An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes June 22, 2018


(all times MDT) Astrological aspects are often reflected by news headline which gives us a current myth to work on and a metaphor to remind us of our personal work. The recent headline grabbing conflagration between our government and immigrant families in the name of holding a healthy border is a painful illustration of the present astrological issues. An ongoing Jupiter-Neptune trine points out (and asks us to liberate) wherever our boundaries feel leaky, and wherever people are truly victimized. Mercury opposes Pluto this weekend and brings our mind to loss, loss of information, loss of people, how we handle depression, and who is in control of communication. The Sun is now in domestic, maternal Cancer, and this Wednesday the Moon will oppose the sun (a full moon) in paternal Capricorn, conjunct serious, restrictive Saturn, which may bring to a head this terrible debate around the American treatment of immigrant Read More

Starcodes June 15, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


The days are long, nights are short on this last week of spring. Venus in extroverted Leo brings us out of our shell to appreciate the abundance of both the natural world and creative human spirits while Mars in Aquarius encourages our community spirit and philosophical perspective. Enjoy pontificating over the picnic table while planting new seeds for future social and political action. This Venus and Mars are opposite each other this week which adds a touch of emotional drama to our stories. We could feel tension between a leonine desire to personally shine and be cherished, versus an Aquarian desire to do what needs to be done. Or a clash between the voice of one ego versus the needs of many. Both Venus and Mars, the emotional planets, are now in stubborn fixed signs, so while our minds may be open, stubbornness is abundant and our opinions strengthen. This Read More

Starcodes June 8, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


(all times MDT) Feel the Gemini buzz in the air, our summer plans are beginning to cook, were making adjustments, saying goodbyes and hello. Conferences held, meetings of all types can get the word out or wrangle over difficult points as the Sun and Mercury in Gemini infuse a talkative, nervy energy though they form an uncomfortable quincunx with Pluto. To use this energy well we need to stay on point, remember what we’re doing and not get easily distracted. side-step power plays, or hooks to one’s solar plexus chakra, and really get down to the logistics at hand. But this may be tricky, we may have to process or cleanup recent troubles. Last week’s emotionally volatile grand trine in water signs bisected by a Venus- Pluto opposition, along yesterday’s reality-skewing and misunderstanding-producing Sun and Mercury square Neptune, which can leave people feeling flooded or overwhelmed, along with Mars conjunct Read More

Starcodes  June 1, 2018


We can get all the feels this week. Affectionate, creative Venus moves into a grand trine with generous Jupiter, and intuitive Neptune in sympathetic water signs and creates an emotional high-tide. Like an arrow being shot out of a bow, this grand trine is bisected by an opposition from Venus to Pluto, which leaves Venus holding the focus point. Love needs to be at the heart of everything. An ongoing Jupiter-Neptune trine brings the potential for sparkling magic when we tap into its warmth, but it can also leave us easily swamped by our feelings. Jupiter brings abundance, or excess, to whatever it touches, and as it touches Neptune can bring a lot of water, both symbolically (intuition, imagination, mental fog, sensitivity, longing for escape, connected to the collective unconscious) and pragmatically (water, liquids, things that flow). On top of this the Sun forms a challenging square to Neptune towards Read More

Starcodes May 25, 2018 


Sweetness and fire describe the week. We have extra astrological access to strong opinions, enthusiasm with echoes of conflict, but also to a rich vein of imagination, intuition, camaraderie, and spirit if we can invoke enough insulation and objectivity to use this energy well. The fire and brimstone come as verbal Mercury opposes abundant Jupiter from the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio and increases both our communication skills but also our tendency to stick our heels in around what we think we know. Those opinions are not only strong but sharp and pointed because feisty Mars still squares Uranus; although this aspect is beginning to fade, this tense aspect that has kept the lava flowing and political comments pointed and stirred the sparks in any argument as well as revolutionary coals in the recent primary. It also loans us energy and helps us do what needs to be done. Read More

Starcodes May 18, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times are MDT) Let’s work our gardens. This is a fertile weekend with a waxing Moon and the sun, Mercury, and Uranus all in fecund Taurus. Plant those flowers, plant ideas, cultivate the future all week long.  Also, notice what problems take root this week, what causes spark. Don’t plant seeds of discord, because these will also grow. Do back a movement/cause/politician that could improve our situation, that is a garden we want to cultivate. We may have less emergencies and more time to grow in the weeks ahead. But the last few months have been loaded with tricky aspects which are still ringing like a bell. We have fires to put out, lava to contain from last week’s tense, even explosive Mars-Uranus square, which is still within a degree on Friday morning and in orb for the next few weeks. Danger sharpens, problems that have been building for Read More

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