Starcodes Oct 28 2016 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Oct 28 2016 Heather Roan Robbins


When they go shallow, let’s go deep; deeper than our shallow irritations, deeper than our resentment or otherness. It’s Scorpio season with the Sun and Mercury in serious Scorpio, asking us to dive beneath the waves and look for our answers underneath the rocks and in the depths of the soul.

This potentially eventful week begins with a little luck, a few tests, and potentially a need to count on history, old friends, and familiar solutions to handle those tests. Through the weekend a difficult Mars-Uranus square brings out our edgy, rebellious, impulsive sides, sudden moves or contrary comments that don’t quite work, though this energy is softened by a supportive, serious Venus-Saturn conjunction that helps us rely on time-tested resources.

Friday morning the Moon makes lovely aspects to Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn and helps us find our luck, idealism, and optimism in a tricky week. And we will need it. This ambitious and irritating Mars-Uranus square brings out our rebellious and Machiavellian sides. Headlines show abrupt grabs for power or fierce attempts to set healthy boundaries. Let’s hold the frontlines of Sacred Stones Camp in ND, Mosul, Iraq, trouble marriages, and all other battle grounds in our heart and attention this weekend.

This square can also precipitate mechanical difficulties and ingenuity, machines can develop poltergeists, but we have the wherewithal to cope with them. But let’s give ourselves a five-minute lead time on our impulses and think through consequences before jumping in or spouting off. And keep a fire extinguisher near-by.

Through this we can feel the support of friends and the healing power of animals in the natural world. The Venus-Saturn conjunction can both strengthen and test our relationships. Work or responsibilities can get in the way of one’s normal romantic flow, but can also give us opportunities to bond together and grow our trust. And as Venus and Sarah conjunct Sagittarius, which encourages our connection to the natural world. We can hold those sharp comments and walk the dog together or rake leaves and let the temper spike pass. And animals may come in to commune or support us in the process.

Do not step on toes this weekend because you will not like the results. When faced with anger, rudeness, strange grabs for power, assault, attacks, which become more likely under the Mars-Uranus square, we can reach for honesty, stability, old alliances and trust that the news he and compassion can see us through.

The new Moon in Scorpio on Sunday and through the day of the dead make this a powerful time for ceremony and remembrance. It also brings a mischievous love of mystery and a willingness to face our fears through Halloween, which could be a good and scary one.

The week ends with depth and ingenuity as the Moon enters upbeat and far-thinking Sagittarius while Mercury forms a positive sextile with Pluto. Legal briefs will be filed; media covers events with more depth. We get a chance to back away from Halloween candy and do something with recent discomfort, we can compost our feelings and let it activate us and fertilize fresh ideas.

Friday, October 28: The morning brings a wave of generosity and optimism, we just need to think through our sudden impulses as Mars squares Uranus tonight, and not all of our impulses will be productive. Take advantage of this optimism and desire for fair and equitable situations under the Libra Moon today. Midafternoon the clouds begin to roll and tempers sharpen. Put impulsive strength to good use later on, enjoy the buzz, but be careful around volatile people, substances, and situations all weekend long.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:42 AM, Moon sextile Venus 8:44 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:54 AM, Moon square Pluto 2:10 PM, Mars squares Uranus 10:05 PM.

Saturday, October 29: Unsettled aspects overnight can leave us stirred up this morning, uncomfortable and restless, so it furthers to have a good place to put a desire to change our world. Feel the great aspect for rabble rousing and home improvement, just be careful around guns, sharp objects, and electrical tools. Midday the mood is restless, we can feel like a dog that can’t quite settle on the nest, turning but not necessarily going anywhere. The vibe grows more serious tonight as Venus conjunct determined Saturn and the Moon enters deep Scorpio, we want to feel safe and share what’s on our mind.

Moon opposed Uranus 3:46 AM, Moon square Mars 4:09 AM, Venus conjunct Saturn 6:44 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 8 PM.

Sunday, October 30: Today can be deep, heartfelt, imaginative spiritual or lost in the world as thoughtful Mercury trines intuitive, spiritual, escapist Neptune under the Scorpio New Moon. It’s a perfect time to tell ghost stories and talk to our ancestors, a perfect time to get out our art supplies and work on our costumes. Our hopes and fears are closer to the surface than any form of factual reality.

Mercury trine Neptune 6:57 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 11:38 AM, Moon trine Neptune 2:55 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 4:12 PM. Sun

Monday, October 31: Let this be a true Halloween, we are still hovering in that other fantastical world and experiencing our inner feelings as the Scorpio New Moon makes pleasant aspects to Pluto and Mars. Revenge fantasies can dance where people felt wronged over the weekend, watch out for a backlash. Generally, it’s a very private day, deep feelings run silent, but we can enjoy that Venus in Sagittarius desire to explore and share when we are in our alter ego’s costume.

Moon sextile Pluto 2:48 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:43 PM.

Tuesday, November 1: Maybe it was the weekend’s shakeup, but the Sun trines Neptune today and helps us imagine different possibilities. Although we may not be back at any heavy work schedule, we felt the restlessness and discontent, imagine how things could manifest outside of the box, and get ready to implement new plans and action. The veil is still thin; we may feel our relatives and spirits near-by.

Sun trine Neptune 2:16 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 8:43 AM.

Wednesday, November 2: Our imagination builds up speed, our ingenuity kicks into gear, we’re willing to solve problems as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Some interesting revelations over the weekend may have us may show us new light on our family history or cultural history and we may get an understand its ramifications better, figure out how to keep the best and heal the rest.

Moon square Neptune 3:34 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:58 AM, Moon enters Saturn 2:09 PM, Mercury sextile Pluto 11:09 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 11:31 PM.

Wednesday, November 3: This is an important day for communication. It’s easier to be honest than it has been for a while, and we can get past more delicate feelings to stay solution-focused at work and in our lives. People may be impatient and don’t want to waft around, so get to the point and keep it useful, especially tonight as the Moon heads into Capricorn.

Moon trine Uranus 4:34 AM Moon enters Capricorn 9:05 PM.





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