An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes Aug 10, 2018   Heather Roan Robbins


Amongst Summers ripening fruit and the first whispers of back-to-school supplies, this week could be laced with moments silliness, drama, and important strategic moves. Our feelings can swell to high tide about world events that grab our heart or respond in waves that may or may not make sense with the story of our life. Even if everything is just fine, we can feel a touch of melodrama or imagine apparent emergencies that aren’t really there. Either we just need a story to go with the feeling, or melodrama may hide a real problem. But watch out for distraction, as some people could create a drama over here, so we don’t notice their Machiavellian strategic move over there. If we want to make a strategic move ourselves, let’s be careful to only make those that are ours to make, and be very careful about manipulating other people, even in what Read More

Starcodes Aug 3, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Soak up the summer this weekend, rest, there’s no point in trying to push the river with six planets retrograde by the end of the week. Of course, we need to handle emergencies, keep the ball rolling on ongoing business, and stay aware of what political scalawags are doing, but otherwise the stars encourage us to prioritize our health and relationships, and dream big, rather than muscle our work. As the weekend begins, the Moon in comfort-loving Taurus trines serious Saturn and reminds us to refill our wells and appreciate traditional summer fare. Having heatstroke isn’t one of them. Our weather conditions can alternate between lovely and mythic as a Mars – Uranus square in air signs stirs up storms and a Jupiter – Neptune trine tends to extremes of water and drought. May it bring us extremely nice weather and let everyone recover. Uranus joins Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Read More

Starcodes July 27, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Welcome Midsummer. Though it may be an astrologically complicated week, at the peak of overheated days and sunlit evenings it’s good to move slowly, have safe adventures, and store up memories for the winter. It pays to bring our minds to points of brightness, good memories or hopeful projects- This is an emotionally volatile week depression can hover at the edges- our psyche can wrestle with ghosts and chase rabbits-so listen, process, and don’t believe the script the mind may write. We need to take extra care of one another, check in, and find the sit calm in the center of this gyroscope. The weekend can be fun if not intimate, perfect for family gatherings or a rodeo, woven with some wild headlines and a few chaotic moments. Today brings the party full Moon in community-oriented Aquarius, normally perfect for any gathering with like souls to celebrate life; music and Read More

Starcodes July 20, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


The summer is about to get slower, if no less complex. Mercury turns retrograde this Tuesday through August 19 and joins Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron already retrograde, or appear to back up against the zodiac because of difference between our orbit and ours. When the planets appear move backwards it’s a good time for us to look backwards, to review where we’ve been, remember what we’ve learned in our personal and cultural history. Notice personal and political issues that we thought we’d already overcome but are now back up for another lay of work on the spiral of life. The past can feel very present with us in retrograde season. Retrogrades ask us to slow down, forget what we thought we were going to do and tend to the work that shows up. It helps to keep our sense of humor, so the small snafus and the strange Read More

Starcodes July 13 2018, Heather Roan Robbins


Look forward to a friendly summery weekend with a touch of political bombast and interpersonal drama around the edges as the Moon joins Mercury in expressive Leo on Friday the 13th. Let’s all tell our story and keep it close to reality while allowing for a little creative license around the edges. Mercury turns retrograde in a week and ½. We can already feel it slowing down and sludging up our schedule, asking us to take some time off and rethink. So let’s start to tie up some loose ends and clear out any misunderstandings now. In the background, overheated storms hover over more serious emotional considerations and demand that we make concrete changes, prodded by a positive grand trine in Earth signs, between Venus in Virgo, Saturn, and Uranus. Feel the earthquakes, whether they’re political or geological, and hope for of series of small quakes two release tension rather Read More

Starcodes July 6, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Dream big this week, stare at those clouds in the summer sky. We can let our intuition see shapes and forms that give us hints about the future. And then, by the end of the week work on plans to make it so. Two grand trines add an extra dynamism this week; a dreamy Sun – Neptune – Jupiter triangle in sensitive water signs helps us imagine the bigger picture, and an earthy grand trine as Venus enters Virgo late in the week, trines Uranus and hard-working Saturn helps us make pragmatic changes. We may be feeling unusually sensitive or easily overwhelmed and need to build up our resilience with every good moment so we can stay in there and manifest. We just have to watch out for a tendency to passivity, and get stuck in our dreams, or discouragement, which can be the first effects of these aspects. The Read More

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