Starcodes May 27, 2016  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes May 27, 2016  Heather Roan Robbins


This will be generally a cheerful, upbeat and sociable week. After a wandering Memorial weekend, we can really get some momentum going as Mercury progresses forward into a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto, a grand trine that has been hovering in and out for a few weeks while Mercury retrograde, and now shifts back into position one last time as Mercury progresses forward.

But momentum towards what? Over the last month a retrograde Mercury has encouraged us to take time out (whether we liked it or not), catch up with ourselves, introspect and review our life to look at what’s working and what’s not. (In part by making it hard to do anything else). This holiday weekend a sensitive, dreamy Pisces Moon encourages us to let go of the tense strands of our life, relax into a puddle and get a bit of distance.

Maybe drift, and dream in a hammock, float on the water, or enjoy the wine tasting. Let the brain run loose, however briefly, and get some fresh perspective. Do some personal journey work and ask spirit what’s the next. Talk it all out and envision the next steps of life. Then return to work next week with the new plan and get the ball rolling.

It’s time to organize our next steps forward. Early next week, as the Moon enters action oriented Aries, look for a productive time to launch proposals or instigate change. Mental Mercury trines powerful Pluto which puts people in a decision-making mode, and it will be good to have our resume, proposal or great idea on the table.

During the second half the week we build a steadier groove. As the Moon enters Taurus and the Sun and Venus square confusing, intuitive Neptune, we may feel more imaginative is more confused about our emotional and artistic decisions, and may be tempted to rethink earlier decisions, but should probably run with the plans we made the first half of the week. Our imagination may be strong but it will be easy to get confused or build some illusions about what’s really going on, or deal with about of insecurity, but this will clear up quickly by next week.

Because squares from Neptune make us want to believe the ideal, to believe our hopes and fears, it is easy to be bamboozled by less than honest people. So consider trusting people as a working hypothesis, but check references. It will be also important to watch for weather and water damage, check our facts, and stay as present as possible.

So we can build some lovely optimistic momentum this week, which is great on a good day. If things go wrong or old resentments get tapped, we can get a bumpy ride. Militant Mars has retrograde it back into intense Scorpio (where it was from January 4 to March 4). Mars turns direct on June 30 but doesn’t move out of Scorpio again until August 4. Mars in Scorpio can bring great focus to our work, but it does have a dark and resentful side.

With Mars in Scorpio, if somebody crosses our path, we’ll remember every time they’ve ever done so since the garden of Eden. Now this can be helpful when we have to call hold people and politicians accountable for actions in the past, but can also use resentment or suspicion to distract us from staying on task. Crimes of revenge, or brooding rancor could occur because Mars in Scorpio can bring out a mean streak in ordinary people, the scorpion’s stinger tail.

So we feel the tendrils of old resentment wasting our time, let’s assess the situation and decide if we need to take action to express and old pain and get the splinter out, to repair the past, or to prevent a future repeat. If not, let’s disentangle from those old tendrils, and not waste an otherwise lovely day. Let’s stay on task and use that moment to focus for a wise purpose.

Friday, May 27: Morning brings productive conversation and useful meetings. Communications jam up around noon briefly as the Moon squares Mercury, and irrational stubborn streak can tangle negotiations or and old resentment can get our tail twitching. We can get theoretical about our feelings, but may have trouble really get to the point unless we look to past stories and past examples. But this breaks soon, look for opportunity mid-afternoon. Evening is sociable with the potential for last-minute spontaneity.

Mars enters Scorpio 7:51 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:32 AM, Moon square Mercury 12:44 PM.

Saturday, May 28: Morning is collaborative and sociable, as long as we don’t push people to be more open than they feel. Early afternoon brings a willfulness: we have to go our own way as the Moon squares Mars. Our feelings sensitize as the Moon enters Pisces, we resent if we feel guilty or responsible for one another (which we do easily but inappropriately). So keep the agenda open, let minds wander and feelings puddle.

Moon sextile Uranus 2:35 AM, Moon square Mars 2:18 PM, Moon enters Pisces 3:05 PM.

Sunday, May 29: A drifting, dreaming morning encourages us to open up our intuitive antennae to commune with nature, spirit, and our soul. Don’t ask anyone to be the least bit efficient as the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is a day to dream and vision, and get the imagination going about the future’s potential. We may get a little bit more serious and competent in the afternoon as the Moon squares Saturn, but really, the least expectation the better. Watch for problems around flooding of feelings, water, and weather.

Moon square Venus 1:48 AM, Moon square Sun 6:29 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 12:11 PM, Moon square Saturn 2:45 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 3:30 PM, Moon sextiles Mercury 7:57 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:03 PM.

Monday, May 30: We may still feel like we’re on holiday this morning, so don’t jump in too fast, but do organize proposals share ideas and dreams and begin to build a vision together. Our communication today is profoundly important; listen for new and vital information, and put in specific proposals or contacts. Many decisions will be made in the next few days, and its time to get a horse in the race. The day speed up as it progresses, an action-oriented Moon/Mars trine around 5 PM, the Moon then enters Aries as Mercury trines Pluto and brings penetrating conversations but also breeds recalcitrant opinions.

Moon conjunct Chiron 10:30 AM, Moon trine Mars 5:10 PM, Moon enters Aries 7:09 PM, Mercury trine Pluto 9:09 PM.

Tuesday, May 31: What does opportunity mean to us? Do we want to spend today’s positive aspects resting in a hammock, savoring us summers moment? Or do we need to engage in a cause we believe in, or bring our curiosity and creativity to collaborative projects? We need to follow our inner muse, and not tell other people what to do; but once we decide and get moving, and underlying energy of competence and movement supports us.

Moon sextile Venus 10:08 AM, Moon sextile Sun 1:09 PM, Moon trine Saturn 5:23 PM, Moon square Pluto 11:39 PM.

Wednesday, June 1: We’ll tend to be impulsive, brusque, impatient as Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, but can’t always see where were going as the Sun squares confusing, unrealistic Neptune. This is a tricky combination. Cautious enthusiasm and foresight matter; stay centered and think three steps ahead; the mood slows down and becomes more embodied as the Moon enters earthy Taurus tonight.

Moon conjunct Uranus 9:42 AM, Sun square Neptune 8:41 PM, Moon enters Taurus 8:46 PM.

Thursday, June 2: The mood is sensitive, imaginative, though maybe over impressionable, as Venus squares Neptune. Our aesthetics our creative, but our judgment might be a little odd. Our imagination is strong but our it’s hard to see what’s really happening in any affairs of the heart.  Make hypothesis, not assumptions, go exploring and stay open to new information. Be Ready to drop assumptions and adjust plans.

Moon sextile Neptune 4:09 PM. Moon trine Jupiter 7:35 PM, Venus square Neptune 10:14 PM.

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