An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes March 31, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


Feel that existential spring restlessness, enthusiasm, and general contrariness set off by the recent Aries overload, with the Sun, Mercury. Venus, and Uranus all in brash Aries. Our energy can come in bursts and waves, cat-like, with patches of lassitude between, as Aries brings energy for a dash, not a marathon. This extra electrical energy can turn into anxiety in a flash, as it turns up both our bravery, but also our fight or flight response; we can handle real problems with aplomb, but can turn up our nerve-volume and respond out of proportion to life’s lesser emergencies. We may also feel spring fever curling sensuously around the edges with Venus and Mars in each other’s sign (Venus in Aries, Mars in Taurus, signs they find uncomfortable but interconnected). Procreation after a cold winter is a form of rebellion for all life forms. The energy relaxes a bit and get Read More

Starcodes March 24 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times listed are MDT) Feel that urge to spring clean, whether it is mind, body, or political arena. The planets remind us that something must go, whether it’s a favorite chair, a plan, a cornerstone of our philosophy or an illusion about our self or our country, when it no longer fits reality. The most nurturing thing we can do for our life is release clutter of all types and create room for what’s real and needed now. Create room, because Monday’s new Moon in Aries seeds a whole new astrological year. It will help to a problem; it might be a big one and need all our attention, or it might be a small one that just feels like a mountain. Most of us will feel challenged, either to make a change, to demand a change, or to release and recreate a corner of our life. But let’s Read More

Starcodes March 17, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


All times MDT. Spring begins with tender shoots and tough lightning bolts on March 20, at 5:28 am MDT. The Sun enters brash, forthright Aries, though we felt it coming earlier this year as Venus, Mars and Mercury preceded the Sun in to Aries and gave us a taste of the season to come. Tulips peek through last year’s leaves and loan us their bravery, tornadoes and march winds remind us that spring is as tumultuous as it is tender. But this Friday we still feel the tired tag end of winter as the Sun in Pisces squares serious Saturn and calls us to task. Life’s responsibilities can chafe at us, papers and bills come due, chores demand attention. Insecurities can tap dance on our control issues and stimulate us to rebel, push ourselves, or to sulk, depending on our response. Instead of bucking authority it is good for us Read More

Starcodes March 10 2017  Heather Roan Robbins (all times MT)


Use this week to prepare for the vibrant spring ahead. Let’s clean our flowerbeds and rake the yard, rake our emotional issues and political secrets out of the corners and send them to the compost. Clear the ground, study, restock, complete work of the mind, body, and soul. If we’re honest with ourselves, we probably know what we need to do this coming season, if not exactly how or where. The recent Uranus-Mars aspects and eclipse series did its best to shake us loose, wake us up, and let us know what we need to deal with the next. Though this will probably be a busy week, we may feel that end of winter, Sun in Pisces, low energy, so let’s pace ourselves. Energizing Mars has just moved into steady Taurus which gives us more physical endurance than enthusiasm. Even though Venus retrograde in Aries keeps our hearts volatile we Read More

Starcodes, March 3, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


The planets suggest this can be a generally productive week if we don’t get distracted by our easily inflamed emotions. But that can be a challenge, on one side we may feel thin-skinned, painfully aware of our sensitivities and vulnerabilities as Mercury approaches intuitive, permeable Neptune in sensitive Pisces, yet pulled to act, energized and easily ticked-off with emotional Venus and Mars near electrifying Uranus in forthright and flammable Aries. Venus symbolizes what we value, what we care about enough to be a resource to us, but also enough to really push our buttons, and she retrogrades, or appears to head backwards, this weekend, within a few degrees a square to intense Pluto. She reminds us about what we hold dear, what we’ve lost and can lose, and what is missing in our life. Venus retrograde is also known for exposing scandalous material and provoking outrage, so let’s keep our Read More

Starcodes Feb 25, 2017  HRR


(all times listed are MST) Hang on, we’re in for a bumpy ride. We have two apparently conflicting energy streams tugging us in different directions, and it’s up to us to ride these currents with grace; as the Sun conjuncts intuitive Neptune blurs the edge of reality and takes us into a soft imaginary world just as activating Mars conjuncts electrifying Uranus and turns up the engine of discontent. As the Sun conjuncts Neptune in sensitive Pisces it calls us into our spirit and our imaginary worlds. We can be sensitive, intuitive, and hungry for spiritual practice, but can also get easily lost in our imagination and alternative facts. Our hopes and our fears, our dreams and our discouragements can warp our perception of what’s really going on. We can drift into a dream then be jolted back to reality. In a quiet, creative or romantic moment, that Sun-Neptune conjunction Read More

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