Starcodes Sept 2 2016  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Sept 2 2016  Heather Roan Robbins


This is a Labor Day weekend to relax, not labor. The astrological conditions are lousy for industrious efficient precision but lovely for introspection, reconnecting with old friends, helping, healing, analyzing woes and discussing what makes the world fair and lovely. It’s time to listen to our soul and share our thoughts. It’s time to listen to the dragonfly hover over the pond or dove coo in the corner park.

As the weekend begins the Sun opposes confusing, drifting Neptune, which can leave us feeling fuzzy, foggy, waterlogged, or just painfully aware of factors which challenge our decisions. Sloppy or foggy conditions, misunderstandings abound, so does a perfectly healthy desire to escape for the weekend. Drift away, but be careful around potential water damage, storms, fossil fuels, or awkward alcohol consumption, all Neptunian dangers.

A friendly and fair Libra Moon conjunct sociable Venus helps us relax and connect with one another over the weekend, but won’t help us get to work. To help the busy Virgo work ethic relax it helps to see connecting and renewing, as well as artistic creation, as a form of soul work.

On Monday, Labor Day the Scorpio Moon can bring us new focus for our work, though it can also bring out an irascible element. Let’s plan our picnics over the weekend, take Monday to do exactly what we want, and keep the social obligations minimal, as we can get a little snarky at the softball game. This Scorpio intensity helps us focus on our work Tuesday and Wednesday as the Sun trines intense Pluto and demands attention to the real issues of our life. We can stand back, and get better perspective under Thursday’s Sagittarius Moon.

Throughout the week we may notice a strangely subdued, self-conscious streak stemming from the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Jupiter all now in thoughtful Virgo, and all beautifully visible together to the west just after Sunset. Virgo’s symbol is a woman holding a sheaf of wheat, from back in the day when our daily bread meant life. She represents the capacity to sorts seed from chaff, to discern the difference between sacred nutrient and waste.

While this skill can be powerfully productive, this editorial process can hurt when we turn it inwards on ourselves or turn it towards those we love. It’s a good week to truly introspect, but let’s not get too hard on ourselves, and be kind to ourselves if we feel unusually cautious about taking risk and stepping forward. Let’s give extra encouragement to students who are off to meet a classroom full of new people under this Virgo line-up, and lean in on the wonderful Virgoan capacity for empathic kindness.

Patience will be more than a virtue this week as Mercury is retrograde and in its own sign of Virgo. While this retrograde brings a wonderful time to review, edit, renew, and pick up old work where we left off, let’s keep a five second lead on our critical edge. Keep track of small, easily lost but essential items. And put safety first in all transportation matters.

Be particularly careful about misunderstandings around offers to help. Before we bring supplies down to a charity, find out if we are bringing what they actually need. Before we share that brilliant critique or helpful suggestion to child or mate, let’s ask if it will just irritate others or will it actually improve the situation. And before we snap at a relative for their helpful suggestions, let’s think about their motivation. And as with all Mercury retrograde times, if tension does arise, let’s assume it’s a misunderstanding, and listen for the truth underneath.

Friday, September 2: The energy may be low, the mood confusing though potentially optimistic as the Sun opposed Neptune. Our efforts drift. We can’t see clearly, people may believe our stories, but it’s harder to see what is real and true. Dream away, engage imagination and intuition, but just check facts again in the coming days. Tonight, notice a beautiful Moon-Jupiter- Mercury conjunction, and let in its healing power of camaraderie.

Sun opposed Neptune 10:37 AM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter 11:17 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 3:59 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:12 PM, Moon enters Libra 6:55 PM.

Saturday, September 3: Morning is potentially gentle, but we may be averse to hurry or hard manual labor; keep the agenda loose and trust the body if it needs to relax and rest up. We may not be particularly realistic, be easily bamboozled by our hopes and fears, or fall in love with a beautiful antique and be deluded about its actual worth. Avoid unnecessary major purchases, let memories simmer up in a constructive and healing way. Engage creativity to listen to the soul’s progress.

Moon conjunct Venus 5:29 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:55 PM.

Sunday, September 4: We have more energy to wrestle with our fate this morning, may want to sink our teeth into a project or debate our future. Listen to the oracles, pay attention to auspicious conversations. Tonight a restlessness can send us out and about or encourage us to make a fresh new year’s resolution for the year ahead.

Moon square Pluto 12:39 AM, Moon sextile Mars 2:12 AM, Moon opposite Uranus 6:30 PM,

Monday, September 5: Let’s give our intensity something to focus upon, some project, research, a positive obsession, otherwise we can just start poking and digging inappropriately and hurt each other accidentally. Misunderstandings abound and activities may have trouble building momentum. If somebody appears to be in a bad mood, just let them have some time alone. Solitude may be essential to hit the reset button for the busy weeks ahead.

Moon enters Scorpio 6:38 AM.

Tuesday, September 6: Don’t say too much or try to debate; when things get muddy, our attempt to clarify may only stir the waters. Instead gather up loose ends, check in on progress and assess students. Gather information today. Get on the same page with others, not by discussing how, but by finding common goals and clarifying direction as the Sun trines Pluto.

Moon trine Neptune 3:54 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12:05 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 1:01 PM, Sun trine Pluto 11:19 PM.

Wednesday, September 7: Temporary restrictions may be helpful, so work within smaller boundaries to complete the work and create something solid. Renew old connections and ask for, or offer, mentorship as Venus sextiles Saturn. We can feel appreciation where we have built trust through our actions in the past. New information tonight informs our next steps.

Venus sextile Saturn 5:33 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:38 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:42 PM, Moon entered Sagittarius 7:19 PM.

Thursday, September 8: A streak of dark humor brings a lighthearted moment. This morning may can bring openings; new people, broach new subjects, feel a bit more brave and extroverted though we may not be particularly organized. It helps to take children and dogs on a run, and probably ourselves, before we have the concentration to sit still. Decisions are needed late this afternoon as the Moon conjunct Saturn, but keep them simple, practical, and localized.

Moon conjunct Saturn 4:06 PM, Moon square Neptune 4:20 PM, Moon sextile Venus 7:53 PM.





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Sara Troy

Excellent thank you, so time to relax this weekend with out guilt, with retrograde its hard to be productive anyway.