Starcodes Sept 9 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Sept 9 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


This week brings paradoxical messages from the stars; some aspects will slow us down and others stimulate events that need our attention right now. Let’s roll with the changes in the agenda, take advantage of serendipitous spontaneous moments, but let’s not even pretend we can control what happens.

To work with these mixed planetary instructions, it helps if we dance with the paradoxes and explore all possibilities but jump to no conclusions. Look back to the past, but stay aware in the present. Take delays as an opportunity to make better decisions. Mercury retrograde in its own sign of Virgo adds a slapstick quality of outrageous communications glitches and brings strange twists of fate. Legal decisions can flip-flop. We may need to go back and touch base with people we know and love as well as people with whom we’ve worked with before and might again.

Friday unfolds under an exploratory, upbeat but impatient Sagittarius Moon, we can feel ready for a journey, but not have the keys in our hands. Jupiter, the planet we associate with expansion, freedom, and bounty, begins a year in Libra, the sign of social justice and delightful egalitarian relationships. All forms of relationships, from our love life to our international allies, move towards the front burner this year.

Over this weekend, and just in time for our tough memories of our country’s history, Venus squares Pluto and connects us with our powerful emotion of grief, loss, fear of loss, loneliness, or depth of feeling and healthy priorities in the face of it all, right on September 11. Mercury is retrograde also letting our mind linger on the past, for better or worst. We review, remember, and can reconnect.

And this can bring us down to a layer of existential depression or concern as Saturn squares Neptune for the third and last time (11/26/15, 6/17/16, 9/10/16). Let’s think back on any unfinished business we may have that occurred in this rhythm, and look for closure or a fresh layer of understanding. This aspect brings weltschmerz- world weariness-but also encourages us to put form to our spiritual search or creative process. It supports all work done to protect water, Neptune’s element, in particular efforts to restrict (Saturn’s gift) pollution related to fossil fuels and water (both Neptune’s work).

We may feel extra permeable under this aspect, may need extra rest and notice that our immune system and our psychic boundaries needs support. And if everything takes on a dull sheen or we begin to be passively depressed and lethargic about our political involvement or hope for the world, it’s important that we not believe the clouds, but forgive ourselves and contemplate our life in a more gentle, reflective light to remember where we’re heading, and why.

Monday brings up new possibilities as the Moon enters Aquarius and reconnects us. But the Sun and retrograde Mercury both square Mars on Tuesday which can make us reactively decisive. We need to stay focused on what we want, not we don’t want, and be particularly careful in any accident-prone situations, for instance around touchy equipment, difficult people or sharp objects.

The Moon waxes full in Pisces on Wednesday and Thursday and brings in a dreamy, emotional quality. It will help to stay busy and stay kind.

Friday, September 9: We may have a compulsion to speak our truth, inconvenient or not, this morning as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Sagittarius. We may feel rushed and tempted to hurry, but this can cause more delays, so have patience. This day can be eventful, action oriented, but may be busier than it is effective. Watch for communication glitches around dinner as the Moon squares Neptune, and make sure there’s room to move tonight as the Sagittarius Moon trines Uranus.

Jupiter enters Libra 5:18 AM, Moon square Sun 5:48 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 9:10 AM, Moon square Mercury 6:25 PM, Moon trine Uranus 6:50 AM.

Saturday, September 10: The mood is grimly efficient, a bit cranky and not interested in fluff. We want people to get on with it, we’re happy when they do, but can be impatient if they don’t with the Moon in competent Capricorn as Saturn squares Neptune. But we are not dealing with logic here. Take a chance to get to the root of what slows us down or stops us as Saturn squares Neptune. Underneath an existential grayness is a chance to get at something fundamental and build from there.

Mercury opposed Chiron 5:50 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 6:54 AM, Saturn square Neptune 7:30 AM, Moon square Jupiter 7:21 AM.

Sunday, September 11: We are aware of partings, loss, danger, and feel with of existential long homesickness as Venus squares Pluto while the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Relationships can become a bit obsessive thoughts of revenge whisper around the edges. Underneath that can also be strong and deep connection. It helps to work, to work together towards a common cause, small or large. Just reel in control issues and make it collaboration.

Venus square Pluto 1:47 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 2:54 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 11:36 AM, Moon square Venus 12:39 PM, Moon trine son 8:35 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:36 PM.

Monday, September 12: This morning, don’t push a new agenda, because we are more likely to say no then yes. Give us room to vent, process problems, and find short-term solutions as Mercury squares Mars. We can get abrupt, and say things we don’t mean. Accidents and transportation abound but so can precise engineering decisions. Afternoon is more sociable and proactive; our attention is brought to the bigger community as the Moon enters Aquarius.

Moon square Uranus 3:58 AM, Mercury square Mars 12:58 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 3:28 PM, Moon trine Jupiter for 40 9 PM, Sun conjunct Mercury 5:39 PM.

Tuesday, September 13: If we are a little lonely, melancholic, or wonder what if, or if only, let’s notice how we are isolating ourselves or not choosing to create connection. Balance the need for solitude with a need for the group, feel connected by helping others. Good deeds weave relationships. Depression, sadness, and lethargy lift if we feel we can do something about the situation.

Moon sextile Saturn 10:29 AM, Sun square Mars 2:38 PM,

Wednesday, September 14: The mood can be a bit disconnected and floating, waiting for something to. Let life be the journey, make the most of the process. When delayed, meditate. Evening we grow more sensitive and vulnerable, but keep an eye on timing as a mental fog begins to rise.

Moon trine Sun 12:40 AM, Moon sextile Mars 6:23 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:31 AM, Moon enters Pisces 8:22 PM.

Thursday, September 15: In this morning’s fuzzyheaded confusion, comes an opportunity to tap dance on an old sore, or help it heal, as the Sun opposes Chiron, we make the choice. We can feel older tired this afternoon and need to rest, or if where feeling rather puddled and emotional but have to deal anyway, take it one step at a time, one building block at a time rather than look at the whole effort and feel overwhelmed.

Moon conjunct Neptune 1:45 PM, Moon square Saturn 2:25 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:34 PM, Mars square Chiron 9:54 PM.

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Wonderful Heather! My first newsletter now something to look forward to.