An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes March 16, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Watch out for emotional whiplash on this best and worst of weeks. When faced with any situation where urgent energy meets an immovable object, or at least a series of delays, do not try to muscle through.  As spring begins, the big motivators of astrology, Mars and the sun, both enter proactive, dynamic cardinal signs just as the trickster logistics master, Mercury, prepares to turn retrograde putting brakes on this rocket ship. Putting on the brakes and the gas at the same time can create difficulties. Let’s not barrel right into a wall. We will need persistence and finesse to navigate. We can use delays as time to think through the project further and notice the consequences. Maybe we need to go back and do some research or find what’s been done before. If a problem suddenly shows up or confrontation that we need to deal with, we look for Read More

Starcodes March 9, 2018


Let’s make hay while the Sun shines. We’re coming out of a month of Piscean inertia and can feel the momentum begin to build with Mercury and Venus now in brash Aries. Our impulse control may be down and our responses more direct and action-oriented. We can direct this energy with this week’s highly-competent aspects and keep them out of trouble, or we could find ourselves, chaffing at restraint and argumentative.  Mercury retrogrades on March 22 for three weeks, and while this puts the brakes on our momentum it will give us an opportunity to finish up unfinished business and make sure that we’re heading in a good direction before we really get going. This week marks a sweet spot for making progress, after the first sparks of Aries energy, and before Mercury appears to slow down. This fresh competence comes from a combination of three aspects working together, but Read More

Starcodes March 2, 2018


This first week of March rolls in like a lamb and out like a lion. After a foggy, internal, potentially low-energy but creative weekend, and moods with claws on Monday, the winds shift on Tuesday and bring a whiff of springtime. Mercury and Venus both enter fiery brash Aries, the rocket fuel of the zodiac, two weeks before spring officially begins and start a fresh chapter. There’s a reason why most revolutions get underway in the springtime. The fresh new life of spring, the crocus pushing their way through the remnants of snow is a revolution against the winter. The simple, straightforward energy we need to rip out the old garden, turn the soil, plant new seeds, encourage their growth and attend our crops until the harvest– whatever meta-level we want to play that on—brings a revolution every year. This year looks like it could be a doozy, so let’s Read More

Starcodes Feb 23, 2018


We are in the swampy emotionally swirling tail end of the astrological year with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and the asteroid Chiron all now in sensitive, perceptive Pisces. We may be feeling unusually vulnerable, but this lineup in Pisces can inspire us by the very vulnerability it induces. We recently became painfully aware of the unsafety of our children and teachers, once again. But this time the country is feeling this vulnerability so viscerally the situation is potentially catalyzing change. The surviving students did not stay in the victim mindset; they have a vision, a gift from Pisces, and are now out to change the world. It’s good for all of us to examine where we might have a disempowered internal victim voice, a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves. This Piscean time can be a chance to process all the emotions we hadn’t had time for all year Read More

Starcodes February 16, 2018


We are heading into the Piscean dreamtime of the year. Emotional Venus is already in sensitive, imaginative Pisces, mental Mercury enters Pisces on Saturday and the Sun, source of our energy, follows on Sunday. We drift into the mists. On a bad day, this Piscean fog can provide a truly confusing camouflage of uncertainty or misinformation. Career information can be hard to find. People can get lost in their fear of what could happen or their magical thinking for quick solutions. And last week’s school shooting, right before the solar eclipse in communal Aquarius, brought our attention to a shared agony and gives a perfect projection place for the worst fears and most simplistic responses. But this Piscean mist reminds us, that like our streams, lakes, and underground water systems, everything is connected, no problem is simple; pollution of mind, body, or soul in one part of the country will Read More

Starcodes  February 9, 2018 


What would you do for love? Fourteen years ago, my father tried very hard not to die on Valentine’s Day, made it an extra day, romantic that he was, as his last bittersweet gift to the family. Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of flu season, in the ragtag end of winter when we know that not much but our heart chakras keep our world alight. This year a haunting Venus-Pluto aspect makes it even more poignant, so let’s explore what radical and simple acts of love and compassion we can share. Valentine’s Day falls under Aquarius, not consider the most emotionally intimate signs. This Aquarian holiday speaks more of the theory of love then it does of romance. At its worst, Valentine’s Day leaves an image of what we “should” (a word that haunts Aquarius) feel, and can make us cynical about our love life. At its best, this Read More

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