An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes November 17, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Right before Thanksgiving, every year, our energy swirls in preparation. Like the last of autumn’s leaves our work and term papers churn in a last-minute reckoning before we dash to organize, travel, or cook while the Sun finishes its tour of Scorpio. The Sun then enters the spacious energy-field of Sagittarius around November 21 and calls us to travel, count our blessings, and be on good behavior with friends and family. This cycle is intensified this year by a focused, deep, soul-searching new Moon in Scorpio over this weekend, which is perfect for divination and exploration. But this New Moon could also bring out a rash of new investigative reports that make our blood boil. This brooding, thoughtful, haunted New Moon is underscored by a tough Mars-Pluto square early in the week which can fuel any ongoing conflicts and also easily set off our holiday control issues. Power struggles, frustration, Read More

Starcodes Nov 10, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Karma comes home to roost this week. The catalyst will be a helpful trine between Saturn, the planet of security, structure, and status quo, and Uranus, the planet of change and invention. This is the third and last pass of a series (created as the planets retrograded in and out of exact trine on Dec 24, 2016, May 19, 2017, and now) and can bring resolution to work that began a year ago. Now this aspect can produce some really wonderful changes, but we need to focus on where we’re going and not just on what we resent in the past, which can be too easy to do with the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all now in broody Scorpio. If we’ve planted seeds of trauma or inequity, they could now turn around and bite us. If we’ve sown work possibilities or seeds of compassion, they can begin to sprout and Read More

Starcodes November 3, 2017


We want to feel safe, secure, and sensual today as the Moon grows full in earthy Taurus and opposes the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in intense Scorpio. And we will really notice where we don’t. The mood for this full Moon is stubborn, hungry, determined, possessive, territorial, if also potentially cuddly. We can feel the tension between parts of our self or culture that just want to be comfortable and rest in the moment, or the status quo, even be a couch potato, and the parts of us that operate like hungry ghosts, craving more that we have. Whatever that is. But we are also looking for spiritual or emotional comfort as well as physical comfort because Sun and Mars interact with Neptune this week, the planet of intuition, magic, spirituality, liquids, confusion, or escapism (depending on how we play it). We may find a magical place between the Read More

Starcodes, Oct 27 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Ghosts walk with us this haunted Halloween weekend, though only a few of them might be visitors back from the grave. The veils are thin on this halfway point of autumn, traditional Celtic end of the year, but the ghosts that haunt us may be our memories, our worries, or a poignant awareness of our responsibilities. Longer nights and drifting golden leaves often synchronize with melancholia at this time of year, under the Scorpio sun, and this year expansive Jupiter in Scorpio takes the year-end review even deeper, stirring memories that need healing, encouraging us to investigate deeper into political and personal mysteries. Just as the newly released JFK papers churn up so many unhealed, festering concerns in the American psyche, and the #MeToo campaign has triggered an outpouring of tough memories to be shared, validated, and healed, we may have our own hobgoblins raise their heads. And just like Read More

Starcodes October 20, 2017   Heather Roan Robbins


Know justice, know peace– no justice, no peace: that’s a Libra motto.  The week starts out with the Sun and Venus in egalitarian, equilibrium-seeking, ugliness-avoidant Libra, and Mars joins them on Sunday. Together they urge us to want beauty, love, and maybe a little flirtation around the edges. But most of all they ask us to search for what is fair and equitable, and leave us painfully aware in its absence. With both Venus and Mars in Libra we may avoid a decision and we’d really rather not fight. But when we do, we’ll do so directly and for good cause. On a personal level, Libra pulls us towards peace, romance, and candlelight, and leaves us uncomfortable with unnecessary confrontation. So, with Venus and Mars in Libra now is not a good time to take a beloved for granted, but it is a very good time to balance the time Read More

Starcodes Oct 13, 2017


Happy Friday the 13th, known to be lucky for some, unlucky for others; we can choose how we want to react to the day. As far as astrology is concerned, we always have choice. Every astrological aspect has a positive expression, a pragmatic form, and a challenge. Like a river, we can’t stop the aspects, but we can direct which way that river flows. A positive expression of any aspect is the cure for its danger. It can be harder to find the hidden sunshine when difficult aspects tap dance right on our chart, but a positive expression of any aspect is the cure for its danger. Which is why a good astrologer will always provide you a range of experiences for any may any astrological pattern. Over the last few weeks we had some very difficult aspects that shook up the headlines, but many people could and did use Read More

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