An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes February 22, 2019


The stars ask us to acknowledge our deepest feelings as Venus conjuncts Pluto this weekend. Venus symbolizes our heart, what we care about and what we find beautiful, while Pluto speaks of depth, loss, the use and abuse of power, and of rebirth. This conjunction usually occurs once a year and can help us catch up with a backlog of emotion. It can also expose hidden stories, headlines can bring up questions around spousal abuse or sexual exploitation, breach of trust, and what we want to do about This conjunction turns up the volume on all our feelings, but can start with a poignant grief or existential loneliness. Or a love of solitude. A personal event or memory can trigger this wealth of feeling. But even if no event occurs, we may feel a spike of existential grief over the world’s conditions, with the loss of wildlife or the wasted Read More

Starcodes February 15, 2019


The astrological weather has shifted for the moment, the planets may irritate us less but leave us more sensitized and stubborn with motivating Mars now in Taurus and mental Mercury in subtle Pisces. Tempers cold when Mars left flammable Aries yesterday, but are replaced with more determination as Taurus now travels through stubborn if even-keeled Taurus. We’re less likely to argue, and more likely just to follow through on our plans. This new sensitivity has its pros and cons. Late winter depression can drift around the edges. We may feel we need one another now more than we have in the last few months.  We may be more open to an emotionally intimate connection, more open to our spirit and the quiet of spiritual practice. The Sun joins Mercury in watery Pisces on Sunday, and help us become more aware of the interconnectedness of our lives and our ecosystem, more Read More

Starcodes Feb 8, 2019


Ready for change? The stars call for revolution. They create a high point of tension which can precipitate a change, and sparks planted this week will tend to catch fire, though they may smolder for a while first. Then the mood shift gears, takes the heat off, add stubbornness and loans endurance to shepherd those changes forward. It will help if we know what we’d like to change, and how we’d like to change it. Also, while the energy is this Sparky, enjoy it, but be cautious around explosive people and substance; think safe and powerful. Some people will just want the situation different, they take this existential discomfort and project it on any pre-existing condition. But we can throw out a lot of wisdom in that process. There are plenty of problems in the world that really do need change, plenty of situations in our groups and organizations that Read More

Starcodes Feb 1, 2019


Act as if there is a pool of high-octane astrological fuel sitting around in the open for the next two weeks.  If we casually toss a spark, it could blow up. If it sits around unused, we waste its potential or let it pollute the environment. But if we can figure out how to contain and harness it for good, we have healthy fuel to drive our engines and actually get somewhere. Some challenge, frustration, concern, paranoia, or possibly even outrage at a bona- fide misuse of power can put demands on us as this weekend begins. Dangerous situations may become more dangerous, but so can our anxiety that situation is dangerous when it’s not. It will be tricky to parse those two apart. So let’s keep our eyes open, our senses aware, and stay as calm and interested as possible. Good changes may be afoot, but just bring up Read More

Starcodes Jan 26, 2019


A competitive, muscular energy can help us achieve our personal best this week, or just get into a barroom (or Internet) brawl, it’s always up to us how we use the energy. Mars now forms an energizing trine with expansive Jupiter and encourages us to shoot off the mouth or blow up a situation before we really investigated the consequence. Though Venus in flexible Sagittarius can help us take it all with a grain of salt. Together they add fire to all our emotions this week, our love, hate, impatience, and curiosity. Mars still in its own feisty, brash, direct sign of Aries, where it’s known to encourage the ready, fire, aim mentality, and the trine to expansive enlarging Jupiter magnifies its machismo.  Venus in Sagittarius at the moment and can add both extra nervy energies, a desire for mobility, honesty, and a twinkle in the eye which can make Read More

Starcodes January 18, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins


This is shaping up to be an eventful week. While the mood is generally competent and effective, midwinter blues, last week’s grim, power maneuvering sun-Pluto conjunction and this week’s deep-thinking Mercury-Pluto conjunction can leave some of us in a restless funk, reviewing our inadequacies and old ghosts or feeling as stuck as the national budget. But fate’s wheel is turning and a change is coming in the stars. It’s not like we are stepping into a bed of roses, this next month is a doozy (as Mars approaches a square to Pluto and a conjunction with Uranus) but we will see movement. The weekend begins under a grim note as mental Mercury conjuncts Pluto-mythic ruler of death, rebirth, power, and things that come from the deep. This conjunction can bring to our mind what’s wrong with the world, what’s not working, and whatever litany depression might want to whisper to Read More

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