An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes Feb 17, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


The great question of this astrological decade, the question the planets ask us over and over again, concern what is the right use of power, whether personal power, political power or how we derive and use electrical power. What changes do need to make to avoid the misuse of power, and instead use it in a new, dynamic, safe, and enlivening way. This question intensifies over the next few weeks as confronting Mars in Aries first squares Pluto this week, then conjuncts Uranus next week while those two planets oppose expansive Jupiter. We can expect ground-shifts of all types. Let’s break this down. Pluto brings whatever it touches to the edge of life and death so we can reorganize our relationship to it. From 2008 through 2024 it traverses Capricorn, sign of structure, political power, authority, discipline, and traditions. The last time Pluto was at this point in Capricorn was Read More

Starcodes February 10, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


We’re fired up and ready to go, but may not agree on where we’re going. Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries, visible in the early evening sky, keep our passionate engagement simmering. Our soul’s histamines inflamed quickly, leaving us with an impatient allergy to anything we consider wrong or offensive. We can pour our heart into work as long as we can keep our focus, but with a relatively short attentions span, that can be a challenge. Our Facebook page, a new flame, or yet another news bulletin can send us off to chase those rabbits instead of observing what’s really going on, or turning this passionate engagement into considered and durable action. We can also love as fiercely, and new relationships can spark over common interest or a passing moment. This heat is just in time for a spicy, if not necessarily romantic, Valentine’s week. Consider keeping Valentine dates Read More

Starcodes Feb 3 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


We get a taste of spring regeneration a few months early; the heat cranks up and the pot begins to boil this week as Venus joins Mars together in Aries, the sign of willfulness, springtime awakening and revolution. With both emotional planets now in this self-starting and passionate fire sign, it’s all too easy to go off half-cocked; yes we need to dive in and engage, but need always to think about where we’re going, and how best to get there. We need less explosions and more determination. Aries is a willful and freedom-loving sign; the upside is that we can get off the couch and deal with whatever seemed overwhelming last month. We can look at our problems straight in the eyes with more bravery and stamina. But in all this lovely independence we may forget to check in with our beloveds tell them where we’re going. Under stress Read More

Starcodes Jan 20, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


We live in interesting times. America always inaugurates its presidents under the political, civic minded Aquarius sun. This year we can feel a stubborn square-off of personalities and ideals as that Sun in Aquarius is squared by a brooding, focused, private, Scorpio Moon, which puts both luminaries in stubborn fixed signs. Squares create tension; like the tension of a combustion engine, that tension can propel us forward, but we have to steer the boat. Thoughtful Mercury is now in efficient if controlling Capricorn, which can help all sides of a debate get organized. Insecurities can bring a controlling streak to our thinking, a desire to crack down or make others conform, to have our way on a personal or political level. But our heart speaks otherwise. Venus, Mars, and Neptune all run together in sensitive Pisces for another week, which can leave us poetic, vulnerable, and visionary on a good Read More

Starcodes January 13, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


This can be a subtly tricky week; the astrological influences can leave us feeling both more competent, and like an emotional mush pile underneath. We grow more organized and can get some work done as Mercury joins the Sun and Pluto in competent Capricorn. But it’s hard to get our heart into the work unless it truly inspires our imagination, and we may feel mopey, touchy, or easily discouraged as the emotional planets, Venus and Mars slosh their way through sensitive, fantastically imaginative if easily-victimized Pisces, now through the end of January. Capricorn energy encourages us to deal with everything on our plate in a clean and competent manner. People who feel clear about their goals and supported by their people and their surroundings can gallop ahead. Those with a more amorphous feeling, fuzzier goals, who are resisting rather than directing, or who are processing grief, loss, confusion, may feel Read More

Starcodes Jan 6 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


This is a week of adjustments, and the real beginning to the work of 2017. Hang in there. Hold one another’s hand walking across the ice. Find the still center in the spinning wheel, the calm in the storm. Feel the slippery, stormy edges, and move with safety. Invoke the serenity prayer: change what needs to be changed, accept what cannot be changed, and pray for the wisdom to know the difference as the Sun conjunct powerful Pluto and squares ingenious, change-producing Uranus. All while Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde. We have a lot to do and deal with, and may not feel like doing so. Our imagination wants to drift and emotions occasionally well up, leaving us feeling flooded and uncertain, sometimes easily overwhelmed with Venus and Mars now both in Pisces. Our minds are brought back to what we sulk over, grieve, and growl about as Read More

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