Starcodes April 29 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes April 29 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


As long as we’re not in a hurry we can enjoy this weekend’s sweet and mellow aspects, which are perfect for puttering in the garden or through the farmer’s market and checking in with old friends. Catch up with a backlog of emotional processing. Venus enters its own earthy sign of Taurus and nurtures our gardens and our relationships.

But if we have specific places to go, things to do, and a tight timeline to get there, we’ll tend to feel frustrated and can tune into an underlying ambient irritation. It will help us to stay flexible about our plans while being open to serendipity and important side agendas; yes we can make plans and set a few easy goals, but let’s be willing to roll with life and work with what fate has to offer. Mercury has just turned retrograde and all things now Mercurial slow down and take a unique path.

Mercury symbolizes how we think, communicate, transport, and be honest, and is now retrograde until May 22. It joins Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all appearing to back up against the zodiac from our earthly perspective. When any planet turns retrograde, we get a chance to review what we’ve learned over its recent path, and may have to deal with an usual, sometimes difficult, expression of its realm. For instance, in Minneapolis, the main interstate throughway which also connects the Twin Cities is completely closed throughout this first weekend of Mercury retrograde, forcing drivers to find unique roots through side-streets and secondary arteries. Drivers may run late for their plans, but could see new parts of the city they didn’t know existed.

In another example of retrograde action, since Mars (whose realm includes desire, machismo, exploration, physical energy, sexuality, violence, and war) turned retrograde (April 17-, June 29) in the sign Sagittarius, a sign we associate with children, youthful energy, movement, we have seen several incidents in the national news of children who found a gun and harmed themselves or family. Only a few families in the country and had to deal with this personally, but we all have had to contemplate that symbol and wonder what we could do to prevent such tragedies in the future. Mars retrograde is also an important time to go back and find missing passions or long-standing ambitions that have fallen by the wayside, and reinvestigate. But let’s watch the tendency towards road rage. Mars retrograde can also be a time when something triggers an old anger of ours, and we have to decide to either reattach to that anger, or pull the thorn and let it go.

This week Mercury retrogrades back into the grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto (the first pass was April 15 -19), a grand trine which will resonate throughout May. Just watch the bombastic political (Jupiter/Pluto) slinging, a power play of words (Mercury), throughout the month. But this grand trine may also take our minds back to a time where we felt depressed or disempowered and help us open the energy locked up that memory. As a culture we may also need to recommit to fixing an old wrong, deal with intense and heavy news, or contemplate (Mercury) what truly frees us (Jupiter/Pluto) in a concrete and real way (grand trine in earth signs). With Mercury retrograde it behooves us to take our time, to review, renew, recollect, return, and complete on all levels.

So this weekend, wherever possible, let’s kick back rather than push forward. Sunday, May Day, marks spring’s midpoint. It’s a lovely day to commune with nature and invoke the magic of the burgeoning natural world, and the healing power of healthy human evolution. We can feel a little hypersensitive, may not be feeling so realistic, and may lose a lot of details in the process as the energizing Sun sextiles intuitive, spiritual, idealistic Neptune, just as the Moon enters Neptune rule Pisces, but it truly can be a magical time.

Enjoy the spring pulchritude before Tuesday. The weekend ends with nervy, high friction aspects that can both make us cranky and lower our impulse control just as mechanical glitches and human assumptions increase. We can direct this irritable fuel to further our work or rebel against problems. But let’s watch what we say with one another, watch where we drive, and hold one another and the major hotspots of the world in lovingkindness.

Friday, April 29: The mood is pleasantly stubborn, though it’s all too easy to miss signals and work tangentially instead of cooperatively. If people feels out of sync, slow down, hold hands and reconnect, decide on a few select goals, and let everything else wait. The evening has a cuddly, humorous, well-fed quality if we’re not in a hurry or sidetracked by misunderstandings.

Moon square Venus 1:07 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 2:46 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 5:19 PM, Venus enters Taurus 6:35 PM, Moon square Sun 9:28 PM.

Saturday, April 30: We may want to connect, but our relationships can feel tested or strained by distracting responsibilities this morning. The garden and other pragmatic chores call us for attention and it’s a good time to catch up with our own work. The afternoon is sociable if restless, our feet may want to roam and check out the neighborhood. Though we may need to work around a clash between head and heart or between conflicting needs tonight as the Moon squares Mercury.

Venus sesqui-quadrate Saturn 2:13 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 6:46 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 5:54 PM, Moon square Mercury 8:55 PM.

Sunday, May 1: This is a hard day to stay grounded, pragmatic and efficient but a wonderful day to talk with the garden spirits and open the heart, to dance the Maypole or find another way to honor mid-spring. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces, the Sun sextiles imaginative, sensitive Neptune, we can feel squishy and amorphous, permeable, unrealistic and alive. Magic resonates.

Sun sextile Neptune 6 AM, Moon conjunct Pisces 8:33 AM, Moon sextile Venus 12:15 PM, Moon square Mars 9:34 PM.

Monday, May 2: Be gentle on one another this Monday morning, we may still be feeling squishy and watery, may not be the sharpest tool in the box. Allergies and other irritants hit delicate nerves. We may start off this morning in a generous mood if uncertain or foggy in our perceptions. Mid-day can bring a grim streak as the squishy mood hits workday realities, but ends on a more comfortable note where we can be sympathetic and supportive of one another.

Moon conjunct Neptune 4:22 AM, Moon sextile Sun 5:59 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 7:22 AM, Moon square Saturn 10:38 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 2:16 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 11:07 PM.

Tuesday, May 3: The ambient energy picks up, but now we have to focus it ourselves as the Sun trines upbeat Jupiter The moon enters energized, iconoclastic Aries and infuses us with a desire to break away from it all; we’re not interested in trivia or routine, but we don’t have to push others away or create artificial intensity. Though some people will do just that. It furthers to philosophize on the nature of true freedom.

Sun trine Jupiter 1:57 AM, Moon enters Aries 11:04 AM, Moon trine Mars 10:42 PM.

Wednesday, May 4: We could wake up with a rebellious chip on our shoulder. We tend to butt up against the rules, restrictions anybody playing the authority figure, with no patience for bureaucracy as the Sun quincunx Saturn We may also have to accept that we have to release an item, plan, or person. Either we can let that distract us, or let it bring us more into our heart. Watch for minor odd power plays from people afraid to let go. Be cautious tonight, the energy swirls erratically.

Moon trine Saturn 11:33 AM, Moon square Pluto 3:13 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 10:16 PM, Sun quincunx Saturn 10:39 PM.

Thursday, May 5: The day begins with nervy, difficult, even accident-prone energy. It’s all too easy to say something we don’t really mean. Keep it five second delay on impulses, check to make sure they are real. Don’t read too much into interpersonal friction. The day smooths out as the Moon enters Taurus midday We can reconnect easily tonight, if we can get past earlier sparks. Show love through concrete help

Mercury semi sextile Uranus 12:31 AM, Mars sesqui-quadrate Uranus 5:10 AM, Venus quincunx Mars 8:10 AM, Moon enters Taurus 11:10 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 11:12 PM.

(all times MDT)

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