Starcodes Oct 23, 2015

Starcodes Oct 23, 2015


Sap returns to the roots, bulb store the summer strength, acorns ripen in the fall Sunshine and squirrels gather their falling bounty; the Sun enters Scorpio today and the autumn deepens within and without.

The Scorpio Sun, along with a beautiful pre-dawn conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in industrious Virgo, asks us to gather our summer’s harvest and sort our seeds. Decide what seeds or efforts we want to nurture throughout the winter, and what we want to compost. Respect a new craving to pare down efforts so as not to feel scattered and spread thin, and focus on what will produce over the next year. The rest can become fertilizer.

In this light, we may feel like spending less social time but have deeper conversations where we do. We may want to become involved in fewer organizations, but deepen our efforts where we engage. Date less and love more. Pare down our moneymaking efforts and get serious with a few. Date less and love more. Be less of a dilettante in our spiritual practice, and deepen our meditation.

This focus also asked us to deepen our investigations. Solve a mystery or  ferret out the skeletons in a political candidate’s closet. We can also deepen the investigation of our own koan or conundrum and come to new understanding of our selves or our study. Let’s get down to.

Friday resonates with sensitized emotions under a squishy and wafting Pisces Moon and as a heart-centered Venus trines profound Pluto. We may be painfully aware of what could be lost or  what needs healing, compassion may call us to act even if we’re feeling rather squishy and in need of deep soul rest.

Be careful not to hurt one another’s feelings in this sensitive and somewhat defensive time, because when the Moon enters Aries on Sunday, our feistiness returns. The mood grows more emotionally engaged, even tumultuous and can provoke us to impulsive defensive decisions as Mercury opposes Uranus. This nervy excitement can shake loose a few screws, so let’s stay as grounded as possible and check in on friends with delicate psyches.

The Moon then waxes full in Taurus on Tuesday, a richly sensitive a richly sensual and musky full Moon to howl upon. It energizes working relationships, and test ones that aren’t; we’ll tend to entrench in an argument, but can really be there for one another in agreement. If this full Moon prods some our old scar tissue as Venus opposes Chiron, let’s hold the people in the room accountable for their present actions, but not the aches of our history.

Midweek softens into a much more appreciative, communicative, even cuddly opportunity to harvest the fruits of our efforts. Let’s share our bounty.

Wednesday and Thursday soften into a much more appreciative, communicative, even cuddly moment, we can harvest some of the fruits of our labor. Be a bountiful field and share what you’ve produced.

Friday, October 23: Moods waft and we feel easily overwhelmed or a swamp. Poignancy softens the ground of our heart. If we feel safe to be squishy, we open, intensely connect to who and what matters and commune with our creative muses as Venus trines Pluto and the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. But if we feel unsafe and have to guard our heart, we do so fiercely. Water furthers, but watch for floods. The mood grows inwardly vulnerable, outwardly more guarded tonight; share the balm of acceptance to be just where we are.

Venus trine Pluto 1:42 AM, Mars opposed Chiron 2:47 AM, Moon semi-square Uranus 4:23 AM, Moon squares Saturn 4:34 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 11:16 AM, Sun enters Scorpio 11:46 AM, Sun semi-square Jupiter 7:39 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:07 PM, Moon opposed Venus 10:28 PM.

Saturday, October 24: This is a day to drift amongst the falling leaves and wafting memories, a certain introspective sentimental melancholia can bring us inwards and reduce our external competence, but give us good fodder for personal contemplation. Listen to that thoughtful serenade. Connect with people around heart-centered or creative events. This morning, notice a growing energy and impatience, and more urban vibe tonight as the Moon opposes Mars and draws closer to Aries.

Moon opposed Jupiter 12:40 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 4:08 AM, Moon opposed Mars 5:18 AM.

Sunday, October 25: This is not your usual Sunday; the energy is active, volatile, but can fuel our engines for good or ill. The strength of the feminine is strong today, but ordinary lines of communication are not. We’re ready to change minds and change directions in a protective response. Or just change up our home base. We could launch a rescue operation, but can get in trouble without a worthy purpose. Notice a combustible tension; let’s be careful what fires we light, or even approach, as the Moon enters Aries, Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter, and Mercury opposes Uranus.

Moon enters Aries 12:21 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:46 AM, Venus conjunct Jupiter 2:03 AM p.m., Mercury opposed Uranus 4:59 PM, Moon square Pluto 9:27 PM.

Monday, October 26: The impatient Aries Moon stresses deadlines and pushes action, but we have to make sure that we don’t skip important points or take dangerous shortcuts as Mercury for semi-squares Saturn. Too narrow or focused thinking, a cranky judgmental attitude, or transportation limitations can cause a pileup in our thinking. Use the discipline but keep the mind open, and eyes alert, and a clear picture of a strong mutual goal.

Mercury semi-square Saturn 12:39 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 4:57 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 6:24 AM, Moon square Neptune 11:40 AM.

Tuesday, October 27: Slow it down as the Moon waxes full in sensual and earthy and possessive Taurus this morning at 6:05 AM. Luxuriate and feed the senses wherever possible in a healthy way. Confrontations or arguments that arise today will probably not find an easy solution because we really can dig our heels. Instead of pushing, respect differences and create room for all sides. Notice the torque of possessiveness, and an illusion that we have to choose between intensity or security or between privacy or safety, and don’t believe the story. Look for a third, more balanced, perspective instead.

Moon enters Taurus 12:07 AM, Moon opposed Sun 6:05 AM, Venus opposed Chiron 8:06 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:30 AM, Moon trine Pluto 9:15 PM.

Wednesday, October 28: What we plant today will be unusually productive as the earthy Taurus Moon trines the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. If were frustrated, let’s step away and let it go for now (even if we’re feeling unusually tenacious and territorial) and focus on what we want to grow instead, because we want to plant good seeds in this ever-so-fertile soil. Make every word and action, food choice, feeling and purchase invoke peace, safety, health, love, collaboration and creative fruitfulness.

Moon trine Jupiter 1:49 AM, Moon trine Venus 5:22 AM, Moon trine Mars 9:20 AM.

Thursday, October 29: The conversation picks up as the Moon enters verbal Gemini and forms some nervy, anxious but potentially productive aspects, so what should we talk about? Help direct the conversation. Writing furthers. Don’t buy into the existential anxiety; do use this nervy energy to further those productive seeds.

Moon enters Gemini 12:24 AM, Moon semis square Uranus 5:02 AM, Moon opposed Saturn at 6:41 AM, Moon square Neptune 12:10 PM.

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