Starcodes April 28, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins (times listed are MDT)

Starcodes April 28, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins (times listed are MDT)


We have a few weeks of sparks ahead, so let’s see if we can help compassionate, creative ideas catch fire but soothe inflammations elsewhere. Venus re-enters direct, fiery Aries, where it was February 4-april 3rdand cranks the heat up on our emotional responses. Issues that excited or inflamed us in February will heat up again. We’ll tend to care passionately, one way or the other, about anything that catches our heart.

Causes that stir our blood we want to do something about right now. Aries loves a good revolution. But we may be only able to see a few feet ahead of ourselves and need to take everything one step at a time. With Venus in Aries we have extra emotional fuel, but our thinking now can erratic and myopic, which is a tough combination, because Mercury has retrograded back into Aries and combusts spontaneous Uranus. We can get hot under the collar quickly, but may not have either facts or the objectivity. Our histamine levels can feel elevated from seasonal allergies and personal irritations.

But all this blooming, spark energy has an upside. Spring fever can ignite our interests in a passing fancy or fire new relationship. Parties and performance scan catch fire quickly, spontaneous moments of creative moments combust nicely. We care. we honestly do, and passionately if not with sensitivity.

As the weekend begins we buzz with excitement and last -minute changes under a versatile Gemini moon. We move more into our hearts and our gardens on Saturday, but can get a bit touchy or defensive under a cozy if guarded Cancer Moon. It’s a wonderful time to start seedlings or nurture love. Old emotional patterns can pinch us, but also loosen and fall away if we make fresh choices.

Bring nature inside with a May basket on Monday morning, and prepare to plant a new crop of opportunities. The Moon adds both more panache and more fuel to the fire midweek, reducing our patience just as Mercury slows down to turn direct on Wednesday. Delays, snags, last minute revisions can challenge our work, but fertilize the potential ahead.

Wednesday and Thursday mark a turning point, green lights begin to flash, though we have work to clean up first. Decisions get made quickly. Recently surfaced problems get either resolved, or defined over the next two weeks as Mercury conjuncts Uranus for the third time in a month.  It can get messy as the blockades shift, we can expect the unexpected.

Friday, April 28: We’re good at multi-tasking under a versatile Gemini moon, which is fortunate, because so many different things need tending and last-minute adjustments need to be juggled.  It is easy to get impatient, but let’s stay cool and focus on the task at hand, or we can expect to redo it all. Irritation and minor snafus increase midday, but the mood grows more convivial this evening as the Moon trines Jupiter. Though it may be hard to rest, and conversation can linger into the wee hours.

Moon conjunct Mars 3:15 AM, Venus enters Aries 7:13 AM, Mercury conjunct Uranus 8:49 AM, Moon square Neptune 5:21 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:36 PM.

Saturday, April 29: On this versatile, talkative day with so many things happening, keep a good steady pace and don’t over schedule, as clutch Venus increases when we’re rushed. Intense negotiations could further, so keep the lines of communication open. Positive changes in the works midday as the Moon sextiles mercury and Uranus. We may grow weary and need more introspective or intimate time tonight as the Moon enters Cancer. Defensiveness is a sign that one is over-extended, back off and try tomorrow.

Moon sextile Mercury 11:28 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 12:12 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 3:28 PM, Moon enters Cancer 7:47 PM, Moon squares Venus 8:59 PM.

Sunday, April 30: Old family patterns or early security issues can haunt the edges of the day. Honor the past but stay present in the moment, and consider the future before spouting off. A chance to not revert to old defenses can leave us feeling peeled and vulnerable, but also free of old constraints as Saturn squares Chiron. Rest furthers.

Moon sextile Sun 1:19 PM, Saturn square Chiron to 20 4 PM, Moon trine Neptune 6:26 PM, Moon square Jupiter 9:22 PM.

Monday, May 1: Surprise someone with a May basket and bring the sunshine in. We could all use a pick-me-up this morning, a remembrance that new life reruns each spring, as we deal with ambient anxiety and saber rattling while the Cancer Moon squares Mercury and Uranus. Slow and easy does it, because so many changes are afoot, but we haven’t quite reached the starting gate. The Moon enters Leo to night to add a touch of ego drama and hyperbole. But those overblown feelings are probably real at their core.

Moon opposed Pluto 3:59 AM, Moon square Mercury 2:34 PM, Moon square Uranus 2:22 PM, Moon trine Chiron 5:38 PM, Moon enters Leo 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, May 2: Don’t make things sound worse than they are just to get sympathy, or to get distance from the situation, just feel it. It is easy to be judgmental, but that only make sues harder on ourselves in the long run. to push will lead frustration. And exhaustion. we can hold still with grace, contemplate the moment, appreciate, and prepare.

Moon trine Venus 1:22 AM, Sun sesqui-quadrate Saturn 5:18 AM, Sun semi-square Chiron 8:56 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 11:46 AM, Moon square Sun 8:46 PM.

Wednesday, May 3: Breathe through the morning; the more meditative approach, the better. The potential for positive changes kick in after noon as Mercury turns direct and the Moon trines Uranus. Just don’t drive faster than the angels can fly; stay centered and the knots begin to unknot. Unexpected plans, problems people have brooded over, become apparent over the next few days.

Moon sextile Jupiter 12:58 AM, Mercury turns direct 10:32 AM, Moon trine Mercury 5:17 PM, Sun sextiles Neptune 6:50 PM, Moon trine Uranus 7:40 PM, Moon trine Saturn 10:35 PM.

Thursday, May 4: Get to work! Do it with safety in mind as Mercury semi-squares Mars; keep the pressure steady rather than shoot the rapids, but use this industrious, efficient, time to get the word out and the next steps in play. Worry is a sign that we need to get busy, but don’t believe its litany. Be kind to one another through an edgy spell tonight as the Moon squares Mars; we can’t solve all the problems at once.


Moon enters Virgo 3:46 AM, Mercury semi squares Mars 6:09 PM, Moon square Mars 9:14 PM.


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