Starcodes, Oct 21 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes, Oct 21 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


Feel the emotional temper change this weekend as the winds of autumn thicken and the Sun enters Scorpio and Moon enters Leo, and we dig in our heels. The time to change opinions about the election is fading along with the falling leaves.

Though all week long Venus in Sagittarius helps us stay flexible in matters of the heart and feel restless enough to be willing to leave dysfunctional situations and choose an approach which is healthy and honest. This Sagittarius Venus can help us keep a sense of humor and encourages us to laugh even at the tough aspects acted out so clearly through our ongoing presidential campaign, and may be able to laugh even at those other corners of our life. Where the recent temperamental aspects may have affected us more personally.

Mars in Capricorn is just pulling away from a conjunction to Pluto, an aspect we still feel though it peaked during last week’s presidential debate, and aspect that demands ask how we want to use power, whether personal power, political power or electrical power. We still have access to that great Mars/Pluto determination when we get inspired, but may feel less pushed to accomplish, blame, or push, so let’s use our power to heal and accomplish, and hold the line against misuse of power. This conjunction continues to echo through the upcoming election.

On Friday the Sun and Mercury are still in open-minded Libra, though we can be challenged to get out of our comfort zone and get touchy or defensive as the Cancer Moon squares Mars and Pluto. It’s still a good day to make contacts about the future and open up possibilities while people are feeling flexible.

By Saturday night the energy shifts and brings more bravado, we may feel our heels digging in as the Sun enters deep Scorpio and the Moon enters charismatic but stubborn Leo. While this is a great night for a costume party or storytelling of all types, it becomes harder to convince anybody to change the minds.

On Monday afternoon Mercury joins the Sun in Scorpio and we begin to play our cards close to the chest. People appear to become secretive, and some of them may be, but this attitude is about privacy, not secrecy. We’ll just want to keep our inner world to ourselves, but become simultaneously more curious and suspicious about the motivations of others. Life is a mystery, and Scorpio knows it well.

Midweek the Virgo Moon brings out our inner critic, which is wonderful in the public arena but let’s use it sparingly towards those we love. Venus approaches Saturn the following weekend, and while this conjunction can help us move our work forward, it can make love itself feel like at lot of work. Let’s practice good relationship skills with one another, even if we don’t feel like it, and see if we can lighten that load.

Friday, October 21: If we feel discontent, it may be coming from a different source than first appears. We need a little gentleness and safety today; it’s been a rough, changeable, or eventful week for many and we need to know where we’re safe and who we can count on, and may need to curl up in our home, nest and catch up with ourselves and with our most comfortable folk. We can get defensive very easily as the cancer Moon opposes Pluto and Mars midday, but can also reach out in compassion to another who is not feeling at home. Tonight, think all things comfortable and reconnecting.

Moon square Jupiter 12:40 AM, Moon trine Neptune 1:33 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 11:13 AM, Moon opposed Mars 2:04 PM, Moon square Uranus 11:43 PM.

Saturday, October 22: Morning is relatively friendly, domestic but communication could be off. Keep checking in with one another rather than just getting irritated as the Cancer Moon squares the Sun and Mercury. We may feel pulled by opposing desires, or have clashing opinions as to how to handle the problem at hand. Energy shifts this afternoon with even more complex mixed feelings, both more outgoing it going and more introverted, as the Moon enters Leo outgoing Leo and the sun enters deep and private Scorpio.

Moon square Mercury 6:29 AM, Moon square sun 1:13 PM, Moon enters Leo 1:34 PM, Sun enters Scorpio 5:45 PM.

Sunday, October 23: We need attention today, we need to be noticed and appreciated in our community, seen by the people who say they care about us. Or we can act out. We do not need to have our insides or insights poked; one can love and still respect boundaries, love and respect differing opinions. Some wild opinions are just the expression of an urge to be contrary.

Moon trine Venus 12:27 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:43 AM, Moon trine Saturn 2:19 PM.

Monday, October 24: People are ready to make positive changes this morning (if they feel appreciated) just don’t start too early. We need to hear our own inner voice first, and then can respond outside demands. Urgent grumbling, sharpened critique can shift our focus this afternoon as the Moon enters Virgo. Come back to an understanding tonight as the Moon sextiles Mercury.

Moon trine Uranus 6:20 AM, Mercury enters Scorpio 2:46 PM, Moon enters Virgo 9:16 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:16 PM.

Tuesday, October 25: Morning can leave us cranky and out of sorts unless we find a good use for crankiness; edit, sort, or critique. The mood softens as the Moon Venus and Neptune form a T-square this afternoon, we want to dream of a kinder, gentler, more beautiful world and may feel cynical about what we find here instead. Share a dream and the mood improves.

Moon sextile Sun 1:43 AM, Moon square Venus 2:54 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 3:24 PM, Venus square Neptune 7:54 PM, Moon square Saturn 11:56 PM.

Wednesday, October 26: Venus sextiles Jupiter and brings the potential for a more loving, more compassionate or open-minded approach. We also may long for more romance and love, but could paradoxically feel too privet to reach out. Though we can see beauty in the natural world and can find something to laugh at our rapier-like Mercury in Scorpio wit. Although our work schedule may tighten, take time and find the bravery to interact; the little human exchanges may be more important in the long run.

Moon trine Pluto 2:34 AM, Venus sextile Jupiter 9:18 AM, Moon trine Mars 12:32 PM,

Thursday, October 27: We may be really tired of conflict, and just don’t want to go there today.  Emotions run strong, we want to be fair but our thinking is deeply tied to our identity the sun and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio under a Libra Moon. Be kind, respect differences, and know when to step back.

Moon enters Libra 7:50 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 10:16 AM.




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First line…oops, the sun enters Scorpio, not Leo.