An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes May 25, 2018 


Sweetness and fire describe the week. We have extra astrological access to strong opinions, enthusiasm with echoes of conflict, but also to a rich vein of imagination, intuition, camaraderie, and spirit if we can invoke enough insulation and objectivity to use this energy well. The fire and brimstone come as verbal Mercury opposes abundant Jupiter from the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio and increases both our communication skills but also our tendency to stick our heels in around what we think we know. Those opinions are not only strong but sharp and pointed because feisty Mars still squares Uranus; although this aspect is beginning to fade, this tense aspect that has kept the lava flowing and political comments pointed and stirred the sparks in any argument as well as revolutionary coals in the recent primary. It also loans us energy and helps us do what needs to be done. Read More

Starcodes May 18, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times are MDT) Let’s work our gardens. This is a fertile weekend with a waxing Moon and the sun, Mercury, and Uranus all in fecund Taurus. Plant those flowers, plant ideas, cultivate the future all week long.  Also, notice what problems take root this week, what causes spark. Don’t plant seeds of discord, because these will also grow. Do back a movement/cause/politician that could improve our situation, that is a garden we want to cultivate. We may have less emergencies and more time to grow in the weeks ahead. But the last few months have been loaded with tricky aspects which are still ringing like a bell. We have fires to put out, lava to contain from last week’s tense, even explosive Mars-Uranus square, which is still within a degree on Friday morning and in orb for the next few weeks. Danger sharpens, problems that have been building for Read More

Starcodes May 11, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


This week will go easier we can find good use for impatience. With the inevitability of volcanic lava, we can feel changes coming. Maybe not fast enough for us for some in some places, and to quickly and others, but this week can mark a turnaround as Mercury conjuncts Uranus at the last degree of Aries and they both enter Taurus together, and volatile Mars squares electrifying Uranus. And, like watching the volcano slowly and inexorably eat up homes and create new land in Hawaii, we may get a humbling reminder that we’re not in control of everything in our life. Recent Pluto transits make clear that sometimes we just have to let go, drop a plan that’s not working, or be willing to realistically reorganize, rather than keep trying to finagle it into shape. The weekend begins with the Moon in antsy Aries while mental Mercury forming a square Read More

Starcodes, May 4, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Let’s enjoy the generally cozy comfort and pleasant social context of the Sun in Taurus combined with the easy-breezy casual conversation stimulated by the present Venus in Gemini. Underneath this surface comfort stirs a move to make big changes, both the desire to change things that desperately need changing, and change a few things just because. Mercury squares depressing Pluto on Monday, then sidles up to conjunct Uranus while Mars approaches a square to Uranus, the planet that acts as cosmic clutch and allows us to change gears, the following week. Let’s not waste this opportunity. Though the rhythm of these aspects can be uncomfortable: through early next week, the Plutonian aspects make us aware of what we have to let go of, where we feel stuck, what’s not working, and then the Uranian aspects kick in in the weeks ahead and instigate exciting if potentially uncomfortable, changes in response Read More

Starcodes April 27, 2018 


(all times MDT) On one level, the aspects are lovely this week for connection, so flirt away and enjoy the lilac and spring fever. Get ready for May Day, the celebration of all things fertile. Possibilities, relationships, flowers, ideas are all bursting in the bloom. On deeper, more disconcerting level notice an intense push to accomplish, to exert willpower as Mars and Pluto conjunct and the Moon squares them both this weekend. Mars and Pluto are the two planets that symbolize physical energy, will, and power dynamics of all types, and they are both in the most determined and competent sign of Capricorn. Like a teacher that kicks us on stage, whether we’re ready or not, this conjunction pushes us forward. It’s a great aspect to declare a run for office; if we have a clear direction and organized marching orders this can be a really helpful aspect. But we Read More

Starcodes April 20, 2018


The Sun has just entered fertile earthy Taurus, and this slows the pace down but increases our determination and our need to get comfortable. Venus also in her home sign of Taurus encourages us to be tactile and embodied. The Moon, arbiter of our daily mood, waxes in fertile and sensitive Cancer through the weekend calls us to cuddle up at home, connect with old friends, plant good seeds and ideas and use the rich loam of this Taurus-Cancer energy to cultivate a good life. Though our bodies may slow down, our thinking is still fast and reactive. Headlines stay loaded with spicy commentary as mental Mercury works through feisty Aries. Although Mercury is now direct, it’s still in its shadow, or traversing the area through which it recently retrograde, which can leave us with strange technical snafus, wrong orders, or misunderstandings to straighten out this week, but also offers Read More

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