An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes October 20, 2017   Heather Roan Robbins


Know justice, know peace– no justice, no peace: that’s a Libra motto.  The week starts out with the Sun and Venus in egalitarian, equilibrium-seeking, ugliness-avoidant Libra, and Mars joins them on Sunday. Together they urge us to want beauty, love, and maybe a little flirtation around the edges. But most of all they ask us to search for what is fair and equitable, and leave us painfully aware in its absence. With both Venus and Mars in Libra we may avoid a decision and we’d really rather not fight. But when we do, we’ll do so directly and for good cause. On a personal level, Libra pulls us towards peace, romance, and candlelight, and leaves us uncomfortable with unnecessary confrontation. So, with Venus and Mars in Libra now is not a good time to take a beloved for granted, but it is a very good time to balance the time Read More

Starcodes Oct 13, 2017


Happy Friday the 13th, known to be lucky for some, unlucky for others; we can choose how we want to react to the day. As far as astrology is concerned, we always have choice. Every astrological aspect has a positive expression, a pragmatic form, and a challenge. Like a river, we can’t stop the aspects, but we can direct which way that river flows. A positive expression of any aspect is the cure for its danger. It can be harder to find the hidden sunshine when difficult aspects tap dance right on our chart, but a positive expression of any aspect is the cure for its danger. Which is why a good astrologer will always provide you a range of experiences for any may any astrological pattern. Over the last few weeks we had some very difficult aspects that shook up the headlines, but many people could and did use Read More

Starcodes October 6, 2017 


It’s a week to be a grown up, the stars call on us to be mature, deep, and able to perceive what’s important and what is not. That doesn’t mean we have to rush, but let’s keep our eye on our goal. Over the weekend we need to be perceptive to see through a haze of fuzzy thinking as Mercury and the Sun form a challenging aspect to confusing Neptune. It is a great weekend to unwind, wander, and restore our resiliency, but we can lose track of time or make mistakes of inattention. Let’s also keep an eye out for pragmatic water problems like spillage, mold, or seepage. And if it feels like our conversation veers out on skew lines, let’s clarify to make sure that we hear what was actually said, and that we are understood. If we’re not careful, our imprecise communication can test our relationships towards Read More

Starcodes September 29, 2017 


A fresh efficiency rolls in and can push our work along as long as we can feel inspired, rather than distracted or overwhelmed, by our imagination or empathy. We can see where we’re going on practical matters, but can be distracted by our hopes and fears, or easily project an illusion on our politics or love life, anything we really care about. The emotional arbiters, Mars and Venus, are both in nervy but diligent Virgo and echo off each other as they conjunct, oppose confusing Neptune and trine intensifying Pluto. Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo help us have a good long talk with our selves, really ass our life and progress. They also help us form bonds of compassion, which is a Virgo strength, with one another to do the work that needs to be done, which will help in disaster relief, but bring out a fierce critical edge Read More

Starcodes, September 22, 2017   Heather Roan Robbins


The days and night balance, light and dark, summer tips towards winter, Autumn commences as the Sun enters Libra today at 2:01 PM MDT. The week of the equinox can open doors; like a lock on the river that balances water height, the equinox invites us to create more balance in our life and in our culture to encourage all good things to flow. It offers an opportunity, unfortunately it doesn’t demand that we create balance. Along with this Libran call to equilibrium, Mercury, Mars and Venus in industrious, nervy Virgo push us to accomplish. Mercury normally holds an aspect for days, but now conjuncts Mars for weeks, helping us build momentum but keeping the winds and rhetoric roaring. Think active, angry (Mars) winds and words (Mercury). Work may pile up as projects that we’ve been waiting on for months, now suddenly need our time and attention. Our minds can Read More

Starcodes   September 15, 2017


(all times MDT) Expect an active, plot-filled week, with lovely bouquet-filed moments, potentially painful decisions, and wild story lines between. Two major configurations will keep us swaying between these poles, and an active Sun keeps the volume turned up. First, mental Mercury conjuncts active Mars in Virgo and asks us to assess, critique and redesign the corners of our life. This conjunction keeps the winds moving and the blowhards talking, gives us perspicacity and confidence to question those who think they are in authority, but can give us a stomachache or bring friction to our relationships if we overuse our critical gift. We may have to think fast, or make a tough judgment call, but make sure the urgency is real before you decide. Our minds want something to chew on, and like a dog can start destructively chewing on ourselves or those nearby if we don’t have a worthy Read More

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