My Schedule

I now live and see clients in Ronan, MT, and read by phone, Skype or Facetime for clients wherever they are.

Home: I work by phone or in-person (Ronan, MT):  Monday-Tuesday noon- 9:00 pm, Wednesday-Thursday 9:00 am-9:00 PM MDT. Friday 9:am -5pm, and Sunday 5-9PM.

Travels: (I will not be doing phone readings while I am traveling)

Santa Fe, NM: Sept 18-21, 2018

NYC: March 2-8 2019.  I will be seeing clients in NYC (see my scheduling page) March 4-8.

St.Paul, MN: March 22-30, 2019  I will at Paganicon and be seeing clients in Minneapolis at the Eye of Horus Bookstore   March 25-28

Barnes, UK: TBA

To schedule a reading or counseling, or consultation for ceremony, please go to my booking page and schedule. If this is not easy for you to do, email me with your request and free times.