An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes May 3, 2019


Prepare your garden, whether actual or metaphorical, Friday and Saturday, then get your plants in after the new Moon in Taurus 4:45 PM MDT Saturday. Start seedlings, prepare a garden, put in proposals, run for office.  Start something beautiful with someone you love. This is not a weekend to weed either our garden or our presidential candidates, it’s a weekend to fertilize and support anything with potential. What we plant this on this new Moon is likely to grow. Now that growth could stir the pot and create changes because this new Moon approaches a trine to Saturn, the south lunar node, and Pluto on Sunday, then opposes that line-up on Thursday. Saturn and Pluto run together all year and define the big questions of our time; how do we use power responsibly and how do we organize and govern in a healthy way. Although this stabilizing Taurus Sun and Read More

Starcodes April 26, 2019


Mercury and Venus in Aries loan us gumption and helps us initiate, but we’ll concentrate better in short and intense doses with frequent breaks. Otherwise the spring attention deficit problem kicks in.

Starcodes April 19 2019


Caution, combustible material within.  The weekend begins under astrological storm clouds but lightens up on Sunday. After an active, blossoming and fertile few days early in the week, the stars again vibrate with both strategic potential and tension towards the end of the week. On Friday, a friendly early morning full Moon in Libra shines a light on both our need for relationships and our need for individuation but can highlight the differences between our needs. The mood sharpens as the Moon enters broody Scorpio around breakfast. We may love people and still not want to be around them, we just won’t want to be convenient, which can make family gatherings tricky this weekend. Corner us, and we will reclaim our time. The Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon can leave us willful or sharp-edged on Friday. We want to go our own way. Mercury is already in Aries, Venus joins Mercury Read More

Starcodes April 12, 2019


This astrological week starts with some tough questions, rolls into a potentially beautiful weekend to get out and about. Our consciousness returns to work in time for last-minute taxes and a cranky but efficient spurt early next week, then ends with a few sparks and an influx of gumption. Towards the end of the week, Mercury enters direct and feisty Aries, our thinking clears and we tell it like it is. Or like we think it is at the moment. We are dealing with challenges around power and structure as the weekend begins. And we can square off with one another as the Sun in the feisty Aries, Moon in self-protective Cancer, and serious Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn all form a challenging T-square. We may want to reorganize our closets, our foundations, our finances, and our government. The question of our era is around how power and control are Read More

Starcodes April 5, 2019


The weekend begins with a fresh, feisty new Moon in Aries and opens a new chapter. Launch. Step forward. Aries brings that rebellious spirit of the daffodil and plum blossom surging back to life after a long winter, starting life over again with deep old roots and fresh growth. This new Moon may spark a flash of temper or rebellion, or just a need to do procrastinate and do things our own way. It encourages us to rebel against the limitations of our life, the dysfunction of our world, and boldly step where we’ve not stepped before, or play hooky if that is our chosen form or rebellion. This revolutionary new Moon forms a challenging square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn whose conjunction on the south lunar node over the next year defines this time and calls us to really examine how power is used in all its many Read More

Starcodes March 29, 2019


We get the green light this week, Mercury is direct, the Sun is in Aries, and we’re off and running into the astrological new year. But we may need to clean the gutters first. Wherever there was a block, whether in a river, project, or emotional process, the blocks begin to loosen. Where a mistake was made, we get an opportunity to repair. Where we were deluded, bamboozled, or just lost in a dream, it’s time to wake up. We have some cleanup to do before the flow really gets going. Now some of those blocks were good. Rivers are still filling up. And if people have been brooding behind-the-scenes while Mercury is retrograde, now the plans may come to light, whether they want to run for government or take down a government, pitch a proposal or take off to Mozambique. If we’ve been brooding, plotting, or visioning while Mercury Read More

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