An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes  Feb 2, 2018 


Happy groundhog’s day, otherwise known as Candlemas, Imbolc, feast of the Rowan tree; it is the turning point of winter. We are halfway through. Persephone now mythically starts her walk towards the upper worlds. The onions begin to sprout in our kitchen drawers. It’s a traditional day to take animal auguries, so let’s notice what birds and bees we observe and wonder what their symbolic significance might be to our lives. Let life be a dialogue with our natural world. That in itself can be rich, but if nothing else, it may help us take a different perspective or let our subconscious give us fresh suggestions. Though the days grow longer, we’re still smack dab in the middle of winter. What in this contemplative quiet time do we want to begin to sprout? We can begin to grow new connections as Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all now in more Read More

Starcodes Jan 26, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


The planets ask us interesting questions this week. Our teams call us, people need us, our civic duty knocks on the door, and yet we may still have lingering personal work percolating throughout this winter, and may be enduring, recovering from, or avoiding the flu. So, how do we balance our needs the needs of our community, how do we practice good self-care while we honor our responsibilities. And how do we keep life interesting. This week’s full Moon in Leo, lunar eclipse, wants to know. Both as a person and country, if we ‘re too self-centered, the world becomes a worse place and our world and community suffers. If we overextend ourselves and put other’s needs ahead of our own- all the time- we don’t get our work done and lose the resilience we need to be of service. The Sun and Venus now in expansive, political Aquarius, joined Read More

Starcodes Jan 19, 2018 


It is a wonderful time to join together and pursue a common goal as the Sun joins Venus in social, political, community-oriented Aquarius. And this weekend, a sensitive Pisces Moon-Neptune conjunction encourages us to live our ideals, or at least live in a friendly, hopeful place. Our sensibilities are heightened and we can feel vulnerable yet inspired, easily moved by our vision and sentiment. Or we can get lost in a fog of uncertainty if we choose escapism or blame instead, two other sides of the Pisces/Neptune coin. This weekend, many of us will live out this community ideal in the women’s march for the vote proliferating around the country. A Sun-Venus conjunction in Aquarius is the perfect time feel the hopefulness and power of a communal group taking action together. Others may choose to live this out by watching football together with their chosen clan, get lost on Facebook, Read More

Starcodes Jan 12, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Don’t say it, do it. Show love through practical action. With Mercury, the sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all in durable Capricorn this weekend, we’ll want to see progress on our work and feel our work is appreciated. We will really appreciate it when people help us in a concrete, tangible way. Call up a politician you think is doing something right and let them know. Encourage a co-worker. And tonight, let’s down load about the week and process together, mark our little victories and think about the road ahead. The weekend begins under a relatively upbeat and wildlife-oriented Sagittarius moon, a Moon which can help us lighten the conversation and explore possibilities in an otherwise serious time. Over the weekend we can lust after well-organize plans and long for clear, delineated steps forward as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. With this conjunction, what we say will be taken seriously, and will Read More

Starcodes Jan 5, 2018


Let’s hope we’re rested from winter holidays because this could be an eventful week. It’s time to get down to work, because the next few weeks bring real opportunity to initiate a change. This week it will further for us to stay focused, on track, clear of our priorities and able to keep our moods stable. Now that may not be easy because there’s a strong emotional torque pulling on us, but if we can harness that energy, we can go far. Let’s clarify our resolutions as well as our work plans and throw ourselves into a project that utilizes both our muscles and our focus. But if we can’t direct that torque, or we get swept the up in world events or local storms, that emotional force can really roll us through the snow. Three sets of intense emotional patterns will drive this torque. The most urgent demand is Read More

Starcodes Dec 29, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


In 2018 we need to garden our perception and intuition like they’re our last hope for food. The most prominent aspect the year ahead is a trine between expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune (exact 5/26, 8/19, felt through September). Neptune stimulates the realm where our imagination, delusion, our hopes and fears, insight and lies, spirituality and intuition magnify and mingle, but it does not help us differentiate between them. To safely develop our intuition, we need to learn the difference between our desires or anxieties, and our true perceptions. We’ll need all our senses to guide us this year so that we can vision a better future and make it so, instead of feeling swamped with Neptune’s shadow of lighting or the illusion of wishful thinking. We can listen to the deeper call underneath the proliferating illusions of hopes and fear, beneath a Neptunian longing to escape, to feel what Read More

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