Starcodes Oct 16 2015 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Oct 16 2015 Heather Roan Robbins


Our work picks up speed this week but our moods can be all over the place; we need to be patient with ourselves and proceed thoughtfully. The weekend holds a strong competitive push along with a few lovely romantic illusions that can produce a West-Side Story vibe. But the rumbles may be between countries, weather systems, or sports teams as well as romantic rivals.

This industrious, competitive energy is instigated by Mars as it conjuncts expansive Jupiter in Virgo, trines powerful Pluto, and stimulates a relentless desire to improve the situation. We get extra energy to do so but, if we are frustrated and can’t fix what bothers us, we can get mighty cranky. Venus opposes Neptune at the same time and heats up our romantic or creative inner longings; this can take our thoughts far away from the battlefield, or bring on the very dreams we fight over. It can also make us painfully aware of the vulnerability of the Venusian feminine, receptive, artistic elements, and inspire us to protect those qualities in ourselves or in the culture.

Romantic sparks can fly through this: the Mars nature gets magnified, energized, and even demanding, while the Venusian side can become coy and receptive. Our hearts can feel tumultuous and impatient but prone to misreading the heart’s signals. Someone could easily get obsessive and upset about a romantic or philosophical delusion and respond with a fight. If this kicks in, let’s work to contain the behavior now; we can help them see more clearly later.

Early next week a dynamic Capricorn Moon trines that Jupiter-Mars conjunction and nudges us to launch our ships. But we may be distracted by our soul’s inner winds as Mercury squares Pluto for the third time since September 9th,and asks us to work on, (with the potential to resolve) some problem, block, or weight we’ve been carrying. Our thoughts may be lingering over a loss, sense of inadequacy, power struggle, unfinished mystery, or other Plutonian issue.

If this begins to swell up in us, instead of being impatient with ourselves for not getting over something earlier, let’s see if we can ritualize the situation: give ourselves a ceremony to bury our loss, and/or our thoughts; forgive ourselves as we would forgive others; honor the past rather than berate it, even if what we learned from it were tough lessons. But then we need to ask (in the light of that past) where do we need to proceed in the future? Do we need to promise our souls that we’ll do something differently next time? Do we need to walk through the scenario in a healthier way? Honor the fact that love is worth loss, is worth risk. To love is always to give to the universe.

So an underlying theme of the week will be to hold a paradox: to simultaneously get on with our lives and get the ball rolling and run with a new enthusiasm, even as we continue some deep personal work with our darker thoughts, doubts or memories. Work with them, listen to them, heal them, but don’t let them run the show. Get ready to clear some final hurdles to order to proceed.

If we do our homework now, we may well feel lighter in the coming weeks than we have for a while. At least we have our assignment out in front of us where we can see it and work on it openly.

Friday, October 16: Keep it light and pointed: we can joke as we get back to some salient issues, be frank and funny as we tackle serious stuff or dive into a new healthy routine. An earnest, tender approach won’t work so well as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Saturn this morning. Agreement is easier to come by midday, as the Moon sextiles Mercury, even though misalignment or mixed signals pepper the dinnertime as the Moon forms a T-square with Venus and Neptune. Honesty can cut through some recently–created romantic illusion, but we dearly want to feel the potential for beauty, so lets not kill all the dreams. True beauty will hold both honesty and loveliness.

Moon enters Sagittarius 3:18 AM, Moon conjuncts Saturn 8:06 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 1:14 PM, Moon square Venus 5:16 PM, Moon square Neptune 5:33 PM, Moon semi-square Sun 7:36 PM, Venus opposed Neptune 8:52 PM.

Saturday, October 17: It furthers to work out this morning. An easily frustrated, physical discontent feels better if we get out there and move, work, workout, do something substantial as the Moon squares Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus while Mars conjuncts Jupiter. A strongly athletic and competitive streak encourages any team sport but can make sibling rivalry a real pain. Interactions can sparkle with vivacity, but arguments can easily get muscular unless we have a place to put this need to improve and wrestle. Lets compete against our personal best and wrestle our life into shape.

Moon square Mars 6:19 AM, Moon square Jupiter 6:41 AM, Moon square Chiron 1:34 PM, Moon square Uranus 2:40 PM, Mars conjunct Jupiter 4:39 PM.

Sunday, October 18: The muscular, competitive, “can-do or else” energy continues today but with a more workmanlike approach. Watch a tendency to tell people what to do, or to rebel with a knee-jerk reaction if told what to do. We need to balance efficient action with an open heart; manifest projects that express creativity with competence.

Moon sextile Sun 2:48 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:52 PM.

Monday, October 19: Roll with changing winds this morning. We may need to focus early but the night’s dreams may not want to let us go. A rather grim approach midday can bring us back to brilliant and decisive focus if we use it to get inspired and not discouraged as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and trines Mars and Jupiter. Notice competent, even dangerous, moves towards long –term goals. Try not to add work to anyone’s plate until fresh competent strategies arr ive late in the afternoon. Routines need adjustment tonight.

Moon sextile Neptune 2:25 AM, Moon square Mercury 4:13 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:36 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 1:12 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 3:49 PM, Moon trine Mars 5:26 PM, Moon semi-square Saturn 9:46 PM, Moon square Uranus 10:25 PM.

Tuesday, October 20: The name of the game today is follow through: carry forwards efforts on the way, follow up on contacts, be there when needed with good ideas. Do not say “I told you so’, even though it may be tempting. Just further what needs to be furthered. Tonight, take a break and nurture the team and family as the Moon enters communal Aquarius.

Moon square Sun 2:31 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 7:37 PM.

Wednesday, October 21: Get it together, this is a day to marshal facts, collect people, round up ideas and pull them into a cohesive working organism. Other people, including competition or archenemies, may be doing the same. Later, we can be distracted by a pleasant, more relaxed quality (if slightly oblivious, on the surface) and by our soul’s deeper issues beneath. But this many layered, textured reality provides us with the ground to improve collaboration and continue the work at hand. Just don’t expect cozy intimacy, and don’t expect people to get the hint. In order to cut through the complications, be explicit.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:49 AM, Moon trine Mercury 4:17 PM.

Thursday, October 22: Depression hovers. Obsession lingers. Accidents can happen. So can unusually deep research or personal exploration, let’s be honest with ourselves. We can work on some weight or problem, face the doubts, come to accept a new reality, and go forward from there. Our recent pains may feel fresh, but this could bring a turning point towards healing. Our hearts feel more tender towards the evening; although some will lash out, it’s better to share kindness as everyone will be experiencing this Mercury–Pluto square in their own personal way.

Moon sextile Uranus 3:08 AM, Mercury square Pluto 3:21 PM, Moon trine Sun 10:21 PM, Moon enters Pisces 11:17 PM.


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