An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes Jan 26, 2019


A competitive, muscular energy can help us achieve our personal best this week, or just get into a barroom (or Internet) brawl, it’s always up to us how we use the energy. Mars now forms an energizing trine with expansive Jupiter and encourages us to shoot off the mouth or blow up a situation before we really investigated the consequence. Though Venus in flexible Sagittarius can help us take it all with a grain of salt. Together they add fire to all our emotions this week, our love, hate, impatience, and curiosity. Mars still in its own feisty, brash, direct sign of Aries, where it’s known to encourage the ready, fire, aim mentality, and the trine to expansive enlarging Jupiter magnifies its machismo.  Venus in Sagittarius at the moment and can add both extra nervy energies, a desire for mobility, honesty, and a twinkle in the eye which can make Read More

Starcodes January 18, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins


This is shaping up to be an eventful week. While the mood is generally competent and effective, midwinter blues, last week’s grim, power maneuvering sun-Pluto conjunction and this week’s deep-thinking Mercury-Pluto conjunction can leave some of us in a restless funk, reviewing our inadequacies and old ghosts or feeling as stuck as the national budget. But fate’s wheel is turning and a change is coming in the stars. It’s not like we are stepping into a bed of roses, this next month is a doozy (as Mars approaches a square to Pluto and a conjunction with Uranus) but we will see movement. The weekend begins under a grim note as mental Mercury conjuncts Pluto-mythic ruler of death, rebirth, power, and things that come from the deep. This conjunction can bring to our mind what’s wrong with the world, what’s not working, and whatever litany depression might want to whisper to Read More

Starcodes Jan 11, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins


We need to take care of what really matters this week as the Sun conjunct Pluto, and take care of our immune system and joints for the next two weeks while Jupiter squares sensitizing Neptune, feisty Mars squares Saturn, and mobile Mercury conjuncts Saturn. As the weekend begins, we watch our national government hit a crisis in limits, power struggle, responsibility and integrity. We may also run into a personal limit, or some intense experience which reminds us of our priorities as the Sun conjuncts Pluto on Friday. In response we may need to make decisions which end one series of possibilities and allow another to progress on Sunday as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. It could be time to set a limit, to release what’s not working so we can reorganize and reinvigorate what does. Activating Mars, now in fiery Aries, squares off with the old guard inflexibility and strength of Read More

Starcodes January 4, 2019


The mood is serious, impatient, with some growing concerns but also an underlying competence that can us cope. We may need to come to grips with needed changes and the see the outlines of the work ahead as Mercury enters competent Capricorn tonight, followed by a new Moon with solar eclipse in determined Capricorn this weekend. The planet we associate with change, Uranus, turns direct this weekend and can increase seismic activity; either symbolically, politically, or geologically, we may feel an earthquake. Just as new Congress settles in. That new Moon eclipse in competent, responsible, if occasionally grim Capricorn at 6:28 pm MST on Saturday can both bring us back home to our roots and help us ask tough questions about personal responsibility and authority in our life and our culture. It calls us to take a clear look at our Dharma, our work, and asks what’s not working and Read More

Starcodes December 28, 2018


Enjoy a quiet thoughtful serious few days before New Year’s because the energy then shifts with a vengeance. Be ready to up the heat as motivating Mars enters Aries, the instigator, on New Year’s Eve. We need to be on fire this year, but whether we feel the hearth fire of the gathering collective, the fire of a combustion engine building speed, or just burn the house down, will be up to us and how we respond to the aspects coming up. We’ve passed through the darkest time, although the weather used to chill, the sun’s light will grow subtly stronger and longer each day. Let’s bring that solar spark into our hearts and catch fire in the best of ways. We’ll need this spark to build momentum for positive change over the next few years as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus work through grounded, concrete, territorial, earth signs. Everyone Read More

Starcodes December 21, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


(All times MST) The stars cooperate for a potentially lovely, contemplative winter holiday season even as the world’s political mill grinds on. In the foreground the planets offer warmth and deep feelings with a little holiday magic, a thoughtful if interior holiday.  In the background the planets are working on a long-term challenging restructuring of security and authority systems, challenging walls, rebuilding foundations, and push us towards safe and meaningful work. We can let these ongoing pressures ruin our holiday or let it make any sweet moments and deep feeling become all the more precious. Winter begins as the Sun enters Capricorn at 3:22 PM MST, the Sun appears to stand still today, marking a moment for us to listen deeply in the quiet dark, and will appear to stand still for three days; the days begin to grow incrementally longer on Christmas Eve and every day thereafter as we Read More

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