Starcodes March 25, 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes March 25, 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


(All times MDT)

Spring and the Aries Sun add rocket fuel to whatever we begin this week. We just need to steer carefully so we don’t careen into a wall.

Saturn retrogrades today and can slow down our efforts to organize people or ideas. Our work may not go as planned over the next few weeks, but the delays can prove fruitful in the long run. Saturn retrograde usually helps us find the missing pieces; if there is a delay, refine the work at hand, the final product will be better therefor. Because Saturn retrograde symbolizes a reorganization of security, structure, and authority, it suggests a reorganization of who’s in charge and how the work gets done. Look for a shakeup in people positions of authority, shifts in power, and changes in the polls. And watch the European police reorganize their security systems over the next four months.

Aries wakes up our inner willpower, helps us remember makes us happy to be alive, our personal motivation. We may see too many possibilities where it was hard to see any a few weeks ago.

This spring fire can help us realign with our bliss and our purpose if we listen to our inner calling. But it can also make us so reactive that we waste this energy just being oppositional, allergic, or easily distracted. This willful discontent can make us unsatisfied with what is not working in our life and give us the courage to fix it or try something new.

This weekend the winds bluster inside and out as the tempestuous Scorpio Moon pulls us inwards at the same time the Aries Sun pushes us outwards. Our emotional reactions can run through extremes, our opinions tug and clash. Old neuroses can erupt like a rash, especially if we get twitchy about a delay. Relationships can run the gamut of extremes this week as Venus squares Saturn, opposes Jupiter, and sextiles Pluto; we crave both independence and connection. But we don’t have to turn relationships into a soap opera or get caught in other people’s static. And if we’ve been waiting for artistic inspiration, now is the time to get ourselves out to the studio, practice our craft and catch the creative updrafts.

After a competent, relatively genial if uncomfortably honest midweek, the mood gets stormier toward the end of the week as thoughtful Mercury conjuncts impulsive Uranus and squares powerful Pluto. This is revolutionary energy, so where do we need to revolt? Watch the headlines, as it may be full of radical acts and inflammatory speech. We can choose a more constructive path ourselves.

Deadlines and decisions may loom, but let’s watch an impulse to jump to extremes. Speak up, but think through consequences before speaking. Use the sharp, incisive thinking available to assess and repair and pay attention when driving or around mechanical glitches. Get moving, but in a good direction.

Friday, March 25: Get diplomatic necessities done early, we won’t be feeling particularly sociable after the Moon enters Scorpio midday. Romance or interpersonal dealings grow musky and primal; expect intensely and honestly mixed messages. Steer the ship carefully through potentially unsettled love, confused feelings and self-indulgent displays of emotions. The evening has a thoughtful undertow; everyone may need time in their own corner.

Saturn retrograde 4 AM, Venus opposes Jupiter 5:57 AM, Venus squares Saturn 10:48 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 12:08 PM.

Saturday, March 26: Feel the urge to take action, scan for potential consequences, and kick into gear as the Sun trines Mars. Jump towards something wanted, not just away from something unwanted. The creative impulse flows and our hearts can crack open a bit farther as Venus sextiles Pluto. Longing softens if we focus on gratitude for what we do have.  A long semi-solitary stroll could be great medicine. Afternoon can be magical, though it may not be practical. This evening our thinking and our interpersonal signals can be truly confusing; enjoy but proceed with caution as Mercury semi-sextiles Neptune.

Sun trine Mars 4:32 AM, Venus sextile Pluto 5:11 AM, Moon trine Neptune 9:24 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:31 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:20 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Neptune 11:55 PM.

Sunday, March 27: Emotional rivers run deep and strong, feeling run deep but can be beautiful as the Scorpio Moon trines Venus in Pisces early this morning. Decisions are hard to come by as the Moon makes no major aspects afterwards. A recalcitrant streak kicks in midday, we won’t do what we don’t want to do, but can be productive on our own lines. Communication issues can make us crabby tonight, stay on course with what matters.

Moon trine Venus 1:25 AM.

Monday, March 28: Let’s get on with it. Momentum picks up as the Moon enters restless Sagittarius, we can accidentally step on one another’s toes or feel out of synch midday as the Moon conjuncts Mars, we have to say it as we see it. Cooperative action can flow this afternoon as the Moon trine’s the Sun, as long as we can find a shared goal. Energy drops rather suddenly tonight as the Moon squares Neptune; if misunderstandings increase, go to sleep.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:46 AM, Venus quincunx Uranus 3:33 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 2:11 PM, Moon trine Sun 6:11 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:49 PM.

Tuesday, March 29: Notice a surfeit of attitude, information, and demands, but don’t get spread too thin or waste energy in reaction even though a few people will make outrageous statements. Stay focused on longer term priorities, be prepared to make considered decisions and follow through as thoughtful Mercury trines Saturn and squares Pluto. Tonight, if world feels heavy, support one another.

Moon trine Mercury 6:55 AM, Moon square Jupiter 72 5 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 9:15 AM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter 12:36 PM, Moon trine Uranus 4:01 PM, Moon square Venus 7:54 PM, Mercury trine Saturn 9:01 PM.

Wednesday, March 30: Seriousness this morning, problems or recent losses can lean in as Mercury squares Pluto and the Moon enters heavy, competent Capricorn. Resist manipulative communications, and don’t believe any discouraged interior monologue. We need something to work on this afternoon and can seriously attack a problem. Just don’t attack one another. Tonight the energy diffuses, we may question former certainty or need extra rest.

Mercury square Pluto 8:53 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:44 AM, Sun semi-sextile Neptune 4:07 PM.

Thursday, March 31: Work on it; use the morning’s discomfort to get at the problem and inspire solutions. We are done with what doesn’t work, and are ready to change minds, change scenery, as Mercury conjuncts electrical Uranus. This aspect helps us adapt and change gears, but lowers our impulse control and can bring shocking action and surprising commentary.

Moon sextile Neptune 7:59 AM, Moon square Sun 9:16 AM, Mercury conjunct Uranus 2:49 PM, Moon square Jupiter 4:56 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 8:36 PM.




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