An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes April 20, 2018


The Sun has just entered fertile earthy Taurus, and this slows the pace down but increases our determination and our need to get comfortable. Venus also in her home sign of Taurus encourages us to be tactile and embodied. The Moon, arbiter of our daily mood, waxes in fertile and sensitive Cancer through the weekend calls us to cuddle up at home, connect with old friends, plant good seeds and ideas and use the rich loam of this Taurus-Cancer energy to cultivate a good life. Though our bodies may slow down, our thinking is still fast and reactive. Headlines stay loaded with spicy commentary as mental Mercury works through feisty Aries. Although Mercury is now direct, it’s still in its shadow, or traversing the area through which it recently retrograde, which can leave us with strange technical snafus, wrong orders, or misunderstandings to straighten out this week, but also offers Read More

Starcodes April 13 2018  The astrological energy turns around and encourage


The astrological energy turns around and encourages new momentum by the end of the week. But this Friday the 13th could to run true to typecasting. Mercury appears to slow down and hold still as it prepares to turn direct this weekend, while the Moon enters impatient Aries and snafus increase. Sunday through Tuesday could be turbulent but many things come right in the process as Mercury, retrograde for the last three weeks, turns direct. We can be just entertained if we can add patience and flexibility instead of trying to stick to schedule. Put safety and sense of humor above all. Stand back from ongoing feuds, don’t engage pugnacious people till next week. Watch sharp objects and temperamental motors. Make the most of delays and have interesting conversations but check to make sure that everyone feels understood, especially when in a hurry. Good news for those who feel it Read More

Starcodes April 6 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Be industriously patient this week. The planets are sending us a few different messages and we need to find a balance between them. On one level the astrological mood is cozy, friendly and encourages us to rest up, cozy up to young animals and savor the hints of spring. But at deeper level our attention may be drawn to major work stirring, big issues moving towards a dénouement over the next few weeks as the Sun squares Pluto and then conjunct Uranus. All while the stars tell us to hurry up and wait as Mercury retrogrades and slows us down but does so in impatient Aries and with a lingering Mars and Saturn conjunction in ambitious Capricorn egging us on. The size of the coming dénouement could range from a small revelation to seismic shift. The Sun-Pluto square on Tuesday asks us to contemplate our life in the face of Read More

Starcodes March 30, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Like last year’s leaves swirling around the first yellow crocus in these March winds, our actions and feelings can spin in circles this week as retrograde Mercury slows us down and adds a quirky torque to the vibes, while the sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Venus all in brash Aries add speed and intensity and lower impulse control. Passover and Easter encourage us to slow down and make this weekend a sacred time, which can be a good use of this energy. But wherever we try to make progress on our ordinary work, we can anxiously spin our wheels or angst over the world’s priorities. Sparks fly easily through mechanical failure or misunderstanding throughout the week, but like a spinning gyroscope we can use this momentum if we stay centered. Although a vacation might be a good use of this week, we may have work to do or feel an urge Read More

Starcodes March 23, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Welcome spring! The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus now in fresh and volatile Aries add fuel to all we do. But today Mercury turns retrograde for the next three weeks and throws in a monkey wrench of complications. Retrograde planets ask us to stop before we build momentum and check to see if we’ve forgotten our toothbrush. Review, repair, complete, respond, adjust our aim, tune our gears, then take off. The Aries ingenuity and independence can help when our car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. But possibly checking the gas gauge before we run off into the desert would be a good thing to do. In three weeks Mercury turns direct, and we start rolling so look for the side agendas unfinished business. Go back and visit old friends and review old material that might be relevant to the future projects. And get ready to roll in a Read More

Starcodes March 16, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Watch out for emotional whiplash on this best and worst of weeks. When faced with any situation where urgent energy meets an immovable object, or at least a series of delays, do not try to muscle through.  As spring begins, the big motivators of astrology, Mars and the sun, both enter proactive, dynamic cardinal signs just as the trickster logistics master, Mercury, prepares to turn retrograde putting brakes on this rocket ship. Putting on the brakes and the gas at the same time can create difficulties. Let’s not barrel right into a wall. We will need persistence and finesse to navigate. We can use delays as time to think through the project further and notice the consequences. Maybe we need to go back and do some research or find what’s been done before. If a problem suddenly shows up or confrontation that we need to deal with, we look for Read More

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