Starcodes March 1, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes March 1, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins


The planets suggest our feelings may be as soggy as snowmelt in early spring weather this week. As the weekend begins some familiar problem raises its head as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts dour Saturn and Pluto.  Whether we have a headache from the headlines or find that an old physical scar aches in the cold, or just itch with cabin fever after a long snowy winter, some repeating pattern can either give us an opportunity to do it right this time, or make uncomfortable with the status quo. Next week the conditions inside and out can get even sloppier as Mercury retrogrades (appears to back up) in sensitive swampy Pisces.

Art and good conversation help. Beauty-loving Venus can help us find a temporary cure for our tough moods if we start and unusual conversation with people outside our normal framework or engage our hearts in an act of compassion or dive into some creative project as Venus squares eccentric Uranus and then leaves Capricorn to enter friendlier, if less emotionally intimate, Aquarius. Venus takes the lead. Women come to the rescue and see the need for change. The artist within us can find an answer when the logician in us cannot.

One thing we do have to look out for in our restlessness is an illusion that all change is good. A Venus-Uranus square can make us feel like the grass is greener, or at least the sidewalk less snowy, somewhere else. It’s easy to imagine that any problems we feel are the responsibility of the people around us rather than the existential zeitgeist, and think that a new relationship, different friends, new country, will solve the problem. But wherever we go, there we are.

But for this weekend, it can help to step outside of the nuclear family and reach out to our community; Our tribe, our groups or teams, can make us happy and provide camaraderie as the Moon and Venus conjunct in Aquarius. Though it’s not a great time for personal intimacy and relationships, it’s good to hold hands and deal with the world together. Let in some pleasant camaraderie.

And then things get complicated. It’s important that we tend to our practical work on Monday while the Moon trines helpful Jupiter, even if we feel like we’re walking through slush in the process.  Because everything slows down another notch, or gets complicated, as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and Mercury retrogrades in Pisces on Tuesday.

This will feel like a super retrograde Mercury with an elongated cycle, so let’s find a good way to work with the energy. Mercury is in Pisces, the sign opposite the one that it rules, Virgo, and so it’s not particularly at home now anyway. Mercury just conjunct foggy, confusing, creative, intuitive Neptune on February 19, now turns retrograde and backs up to conjunct Neptune twice more, on March 25 and April 3. While this could be wonderful for writing novels or doing our spiritual work, it could be really tricky for pragmatic communication. Water can make transportation difficult through sloppy weather and melting snow.

Under this elongated Neptune-Mercury conjunction we need to find a good way to be sensitive, but not get stuck in an emotional swamp, explore with imagination but not get lost in conspiracy theories. Our imagination will be stronger than our concrete logic throughout March.

Let’s activate all Mercury retrograde survival skills. Confirm appointments, check schedules. Confirm all facts before responding. If the situation gets difficult, assume there’s been a misunderstanding and look for more information. Make an effort to pierce the veil of fog to understand what’s really going on rather than get lost in hopes and fears, or in a cloud of misinformation. With Mercury Neptune we can dream a beautiful new future into existence, but need to check on that practical follow through later.

We also have another shift this week, a major one which will change the backdrop of our life over the next eight years, but may or may not bring an event this month.  Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus, the cosmic clutch, brings change to whatever sign it traverses. Taurus speaks of material comfort and stability. Uranus entered Taurus briefly last spring, from May 15 to November 6, retrograded back into Aries, and now enters Taurus for the next eight years.

Uranus traversed Taurus from 1767-1774 in the run-up to the American Revolution, again in 1850-1859, as tension built up to the American Civil War. The last time Uranus traversed Taurus was 1933 to 1942 as America brought in the major works project, the New Deal, to recover from the financial upheaval of the Great Depression, and the economic difficulties in Europe sparked the beginnings of World War II. All three times Uranus in Taurus ushered in financial and pragmatic change in American culture an economics. In all cases, argument over how we handled our resources (Taurus) catalyzed a rift, whether we gave taxes to England or made money off people kept in slavery. We need to direct our changes carefully over the next eight years.

Friday, March 1: Let any emotional discomfort inspire you to make positive changes rather than the believe the story that you’re stuck here as the Moon conjuncts Saturn and Pluto while Venus squares Uranus. Look for a gift hidden in an old conundrum or look for something completely different. Any change of pace, any different environment, can really shift those gears and allow good things to happen. To support relationships, break routine together.

Venus square Uranus 5:31 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 7:38 AM, Venus enters Aquarius 9:45 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 11:22 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 8:48 PM, Venus sextile Chiron 10:55 PM.

Saturday, March 2: Logistical difficulties require a little extra time this morning. Things may not go as planned until after the Moon enters Aquarius at 12:06 PM MST. Afternoon camaraderie opens our minds, good communal gatherings, good for far ranging philosophy philosophical talks and general camaraderie but they may be lacking in intimate conversation.

Moon sextile Mercury 9:54 AM, Moon square Uranus 11:47 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 12:06 PM, Moon sex tiles Chiron 1:29 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:02 PM.

Sunday, March 3: A potentially cranky or accident-prone morning as the Moon squares Mars opens up to good collaboration this afternoon. It may be hard to bring anything to conclusion.  Our thoughts may wander unless we take notes and stick to our outline. But if we can- let’s wander and soak up cultural richness.

Moon square Mars 11:53 AM.

Monday, March 4: Tend to what can be tied up, put into place, organized, aligned before Mercury retrogrades. Make the effort to put the pieces in place or make the contacts now. Conversation meanders tonight but we can roam over some lovely landscape.

Moon sextile Jupiter 9:30 AM.

Tuesday, March 5: Pad the schedule, don’t jump to conclusions and keep your handkerchief nearby. The Moon enters Pisces this morning and sensitizes us as Mercury stations to turn retrograde. All emotions flow through, we may feel unusually permeable and can pick up feelings from other people without noticing it’s not ours. As Mercury stations we can feel like were running in place or spinning our wheels. Patience, empathy and some slapstick humor can help us bond through camaraderie rather than take it out on each other.

Moon sextile Uranus 1:05 AM, Moon enters Pisces 1:10 AM, Mercury stations retrograde 11:18 AM.

Wednesday, March 6: The new Moon in Pisces calls us to sit with our feelings. We certainly won’t be running anywhere fast with them. There is potential for deep healing as feelings as emotions of the past flow through and new information flows in. Reach for spiritual resources under duress, we’re unusually open to them. Watch for those emotional swamp moments, don’t go down the depression rabbit hole, but do acknowledge the feelings and let beauty feed the soul.

Uranus enters Taurus 1:26 AM, Moon sex tiles Mars 4:25 AM, new Moon in Pisces 9:03 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 9:47 AM, Sun conjunct Neptune 5:59 AM, Moon square Jupiter 10:36 PM, Moon sex tile Pluto 10:41 PM.

Thursday, March 7: Morning is sensitive, but our competence picks up as the Moon enters Aries midday. So does our impatience and our tendency to hit our head, walk into the walls, or bump into emotional issues without really looking where were going. Before spouting off, get clarity; ask questions. Feel the emotions passing through and find a good way to express them rather than dump them into delicate situations.

Moon conjunct Mercury 12:08 PM, Moon enters Aries 1:27 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 3:23 PM.

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