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Starcodes, December 14, 2018


The mood is sensitive, potentially sentimental, even maudlin as the weekend begins and the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune and Mars. We may feel washed away on the tide of holiday lights at one moment and overwhelmed by rising seas and complicated humanitarian crisis in another. And both realities are true. Let the feelings flow, but don’t be washed away by them. Saturday afternoon brings fresh momentum as the Moon enters brash and independent Aries. Enough with the hypersensitivity for the moment as some brave and pugnacious note returns to carry us forward. Some experience or aroma can trigger memories, we can appreciate gifts from the past with a fresh perspective around Sunday’s Venus-Saturn sextile. Holiday traditions, old friends, antiques, something familiar soothes us. But this aspect can also trigger a desire for our beloveds to be just as they always were, and not as they are now. People are in Read More

Starcodes December 7, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times MDT) The stars send us mixed signals this week. A New Moon in restless Sagittarius wants us to speak up and hurry up on Friday, but we still need patience.  Mercury has just turned direct after three weeks retrograde so we may need to straighten out misunderstandings and correct snafus before we barrel ahead.  Our ability to concentrate can shift and we may still get easily distracted, so we need to maintain situational awareness to not speed up and drive straight into a wall. Mercury still appears to be moving slowly from our perspective here on earth, and we’ll be just fine if we move steadily but slowly also. Underneath that cheerful, open New Moon in Sagittarius vibe, Mercury and Venus are both now in brooding and private Scorpio and can sharpen our thinking, keep us both wary and set in our opinions. But pure stubbornness won’t help Read More


Starcodes  November 30, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins The Sun appears to act as a volume control on all other astrological events; as it grows active with spots and flares, the volume turns up on earth’s history. When it grows quiet, it’s harder to get political change leveraged, though it is often a time of cultural richness. The Sun cycle is unpredictable, which is frustrating for astrologers, but it usually has a cycle of roughly 11 years from solar minimum, very quiet with few sunspots as it has been recently, through an excited phase, and back to a solar minimum. At solar maximum, the peak of the cycle, solar storms correlate throughout history with times of political restlessness and revolution, cultural and climate change. We search for new answers. The last solar maximum was predicted to hit in 2010-11 and be one of the strongest on record, and we all felt Read More

Starcodes Nov 23, 2018  (all times are MST +7:00)


A house full of relatives, verbal Mercury retrograde in frank and restless Sagittarius, attention wandering from too much food, black Friday sales, and a stationary Neptune; what could go wrong? Let’s keep our sense of humor nearby, keep our schedules stripped-down and make the most out of accidentally outrageous comments and surprise truths this week as that retrograde Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter and approaches a square to Mars.  And let the people who want to be quiet, be quiet, and don’t poke them. Minor Transportation accidents and accidental revelations occur more when we’re flustered or harried, so if we feel that distraction coming on, let’s slow down and breathe deep, pay attention rather than racing ahead. We’re more likely to enjoy this transit if we keep the snafus minor by staying centered and keeping our eyes open. It can be easy for one person to be strangely frank and tactlessly, Read More

Starcodes  Nov 16 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


This week could limp in and laugh out. Let’s keep our expectations low and our compassion wide open Friday and Saturday. We may feel like were spinning our wheels as the weekend begins as Venus and Mercury both appear to hold still from our perspective here on earth. Venus, retrograde since October 6, turns direct, while Mercury turns retrograde now through December 7, all under a sensitive perceptive, but easily overwhelmed Pisces Moon. Anything can happen, so let’s cut each other a lot of slack. As Venus turns direct she closes one emotional or creative chapter and makes room for a new one. After months of dealing with people and emotional issues from the past, we can start looking to the future. We just may not get there very fast Mercury retrograde bugs us to finish up what we’ve already started or tend an urgent side agenda before we launch Read More

Starcodes  Nov 9, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


(all times MST) Look for burst of honesty this Friday as the Moon conjuncts talkative Mercury in outspoken Sagittarius. A helpful and warmhearted trine between Venus and Mars in talkative air signs helps us speak up with one another, open lines of communication, and make plans for the future. Just watch for a tendency to get complacent in those opinions. Like a hopeful election results, good news and good plans need to be cultivated in the future. But we don’t have to just talk about it, over the weekend a wonderfully competent Capricorn Moon encourages us to follow through and do the work. Sunday and Monday feel the call back to work, both the desire and the competence to pick up our work where we left off a few weeks ago as the Sun sextiles Pluto. Some people may wrestle with the grim mood, most of us can feel satisfaction Read More

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