Astrology does not define the future, it describes a pulse, a pattern — you choose how you respond

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Welcome To Starcodes

I am a practical, intuitive, choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, spiritual counselor, author, and palmist with 30+ years’ experience. I practice out of Ronan MT, and travel back to work in MN, NYC, and NM. I have been on a lifelong interfaith spiritual search and have had an intuitive counseling practice since 1978.

I am a Member of Spiritual Directors International, OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology), NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research), and a Druid grade member of OBOD- Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.

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Tap into the powerful energy of ancient astrological archetypes and the influential relationships between celestial bodies as they move through the sky and through your life with the Starcodes Astro Oracle.

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The Composite Chart gives insights into the dynamics of the relationship between two people. .

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Did you know that your business has a birth chart? Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your Company.

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Can’t decide if you want to move to los Angeles or London?


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My New Book is Coming Soon!

I just sent the last copy edits, for my book
Starcodes: Navigate your Chart with Choice Based Astrology into my editor at Hay House!

It is a labor of love for all my clients and students! I want them to know how to feel empowered by their chart. The Book is a great companion to deeping your connection and understanding of the Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck.

starcodes book

Starcodes comes out June 11 & is available for pre-order NOW @ Barnes and Noble online!

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