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Starcodes May 6 2011 Heather Roan Robbins


We need to stop reacting, which is the bane of the present Aries/Taurus mood, and make room for creating, which is its gift, but want to finish this week singing “We Did it Our Way”. All this year are seeing the end of old chapters and the beginning of new ones, a pattern that kicked in with an eclipse on Jan 4, increased as Jupiter and Uranus entered the fire-sign Aries this winter and catalyzed political, technological and tectonic shifts that changed our maps. But whether the new chapter will be any better than the last is a work in progress, it won’t be any better unless we make it so. Even though the Sun is now in earthy Taurus, these winds of change heated up another notch over the last few weeks as Mercury, Venus and Mars joined those two slower planets in raw and impatient Aries, the most Read More

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