Find joy in the chart: using astrology to build resilience -Santa Fe, NM NCGR

May 8, 2020 7:00 pm —9:30 pm

Event Details:
Astrological analysis can define our wounds, but what helps us build resilience so we can handle the slings and arrows of outrageous transits? If we only weed, all we have is empty ground; we need to nurture our resources to thrive.  I’ve been researching clues to help us cultivate the seeds of our identity, map our sense of purpose, and help us refill our wells. In this talk we’ll examine the condition of ruler of ascendant, 2nd ,10th, and 12th house, look at the north node, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter, natally and by progression for clues to help identify and tap into resources.
        NCGR -Santa Fe chapter presents– for the intermediate- advanced levels.