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For description and rates, go to Readings or Spiritual Counsel.

Gift Certificates: Go to the “Book Now” button above, and click on Gift certificates in the header.
To book a reading, consultation, or counseling on-line (simplest!): This button will take you to my on-line calendar.

Time zones (Important!): When you schedule a phone reading or an in-person in Montana reading (Heather RR), or for the weeks I am in Santa Fe (Heather RR in Santa Fe, NM) the times given are Mountain Time; please adjust for your time zone to book. If you are scheduling for my weeks in NYC (Heather RR in NYC) all times listed will be Eastern. In other words, the time zone  listed is for where I am at that moment.

To book by email: Please let me know your birth data, availability, whether this meeting will be by phone or in person, and your time zone, and contact me at

To record phone readings- You can:

1) Use your own smart phone with voice-memo App: start the app and then call me at the appointed time at (914) 315-5001. (experiment ahead of time, as each phone works differently.)

2) If you are comfortable communicating through your computer, I can set up a meeting, and you can record at your end as well as see the charts while I’m talking about them (and we can see each other).  Just let me know, I’ll set up a meeting and send a link. (you will need to down load the zoom app- easy- and run the recording at your end, also easy I hear.)

3)  You can set up a conference call (it’s easy, all they ask for is name and email) at When they email you with phone number, access code and pin number, please forward it on to me. At our appointment time, come in as a host! When we are both on the line– hit *9 and follow their prompt — and we are recording (it is easier than it sounds). Then you — and only you — can download our talk at your convenience.

4) Let me know if you have another method of recording by phone or computer that you’d like to use.

If you do not want to record, just call me then at (914) 315-5001.

To record in-person readings: Please bring smart phone with voice memo or recording device if you have it—if not, I will record and upload the file (self-recording is faster with less chance of a lost file).

Rates – sliding scale: (as of March 1, 2011) I charge by the hour (prorated to ¼ hrs). $115-175 an hour when I am travelling,  You set the price where it works for you. $100-175  for phone readings or in-person in Ronan, Montana.

Time: Most readings are I hour. Please let me know your time limits. If we have lots of ground to cover for in-depth reading, couples or family work, we’ll need 1.5 hours. I suggest a follow-up reading rather than go longer that 2 hrs.

Questions/Follow-up questions: If I know your chart, you can call up for a quick question. Question readings for established clients are pro-rated to nearest ¼ hour.

Payment: I accept checks, cash, and credit cards (for credit cards, please use

Barter: I will consider creative barter for work or material I honestly need.

Cancellation policy: If you need to change the appointment, or cancel with less than 6 hours’ notice, I ask for $20 cancellation fee. In return, if I need to cancel at the last minute, or for some reason miss your call, I offer you 15 minutes free work next time we work together.