An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes April 28, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins (times listed are MDT)


We have a few weeks of sparks ahead, so let’s see if we can help compassionate, creative ideas catch fire but soothe inflammations elsewhere. Venus re-enters direct, fiery Aries, where it was February 4-april 3rdand cranks the heat up on our emotional responses. Issues that excited or inflamed us in February will heat up again. We’ll tend to care passionately, one way or the other, about anything that catches our heart. Causes that stir our blood we want to do something about right now. Aries loves a good revolution. But we may be only able to see a few feet ahead of ourselves and need to take everything one step at a time. With Venus in Aries we have extra emotional fuel, but our thinking now can erratic and myopic, which is a tough combination, because Mercury has retrograded back into Aries and combusts spontaneous Uranus. We can get hot Read More

Starcodes April 21, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times MDT) We move into planting season with the Sun now in earthy, fecund Taurus. We can plant seeds, projects, world-shattering problems or great love; anything we plant had a great chance to grow, though maybe not quite like we intended, so let’s be careful what we plant. Our words can be seeds. They have extra weight right now so we need to practice mindfulness with what we do and say. Mercury retrograde is already complicating our thought process, transportation, and communications from April 9 to May 3, and now retrograde back into feisty, inspired, low-impulse control Aries and conjuncts both electrifying Uranus and the dwarf-planet Eris (larger than Pluto, though much farther out), aptly named after the Greek goddess of discord. Mercury stations nestled between these two on May 3, and marches back over electrifying, change-inducing Uranus for a third time as it returns forward. Which can feel Read More

Starcodes April 14 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


We enter the heart of spring renewal as Easter and Passover begin the week and the earthy Taurus Sun ends it. It’s a week of wildcards, unusual events provide us with opportunities to pay off some debts and heal old difficulties, to return to familiar traditions, people, and emotional scenarios, and reconnect with the best. But if we get stuck in old patterns, we renew them for another cycle. It’s up to us to evolve, renew, and handle familiar difficulties with a fresh perspective. Those difficulties arise as our impulse control is down and our judgment spotty as the weekend begins. Mercury and Venus, two planets that symbolize how we interact with one another, are both retrograde and working peculiarly. Life is fine on an ordinary day, albeit with a few minor delays and klutziness, but once problems arise they can escalate quickly. The depths of our psyche are being Read More

Starcodes  April 7 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Hurry up and wait. Restless energy impels us forward as the impatient Aries Sun approaches a conjunction with electrifying Uranus and a square to Pluto this week, but Mercury retrogrades, or appears to back up against the zodiac, April 9-May 3, and slows down all things mercurial, like how we plan, think, speak, organize, decide, and move through the world. Yes, this will bring moments of frustration and sadness. Our judgment can be questionable right now, misunderstanding rife, and our will power over-developed as Mars trines Pluto under an Aries Sun, and this is a dangerous combination. Watch out for an impulse to muscle in and start an air-strike without enough consideration. And watch out for jumping to conclusions and simplifying a very complex situation, or giving up. We need to make life an exercise in dynamic awareness, alert and thoughtful. Decisions we make now will be questioned and adjusted Read More

Starcodes March 31, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


Feel that existential spring restlessness, enthusiasm, and general contrariness set off by the recent Aries overload, with the Sun, Mercury. Venus, and Uranus all in brash Aries. Our energy can come in bursts and waves, cat-like, with patches of lassitude between, as Aries brings energy for a dash, not a marathon. This extra electrical energy can turn into anxiety in a flash, as it turns up both our bravery, but also our fight or flight response; we can handle real problems with aplomb, but can turn up our nerve-volume and respond out of proportion to life’s lesser emergencies. We may also feel spring fever curling sensuously around the edges with Venus and Mars in each other’s sign (Venus in Aries, Mars in Taurus, signs they find uncomfortable but interconnected). Procreation after a cold winter is a form of rebellion for all life forms. The energy relaxes a bit and get Read More

Starcodes March 24 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times listed are MDT) Feel that urge to spring clean, whether it is mind, body, or political arena. The planets remind us that something must go, whether it’s a favorite chair, a plan, a cornerstone of our philosophy or an illusion about our self or our country, when it no longer fits reality. The most nurturing thing we can do for our life is release clutter of all types and create room for what’s real and needed now. Create room, because Monday’s new Moon in Aries seeds a whole new astrological year. It will help to a problem; it might be a big one and need all our attention, or it might be a small one that just feels like a mountain. Most of us will feel challenged, either to make a change, to demand a change, or to release and recreate a corner of our life. But let’s Read More

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