An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes May 24, 2019


We can be efficient today, Friday, and again next week, but this weekend is one to take off. Relax, put the hammock up, turn into a puddle, visit an art fair, wade through the allergies, adjust, emote and process under first a sociable Aquarius Moon through Saturday, then a sensitive Pisces Moon on Sunday and Monday. All while mental Mercury approaches a square to dreamy, confusing Neptune, an aspect that helps us daydream, but can send mixed signals and confusing press releases, an aspect which will be exact on Wednesday. It’s a good week to talk it all out with the Sun and Mercury now in in mutable and voluble Gemini. We can multitask like crazy but may have trouble holding our attention steadily. When we can remember what we came into the room for, we can find it, along with ten other things. Our thoughts may wander; if we Read More

Starcodes May 17, 2019


This week could bring solid progress on practical work as Mercury and the Sun trine Saturn and Pluto in pragmatic earth signs. We can really get places. Ambitions of all kinds are furthered, which can be great for our personal projects, but problematic with people or countries whose ambition it is to suppress and oppress. This competent focus begins to disperse towards the end of the week as the Sun and Mercury leave Taurus and enter versatile and verbose Gemini. So, let’s make pragmatic progress now, work towards the world we believe in now, and talk about it all later on. That work can help keep us level with this weekend’s potential emotional roller coasters. Our emotional hearts could be distractingly volatile as Venus conjuncts restless Uranus in Taurus under an intense full Scorpio Moon over the weekend. On one side, this could bring a lusty and flirtatious energy, but Read More

Starcodes May 10, 2019


What we plant this week will grows deep roots, whether it’s seedlings, a spring fling, grudge or political machinations as the Moon waxes towards full under an earthy Taurus Sun. Mercury, also in grounded Taurus, helps our nervous system stay stable but we can dig in our heels with profound stubbornness. This natural stability is underlined by a pragmatic, on-target Sun– Saturn trine on Saturday, followed by a thoughtful Sun-Pluto trine on Monday: both aspects can help us stay on our game, deal with real issues and keep our priorities clear. These Solar aspects also shine a light on the core of our personal work and the challenges of our country as the Sun activates an ongoing, year-long, power-challenging Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This grounded earthy Taurus energy helps us deal with brave, outgoing, but occasionally emotionally discontent energy resonating from Venus in feisty Aries and Mars in versatile, communicative Read More

Starcodes May 3, 2019


Prepare your garden, whether actual or metaphorical, Friday and Saturday, then get your plants in after the new Moon in Taurus 4:45 PM MDT Saturday. Start seedlings, prepare a garden, put in proposals, run for office.  Start something beautiful with someone you love. This is not a weekend to weed either our garden or our presidential candidates, it’s a weekend to fertilize and support anything with potential. What we plant this on this new Moon is likely to grow. Now that growth could stir the pot and create changes because this new Moon approaches a trine to Saturn, the south lunar node, and Pluto on Sunday, then opposes that line-up on Thursday. Saturn and Pluto run together all year and define the big questions of our time; how do we use power responsibly and how do we organize and govern in a healthy way. Although this stabilizing Taurus Sun and Read More

Starcodes April 26, 2019


Mercury and Venus in Aries loan us gumption and helps us initiate, but we’ll concentrate better in short and intense doses with frequent breaks. Otherwise the spring attention deficit problem kicks in.

Starcodes April 19 2019


Caution, combustible material within.  The weekend begins under astrological storm clouds but lightens up on Sunday. After an active, blossoming and fertile few days early in the week, the stars again vibrate with both strategic potential and tension towards the end of the week. On Friday, a friendly early morning full Moon in Libra shines a light on both our need for relationships and our need for individuation but can highlight the differences between our needs. The mood sharpens as the Moon enters broody Scorpio around breakfast. We may love people and still not want to be around them, we just won’t want to be convenient, which can make family gatherings tricky this weekend. Corner us, and we will reclaim our time. The Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon can leave us willful or sharp-edged on Friday. We want to go our own way. Mercury is already in Aries, Venus joins Mercury Read More

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