An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes October 19, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition” is a line from an old Monty Python skit, and one that we probably all wish was funnier these days. This week, while the mood is generally sane and serious, if easily hot under the collar, a few tricky Uranus aspects can throw us a wildcard. Next Wednesday we have a full Moon in earthy Taurus conjunct with changemaker Uranus, which can wake us up with surprise, shock, or inspiration. So be ready to catch the fly ball and keep an eye on the headlines. But first, the stars give us an opportunity to rest and renew this weekend. The tough transits of this fall have certainly stirred the political pot and left many people drained, but this weekend the we get to spend some time with intuitive, dreamlike Neptune and refill the wells. Mercury trines Neptune as the Moon conjuncts Neptune under a Read More

Starcodes October 12, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Our challenge is clearly laid out, now it’s time for us to do something about. Recent astrological transits have stirred the coals for many people and clarified what is the next challenge. These planetary positions poked old arguments, brought old friends and exes to mind and inbox, made us walk back over political territory we thought had already been covered, and made clear where minefields, planted long before, still affect our daily life. Venus, now uncomfortably in Scorpio, squared litigious Mars, turned retrograde and squared Mars again. She stays retrograde for another month, so these portals from the past aren’t going away anytime soon. Whether we’re reacting to the recent revisiting of politics of the 1950s or resisting a twist of fate as a family member leaves or chapter closes, or have just recently encountered a body of work we need to tackle, we know what we’re up against. We Read More

Starcodes October 5, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Let’s check off that chore list this weekend as the waning Moon heads into industrious, nervy Virgo on Friday night and makes powerful, productive aspects. Batten down the gardens for winter, canvas for a candidate or dive into a self-improvement project. Our minds stay busy, our ability to process and critique our world heightens. We have so much to critique at the moment, our debate can really churn up ground. But in the more personal arena, let’s go kindly on ourselves and do our own homework rather than suggesting homework for others. Early next week the New Moon in Libra ask us to check our life for balance and look at equity and fairness of all we do. Take a good long look at the political situation. Check in on house chores, relationships, working dynamics and talk through what feels out of bounds. Labor, legal negotiations, love and romance all Read More

Starcodes  September 28, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Autumnal beauty strikes that breathtaking balance between golden leaves, glowing red Rowan berries, and that ephemeral ebbing of life from the green world, slowly going to sleep in a blaze of glory, releasing this year to rest up for rebirth. This week the Sun and Mercury in Libra support our perception of that poignant beauty and encourage generally friendly interactions. But underneath that friendliness, Venus in Scorpio reminds us of the certainty of winter, encourages us to get passionately serious, and underlines consequence. Here she invokes payback, karmic response to our best and worst events. Venus is not comfortable in Scorpio because she rules Taurus, the sign opposite. Over the last week Venus in Scorpio stirred up some intense information and primal emotions as it opposed unsettling Uranus and squared militant Mars. Women brought out secrets that complicate the ongoing Supreme Court nomination while hurricane Florence flushed out swamps and Read More

Starcodes September 21, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


We are at a yearly pivot point, the moment between summer and fall, when light and dark, the atmospheric yin and yang, balance.  Today Mercury enters Libra, the sign symbolized by the balancing scales. Tomorrow the Sun enters Libra and marks the fall equinox. We can use this balanced energy to bring our own into equilibrium. Dysfunction, whether in a life or in our political system, mirrors ecological dysfunction; wherever more resources are taken out than restored through the natural flow, the system will fall apart. A sustainable ecology and economy balances output with inflow. We live a sustainable life when we’re renewed by enough joy and satisfaction to refill our wells so we can keep on giving. Of course, we can pull out all the stops in an emergency, but that’s not a way to live. A relationship where we feel mutually supported, decisions are made fairly, and each Read More

Starcodes September 14, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Friday starts off as a solo journey. Deep old feelings, primal emotions stir as the weekend begins, whether in response to real and dire events or just the echoes of a memory stirred by Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon, all in Scorpio. Feelings we may not be proud of or rather we didn’t have and be tempted to stuff them back down again, but it will be healthier if we can find a good way to unpack and release them instead. By Friday evening the Moon enter more upbeat Sagittarius and the rhythm of the weekend picks up. We have the capacity get busy on the surface but our thoughts will still run deep as Mercury trines chthonic Pluto and sextiles liberating Jupiter. We could either experience, or our inner explorations could dig up the memory of, an important turning point or conundrum and want to process at that deep Read More

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