An astrological analysis of the week to help you make the most of the moment.

Starcodes June 16, 2017 


On Tuesday the Sun enters Cancer, summer begins, and we enter picnic season. We can use the extra light of this week of longest days to illuminate what’s really going on, to highlight consequences of our actions and help us see the path ahead. There is a lot to see because there’s a lot on the table. Chiron sets an underlying theme for the week. As the Sun illuminates the consequences of our actions in the past, present, and the foreseeable future, we need to look at what we learned through the tough twists and turns of our life, distill this understanding and offer it in the present moment as Venus, the Sun, and Mercury all form aspects to the asteroid Chiron, a symbol of the wounded healer. It’s a good week to remember what we learned and pass on.  Just share the story or stand witness and weave in Read More

Starcodes June 9, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Take communication both seriously and with a lighthearted touch this week, expect life to be a woven brocade of fun and worry, profound conversations and blustering bravado, sizzling revelations and meaningless tweets, summer gossip and friendly processing. We’ll be running extra nervous voltage and may have conflicting stories to sift through. Though we may also be able to jiggle loose some hidden information or lost objects, and stretch our minds to juggle new possibilities into place under this changeable, nervy energy. With the Sun and Mercury in talkative Mercury-ruled Gemini, the conversation can range from lightweight summer fare to what truly worries and concerns us in short cycles. If a person changes subjects often, they circle back around to the important conversation, but it may be hard to stay on track, especially where the conversation touches on important emotions. Friday begins under a full Moon in Sagittarius, a full Moon Read More

Starcodes June 2, 2017


(All times given are MDT) Let’s stay light on our feet and roll with the flow to make the most of this peculiar week. Adaptability is the medicine we need for a potential underlying anxiety as the planets make many subtle changes which instigate shifts in weather and moods, changes in our opportunities and sprinkle challenges throughout the week. On Friday, an irritable Virgo Moon sharpens our editorial ability and encourages us to imagine the worst-case scenarios. Our anxiety may have a good cause, and call us to action now. We can multi-task with the best, but let’s not inventory ourselves or offer a work critique unless we carefully look for the good. We can observe something truly important about ourselves though, if we ask what actions come from our anxiousness rather than from wisdom, and see if we can level that out. But this weekend offers a beautiful opportunity Read More

Starcodes May 26, 2017  


(All times MDT) Welcome to Memorial Day weekend, and as expected on a versatile Gemini Sun holiday, this weekend now has a multiplicity of meanings and ways to celebrate. We’re called to remember those who gave their all in military service as well as celebrate weddings and graduations, take advantage of blowout sales and tackle our summer-preparation home chores. Gemini is the master of the multitask, we may be able to concentrate best when we have several pots cooking, but let’s not get spread too thin. This holiday weekend comes at a really good time for many people. Last week Saturn trined Uranus, an aspect that can relieve pressure by creating changes but also really unsettle ordinary routines, work, systems of power, and authority structures. Our security can feel challenged, and work may have been either unusual exciting, or a real pain lately. This unsettled quality to our work may need more Read More

Starcodes May 12, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Mother’s Day, that fertile Taurus holiday, is often loaded with complex layered feelings sprigged with lilac and daffodil, and this year is no exception. It may help to open the aperture around mothering, and support how we can mother ourselves, how we can honor the mother within, and the earth as the mother of all. It’s particularly important to find a way of honoring the archetype when we don’t have a mother to honor, or when that relationship is caught in the weeds. The weekend starts with a competitive enthusiasm as Mars trines Jupiter under an upbeat Sagittarius moon. We can be unusually honest and say what we mean. Mercury is still conjunct Uranus in Aries which winds up our nerves and encourages us to say outrageous things. It can feel good to get on our high horse of righteousness and launch a crusade, but let’s direct this towards improving Read More

Starcodes  May 5, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


( all times MDT)  Changes, reversal, adjustments, and explorations, this week could be exciting. And if it’s not, we may be tempted to start trouble and make it so as Mercury, is finally direct and moving forward, building up steam in restless Aries, and then conjuncts the asteroid Eris and Uranus as Mars semi-squares them all this weekend. The clutch is in, and we are changing gears. Recent political and personal turmoil and excitement created while Mercury stationed at this tricky point, going back and forth over Uranus and Eris, named after the goddess of discord, can wear on our nerves. The current is unexpected and exciting, erratic and electric; as Uranus charges up our nervous systems we can both feel buzzy enough to delay sleep, and never quite feel rested, as if our engines are running too hot. We can call up the energy for emergencies or for an Read More

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