Starcodes  Aug 5, 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes  Aug 5, 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


Tonight, just after sunset (if the sky is clear), look to the western horizon and see the Moon conjunct Jupiter, with Venus (and Mercury, the less visibly) close nearby, a beautiful site that calls us to expand our hearts and our horizons.

Because this lineup occurs in nervy Virgo the industrious sign harvest and healing, of transition between summer and autumn, our minds will be drawn to think about our work plans for this coming fall. We may also see the first leaves tinge with orange or let fall clothes catch our eyes, and actually look forward to new office supplies or long to sink our teeth into a class, project, or campaign in the month ahead.

Yes, let’s sketch out preparations for fall now because Mercury turns retrograde August 30 through September 22 and it will be good to have a few plans mapped out ahead of time. But let’s not rush the summer. The Sun in Leo still calls for us to renew our wells with the bounty of summer life. It looks to be a busy, intense year ahead, we will need those reserves.

Virgo likes to fix things. These planets in Virgo also helps us sharpen our critical capacity, hone our ability to think and sort information. They trigger us to search our soul and take personal inventory. We don’t need anyone else to search our soul for us, thank you very much, don’t poke or prod us and go lightly with advice and helpful information or we can get touchy and defensive. Let’s use Virgo’s critical thinking capacity instead to sort out useful seed from chaff, truth from hype. This goes equally for our politics and our soul’s journey.

To help turn this Virgo critical thinking into a gift we need to be able to empathize, to really put ourselves in another’s shoes, a Virgo gift when we open our hearts. We also need to focus on what we want, not on what we don’t want.

Although the Moon enters friendly, fair and sociable Libra over the weekend, a conscientious Mercury-Saturn square on Saturday asks us to take things seriously. It can help us organize and plan any last-minute summer trips or engage in really interesting debate. But we can get cranky or see problems bigger than they are. Romantic Venus squares active Mars and can spark romantic interests, but throw off our timing so it may be a challenge to truly connect. One person can get a little nervy or critical under stress while the other needs to take a walk. Yet this aspect can encourages us to come at problems from very different angles, which can be really constructive if we respect each other’s position. We need to be able to be intrigued by each other’s quirks.

Mars is now in Sagittarius, the sign of travel, which will generally keep people positive, authentic, and restless. When we get stressed, it will help to move, to walk to dance or drive. A road trip can be a wonderful way to work out family issues, as long as no one feels trapped in the process. “Don’t fence me in” is that that Sagittarius theme song.

Mercury opposes Neptune on Sunday which can distract us or leave us spiritually hungry. But we can also wander in our minds and wander around the neighborhood if we get lost. Weather and water can complicate our situation; our coffee can spill on the directions. It can be too easy to project or to believe in a fear, a fantasy, or a cartoon. We make an opportunity to tell a great story though, we just have to know that’s what we’re doing.

On Monday a Scorpio Moon hones our focus and can hone political debate as it amps up our contentious streak. It will help if we have something to focus upon, something other than ourselves, each other, or politics. Although the mood is fairly durable and resilient, we need both extroverted Leo moments, and moments of Scorpionic solitude, a break from society where we just get a minute with ourselves. If our friends and family suddenly act antisocial, just give them space so they don’t feel trapped and crowded, and they can bounce back.

Thursday ends on an energized and unusually honest note; our sense of humor returns though we may need to talk about something we’ve been brooding over all week, or need a moment away from human interests, out communing with the wild.

Friday, August 5: Don’t worry so much. Our minds will tend to fret as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto and conjuncts Jupiter, just as Venus enters Virgo. Practice mindfulness; stay in the here and now, and make that the best possible, rather than borrow trouble from the future. Use a delicious ability to see what needs doing to catch up or arrive safely. Feel the urge to prepare for the fall, take the next step, but stay in this present summer moment. Create a potentially expansive, thoughtful evening as the Moon conjunct Jupiter.

Moon trine Pluto 6:53 AM, Venus enters Virgo 9:26 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:20 PM.

Saturday, August 6: Morning begins with the more serious, potentially difficult edge. Notice the urge to plan things, and map out the next few days brainstorm a bit about the fall, but don’t obsess and plan anything more than necessary. Talk over the known universe and all her philosophies as the Moon and Mercury square Saturn. These aspects can deepen our thinking and help us follow through to completion but we can borrow trouble; instead, find a more interesting problem to solve. Our sociability improves as the Moon enters Libra midday, romantic expectations can both bring a touch of the delicious but also set us up for disappointment if we’re out of sync as Venus squares Mars tonight. Enjoy difference and all can be delightful.

Moon opposed Chiron 12:21 AM, Mercury square Saturn 7:17 AM, Moon enters Libra 10:56 AM, Moon sextile Mars 200 6 PM, Venus square Mars 6:19 PM.

Sunday, August 7: Early confusion can leave us wandering. We may not feel like coping, have trouble getting anywhere on time, and could use some extra sleep. Midday we long for something numinous and magical as Mercury opposes Neptune. Just stay awake at the wheel if driving. Emotions crank up around dinner time as the Moon squares Pluto, though the discouragement can pass quickly. Give room for extra emotional discharge. And feel the bounce back to optimism later in the evening.

Moon sextile Saturn 6:18 AM, Mercury opposed Neptune 10:24 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:38 PM, Moon sextile Sun 6:28 PM.

Monday, August 8: Plans can change quickly this morning as the Moon opposes Uranus, and this can make some people edgy. To help work around any contention this sparks, take the lead but let everyone have a say in how the changes are handled. Afternoon is sociable though the evening develops a sharper edge as the Moon enters inward-looking Scorpio. Let everyone go to their own corner when they need to soothe their introverted side or they will get cranky.

Moon opposed Uranus 11:41 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 10:51 PM.

Tuesday, August 9: Although people need their boundaries respected, and won’t be particularly flexible, this can be a beautiful day to share insight as the Moon sextiles Venus and trines Neptune. It will help to speak tangentially, to talk about shared interests rather than to poke and pry into one another, no matter how tempting. The magic of the natural world can speak to the mystery in our hearts, we just need to listen.

Moon sextile Venus 8:43 AM, Moon trine Neptune 9:37 PM.

Wednesday, August 10: What an interesting day to ferret out information, to study, to understand, investigate as Mercury trines Pluto, lord of the depths. Feel the strong torque of competing willpowers and try not to catch people in the crossfire. It will not be possible to make everybody happy at once, and it will be easy to focus on the differences rather than connection, but we can state our position and agree to disagree. Give people room for acceptance, don’t make them try to justify their need to go what looks like the wrong way, because they will only get more adamant in their position. Grant one another a long of space. It furthers to have small challenges we face together rather than make each other the challenge.

Moon sextile Mercury 4:47 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 6:04 AM, Moon square Sun 12:20 PM, Mercury trine Pluto 5:24 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 11:21 PM.

Thursday, August 11: Morning can be slow off the bat, let people have their coffee or morning rituals before nudging them. Feel a relief and refocus around noon with room to roam as the Moon enters Sagittarius. Laugh together. Enjoy the camaraderie, just don’t keep anybody waiting, particularly around dinnertime as the Moon conjunct Mars. If poked, people speak the truth, but could do so ruthlessly.

Moon enters Sagittarius 11:23 AM, Moon conjuncts Mars 7:04 PM.

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Wondered where you went. Had We’Moon bookmarked, and then kept getting 404 Error.
I share this with several friends every week, and it’s a great way for us to keep in touch and compare notes. Thanks!