An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes August 18, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


The past sits heavily with us this week while Mercury retrogrades, Venus challenges Saturn, and we prepare for Monday’s solar eclipse, so we might as well put it to work. We may finally catch up with our belated emails, visit with old friends or let abundant school supplies bring back childhood autumnal dread and anticipation. But a much deeper pain could also get triggered by the spear-shaking threat of nuclear war, or white supremacists roiling the South. or some echo of more personal trauma. Mercury retrograde is no excuse for these old threats, but it stirs the dust and reminds us to use strengths learned through earlier tough lessons. We’re farther out on the spiral this time, if back at a familiar point on the circle, and we can heal another layer. We can promise ourselves we won’t go back, but for those who have real historic trauma, this may Read More

 Starcodes Aug 4 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


  The general tone of our daily interactions can be perfectly affable and gregarious this week, making our day-to-day interactions pleasant, but we’ll notice more profound and challenging undertones lurking beneath as Jupiter squares Pluto and stirs the pot of all ongoing power plays. The Sun is flaring, we are expecting a moderate geomagnetic storm this weekend, and when the Sun flares this way it excites all the ongoing astrological aspects, and cranks up the volume on history. We individuals often report feeling tired, wired, or less insulated while the Sun is active. We can get tense when we try to push the river and make things happen; external events and willful people can block what would be progress to one person but a disaster to another. It could be tempting to push for great changes right now, but hard to find the patience and timing to get things right. Read More

Starcodes July 28, 2017


The gift of Leo is to know “I am the center of the universe, and so are you “. The shadow of Leo tells us “I am the center of the universe, and you are not” With the Sun and Mars now conjunct in Leo it helps to look at the lion for advice. the lion encourages us to bask lazily in the sunshine and generously share tidbits with our family and beloveds. But when we get excited, that lionlike energy encourages us to think fast and launch into action with verve and panache. Creative events can shine with unusual leonine electricity, but this same dramatic grandeur can fuel a forest fire or power international incident, and leave us scorched. The weekend begins under an amiable Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter, we can use the open heartedness of this conjunction to help us connect and organize, or just have fun at Read More

Starcodes, July 14, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Friday starts off with a squishy mood under a sensitive Pisces Moon, but then kicks into a more exploratory, interesting if reactive, weekend as the Moon enters self-starting Aries on Friday evening. We need to rest up, drink water and not overheat as Mercury forms a challenging aspect to Neptune, leaving us fuzzy minded or easily sidetracked Friday morning. Throughout the next few weeks let’s try to be extra kind to one another. The Sun is close enough to Mars leave everybody a bit bristly around the edges, crab claws come out easily if our tender undersides feel poked her, or our values with which we identify feel challenged. But this line-up also loans us bravery, gumption, and the energy to do what needs to be done (even if we feel tired) as well as the impulse to take unnecessary risks. It raises the testosterone vibe, for better or worse. Read More

Starcodes July 7 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Make good use of discontent this weekend and find something industrious to do. The Moon waxes full in competent Capricorn while the Sun opposes serious Pluto and we become newly aware what needs to be done, whether we’re looking at world politics or a brush pile in the backyard. We can get grumpy or overwhelmed if we look too far ahead, or pushy and manipulative if we’re not considerate, but we can also certainly put one foot in front of the other and make some progress, to our great satisfaction. The last few weeks have had a driving quality to them as Mars opposed Pluto last week, and as the Sun opposes Pluto and conjuncts Mars this week. This driving energy brings momentum to whatever we start, whether a gardening project or rattling of sabers with North Korea, and this impetus can make it hard to enjoy more than a Read More

Starcodes June 30 2017 


(all times given are MDT) There will be fireworks this weekend, and hopefully some of these pyrotechnics will glorify the sky. though we may see sparks here on the ground as well as Mars opposes Pluto over the weekend. While this can give us lovely July 4 shows and fierce family games in the backyard, we can also expect profound debate. We can see Moon and Jupiter dance together in sociable, egalitarian Libra in the evening sky on Friday and Saturday. Libra encourages us to be fair and friendly, but also shines a strategic spotlight on what is unfair and unjust, and as they square both Mars and Pluto, they intensify the debate about what is the right use of power and force, what is freedom, and what right do we have to boss other people or countries around. All assumption can be questioned under this revolutionary Mars-Pluto opposition. On Read More

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