and peaks on Tuesday as Mars conjuncts Uranus.

Mercury in Pisces cans soften our communication style, which may help the situation. None of the planets have really encouraged intimacy for the last few weeks, her focus the stars called our focus out to look at the big picture, headlines work and community. But as Mercury enters Pisces, and then midweek as Mars enters Taurus, our introversion begins to reassert itself and so does a need to feel connected on a more personal level. Will want to be understood, but not so much in a linear fashion, we may need to tell our stories or draw you an example. Mars enters Taurus on Thursday, takes some heat out of the situation and gives us access to a new calm, sensuality, and endurance, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Friday, February 8: The mood is sparky and competent as the Moon enters impatient Aries. We may want to collaborate, but will tend to act independently, which can undermine group process. Agree on a goal, then let everybody find their own way there. Be tactful through potential interpersonal friction or angst around dinnertime, it smooths out later.

Moon enters Aries 7:33 AM, Moon squares Venus 7:20 PM.

Saturday, February 9: We’ll be ready for something new, and may be unusually brave and willing to change if we see the purpose as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Minds are open though tempers are stubborn; pique our curiosity. Routine can be painful today, so break it. Gently surprise one another.

3:05 PM, Mercury sextiles Uranus 3:53 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:42 PM.

Sunday, February 10: Feel emotional cross currents. the Aries Moon conjunct Mars and Uranus and makes us antsy. Sparks fly quickly midafternoon. But our minds begin to drift, want safety, imagination, and coziness as Mercury enters dreamy Pisces. Evening feels more integrated as the Moon enters Taurus; coziness furthers.

Moon sextile Sun 1:39 AM, Moon square Pluto 2:50 AM, Mercury enters Pisces 3:50 AM, Moon conjuncts Mars 1:48 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 4:47 PM, Moon enters Taurus 6:28 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:56 PM.

Monday, February 11: An earthy, delicious, stubborn and steady Taurus Moon trines Venus and Saturn today and helps us get in the groove. It may take more willpower to stay focused, and we may be touchier about criticism, and could feel tension between responsibility and desire. But if we hang in there, we can find practical outcome for that restless Aries momentum. Energy builds towards an event.

Moon square Venus 11:38 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:30 PM.

Tuesday, February 12: Get started today as Mars conjunct Uranus, catch that wave along with the steadiness of the Taurus moon. Let’s ask for what we want directly and cleanly, but we are the only ones responsible for making it happen. Some event may come to a head today some listen for important decisions or declarations, watch that it’s and be careful around flammable people and substances.

 Moon trine Saturn 1:05 AM, Moon square Pluto 11:54 AM, Moon square Sun 3:26 PM, Mars conjunct Uranus 11:20 PM.

Wednesday, February 13: Engage the conversation; there’s a lot to talk about, carry the word out for decisions made yesterday, people need to feel heard as the Moon enters communicative Gemini. Many things we’ve been neglecting now need attention, so multitask. If possible, use that Gemini moon to talk out any ongoing problems because as Mars enters Taurus those problems will tend to be less volatile but more entrenched. Let’s get our interactions in as best place possible beforehand.

Moon enters Gemini 2:31 AM, Moon square Mercury 1:35 PM.

Thursday, February 14: The Gemini Moon asked us to keep up the conversation, the most loving think we can do is to really hear one another. And feed the senses as Mars has just entered sensual, earthy solid Taurus. Taste, food, touch, experience, make it a tactful, tactile Valentines.

Mars enters Taurus 3:51 AM, Moon square Neptune 5:55 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 1:55 PM.

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