Starcodes Oct 9 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Oct 9 2015 Heather Roan Robbins



The weekend begins with us spinning in place, the more calm and relaxed we can stay and the more focused and centered we hold, the quicker we will move out of this spin cycle and progress.

Mercury appears to hold still as it finishes three weeks retrograde and turns direct this morning. Because Mercury symbolizes thoughts, transportation, information, all technical things that move, this planet is at its most awkward when it holds still. We do not easily experience this stillness like a lotus floating on a crystalline forest pond. We are more likely to feel it still like a whirlpool rotating in place, or like a spinning top; lots of activity that doesn’t seem to go anywhere, and spins gracefully in place unless it begins to wobble but then can really spin out.

But the energy breaks loose fairly quickly, over the next few days we will see the missing packages arrive, misunderstandings straightened out, and stalled cars fixed. Much will fall into place at the last minute though it will take us till the end of the month to really get our momentum going.

Over the weekend we have work to do to reorganize after Mercury turns direct. A lot of last-minute details fall into place if we don’t stress too much, keep our hearts open and work with what we have. Then use our time to reconnect and love one another. Put relationships first wherever possible.

Use the beginning of the week to check in with one another and get back on the same page after the Mercury retrograde cycle. Adjust short-term plans to holdover until the dust clears. A romantic, restorative New Moon in Libra on Monday helps us relaunch. We still feel an atmospheric moodiness through next few weeks, poignantly aware of falling leaves and leaving people; whiffs of the past stay with us in one form or the other until Mercury finishes a square to Pluto on October 23 (the third such square since early September as Mercury seesawed back and forth in this retrograde cycle).

Be ready to let go of an assumption. Our expectations could be upset while the Sun opposes change-master Uranus while expansive Jupiter trines profound Pluto at the beginning of the week. Over this week we clarify priorities and get a clear picture about what moves forward and where we have to go for now.

Midweek, look for fresh strategies, deep conversation, and a more sane and mature perspective as Mercury sextiles Saturn. Feel a new breath of confidence. We can engage a powerful focus that encourages beautiful connections where we’re on track, and feel really irritated by anything that takes us off track as Mars trines Pluto under a Scorpio Moon. We have access to unusual persuasive capacity and can eliminate what isn’t part of our dream, and energize what is.

Friday, October 9: After a rather confusing and impatient morning where we may hurry up and wait repeatedly, and even run into one another, the mood improves this afternoon and grows positively expansive around dinner time, though people may need to kvetch about the week they’ve had. We may feel a little world-weary tonight as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto.

Moon opposed Neptune for 50 3 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 8:05 AM, Mercury turns direct 8:57 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:23 PM, Moon trine Pluto 4:12 PM.

Saturday, October 10: It’s a day to get everything straightened out. People are focused, serious, potentially detail-oriented and aware of their responsibilities as Venus squares Saturn. Instead of thinking of love and heavy or confining, think of it as a joyful responsibility and steadying base.  People mean what they say, but may bluster a bit under stress. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, don’t take emotional reserve personally, and feel the warmth return tonight.

Moon opposed Chiron, Sun semi-square Saturn 5:59 AM, Venus square Saturn 6:30 PM.

Sunday, October 11: Morning is potentially sweet relaxing good conversation if we can keep the schedule low key and just be present with one another. Big things are in the wind this afternoon as Jupiter trines Pluto and the Sun opposes Uranus. Feel the wildcard- anything can happen- quality that can launch a new beginning, just let us take a break and see things from a bigger perspective, or issue a shocking wake-up call. Stay present, keep eyes open, and do not try to read too much into every comment.

Moon enters Libra 2:45 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 5:12 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 40 5 AM, Jupiter trine Pluto 5:51 PM, Sun opposed Uranus 9:49 PM.

Monday, October 12: Take the morning to integrate the weekend and assess the lay of the land. Tonight’s full Moon brings a new beginning, today let’s catch up and repair any frayed edges of our social connections and messy corners of our work life after Mercury turns direct. New truth surfaces, we begin to understand what they really meant all along.

Moon square Pluto 5:19 AM, Moon semi-square Saturn 1:31 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 4:20 PM, Moon semi- square Venus 4:31 PM, Moon conjunct Sun 6:05 PM.

Tuesday, October 13: We get a green light from a New Moon in Libra and Mercury sextile Saturn. We have sanity, hope, and are ready to look ahead. But the energy grows more competitive this afternoon, other people are crowd the marketplace or try to get through the door at the same time. Be strategic. This evening the Moon enters more mysterious Scorpio and we grow more guarded, pointed but are ready for some real depth. Make them curious.

Mercury sextile Saturn 3:54 AM, Moon semi square Mars 8:36 AM, Moon semi-square Jupiter 12:23 PM, Moon enters Scorpio at 3:38 PM.

Wednesday, October 14: The mood is deep, rich, musky imaginative and sensual. Spend it with good people, great art supplies, or something that really matters as the Moon forms positive aspects to Venus, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter. We’ll find interruptions and shallow interactions unusually irritating. If we crave connection and can’t find it, or crave solitude we feel crowded, we need to move into our compassionate heart, or we can grow resentful. People may stand behind their logic, but in reality decisions are run on emotions and undercurrents today. Send out wavelengths of kindness and possibilities.

Moon sextile Venus 1:12 AM, Moon trine Neptune 6:24 AM, Moon sextile Mars 4:22 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:50 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:57 PM.

Thursday, October 15: Honor an urge to get in there and clear out, change, eliminate, transform, whether you do this through intense cleaning of the junk drawer or weeding of the family budget or dropping out of the race. Be tactfully honest, kind surgery with the truth. Pare down, clean out, focus, and prepare as Mars trines Pluto. Take notes on what begins today, as this seeds of future action.


Moon trine Chiron 3:13 AM: Moon semi- square Mercury 5:08 AM, Mars trine Pluto 9:35 PM, Moon semi-square Pluto 11:32 PM.

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