Astrology does not define the future, it describes a pulse, a pattern — you choose how you respond.

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I’m Heather Roan Robbins author of Starcodes: Navigate your Chart with Choice Based Astrology & the Creator of the Best Selling Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck.

I am a practical, intuitive, choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, spiritual counselor, author, and palmist with 30+ years’ experience.


Astro Oracle Deck

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Tap into the powerful energy of ancient astrological archetypes and the influential relationships between celestial bodies as they move through the sky and through your life with the Starcodes Astro Oracle.

The 56 card Deck is designed to help you clarify your thoughts, understand key patterns, and ease decisions.

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Navigate your Chart with Choice Based Astrology

Reading an Astrology chart is based on the concept that what we see above maps what happens below; we notice a relationship between the dance of the planets around our Sun and the energies we feel here on earth. This Book takes you a journey though this epic cosmic map, exploring the multidimensional archetypes and mythologies that resonate deep in our souls.

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Choice-Based Astrology Illuminates Possibilities and Potentials


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Like a Fingerprint Your Natal Chart is Unique.

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