Starcodes June 23, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes June 23, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


Warm and friendly evenings call up nostalgic memories and encourage us to take care of one another. We can reconnect with family or connect to memories of summers past as we watch fireflies twinkling in the balmy evenings. But in this process, old Cancerian family and nationalistic patterns can get triggered, old wounds can feel newly raw with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars, line up in domestic, protective Cancer this week, all underlined as Mars squares Jupiter, trines Neptune, conjuncts Mercury and approaches an opposition to Pluto.

This conga dance with Mars give us extra energy to do what needs to be done but can also instigate a defensive, aggressive edge wherever we feel our ordinary rights to live a safe, healthy life are endangered. Cancer urges us to appreciate and protect family, and by family we mean the larger family of humankind, home, homeland, and home planet. We desire a more ideal interaction and get potentially cynical with what we have instead, and can play this pattern out in our personal family dynamics as well around old wounds between races and countries. But every time the patterns from the past raise their head, we have a chance to shift it and change the story. Cool the temper and use this wisely, we have work to do. Don’t just get mad, make a difference; help change the paradigm.

During this domestic Cancerian time, let’s work with the image of home renovation; go back to a building we know and love and figure out what needs to be improved from the foundations up, and get to it under these energizing Mars aspects. We can improve and repair, update and beautify our home and relationships. Or we can just respond defensively and blow it up all over again. Let’s see if we can avoid dueling defenses, which can be a real problem under this Cancer line-up, where one person’s defenses set off another person’s edginess when both really just need reassurance and support. Don’t reinforce bad behavior with attention, but do address the real needs underneath in order to calm the wildfires.

The weekend begins under a sensitive, potentially emotional new Moon in Cancer which brings a chance to release old family cycles and begin anew. But we can feel anxious if we’re not sure what to release or how to start over. It can help to work together to further a goal. Our heart tenderizes as Venus trines Pluto on Sunday, though we may potentially feel lonely in a crowd or have trouble saying goodbye.

But if we’re not sure exactly what we’re ready to release or start, these aspects can bring up a sense of anxiety. It helps to work together to overcome an obstacle or further a goal rather than take this feisty competitive, pushy energy out on one another. Venus trines Pluto over the weekend and can help us value what’s close to our heart, because our heart is tender, potentially sore, lonely and proud. On Sunday, a Jupiter-Mars square sharpens that competitive edge, we may feel more brittle and guarded, more easily angered unless we give our restless Mars something constructive to do, like march in a pride parade or dance the night away.

Early in the week Mercury and Mars trine Neptune and spice up our intuition, encourage us to take a break from our challenges and indulge in summer, but also increase our ability to empathize. We get an opportunity to let go of some old patterns and shift into a more mutually respectful and caring version. Midweek we’ll need to make decisions based on that compassionate sensation. A Virgo Moon can sharpen our edges again but help us nail down the details of work that needs to be done. It furthers to have a garden to weed or an article to edit, rather than waste this energy worrying.

We may get depressed and have to watch out for a sense of hopelessness or overwhelm towards the end of the week as thoughtful Mercury opposes Pluto. Transportation can be problematic, and problems need to be fixed. We may need to discuss how cars, a Mercurial form, have recently been used as a weapon. Hang in there. Use experiences which could be discouraging to remember what is truly important and stay on track. Feel a shift coming in.

Friday, June 23: Memories feel so close to the surface, but we choose whether we remember the only the old problems, or review the past to make healthy decisions about the future as the Gemini Moon opposes serious Saturn, and both square Chiron. Multi-tasking competence abounds, as long as we have lists, as memory can be faulty. Comfort, good food, extra appreciation furthers around dinner time as the Moon enters deep-feeling Cancer, and conjuncts the Sun at 8:30 PM MDT. Because were feeling prickly, extra appreciation and kindness furthers.

Moon opposed Saturn 6:30 AM, Moon enters Cancer 4:03 PM, Moon conjunct Sun 8:30 PM.

Saturday, June 24: Start a new cycle; relocate, propagate the garden, or work for social justice as the fecund Cancer New Moon conjuncts Mercury and Mars. Tonight, it’s easy to feel left out or long for something more than we have, and this can make it hard feel the joy in the moment as the Moon opposes Pluto. It will help to bond over the depths rather than hold each other responsible for this ache. Kindness furthers, let people of the hook and choose forgiveness.

Moon conjunct Mercury to 12 AM, Venus trine Pluto 2:59 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 1:09 PM, Moon square Jupiter 1:35 PM, Moon trine Neptune 2:41 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 9:29 PM.

Sunday, June 25: A competitive, territorial streak makes for a great sports game, nasty sibling rivalry or international friction. The Moon enters more sociable Leo to night which can either fuel the fire or give us a chance to chance to shift gears and socialize. Connect from the heart. Let the summer’s evening help us step out of the tension and into possibility.

Mars square Jupiter 2:07 AM, Moon square Uranus 12:44 PM, Moon enter Leo 4:06 PM.

Monday, June 26: Even though our work weeks begun, we may need to take a break under this Leo Moon and as Mars trines escapist, imaginative Neptune. This aspect can help us let go of old anger, but also leave us disorganized or unsure of what we want. Create healing moments rather than try to push through.

Mars trine Neptune 12:18 AM.

Tuesday, June 27: An interesting opportunity arises if we keep lines of communication open even if were feeling a little tactless. People are more willing to tell stories than to really talk about what’s going on and process their tender guts, but we can hear the information we need in those stories as Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter and trines Neptune. Make the most of a potential for good changes early in the day. Tonight the Moon heads into Virgo, helps us get back on task, but a tendency to worry can make us cranky.

Moon square Venus 4:29 AM, Moon trine Saturn 7:38 AM, Mercury square Jupiter 12:20 PM, Moon trine Uranus 3:11 PM, Mercury trine Neptune 6:22 PM, Moon enters Virgo 40 1 PM

Wednesday, June 28: Is it good, is it healing? If not, maybe we shouldn’t say it today; Mercury conjuncts Mars and brings a decisive time to let go or let it rip, and then move forward. It’s easy to get sharp-edged or cranky with one another, we can feel like no one’s doing quite enough, but that attitude is probably an illusion, and will not further, so let’s not say the unforgivable. Be safe around modes of transportation and temperamental people. Tend anxieties with gentleness, tend real problems with solid action. Tonight, do not ask much of the psyche, everyone needs a moment off or with spirit to renew as the Moon opposes Neptune.

Mercury conjunct Mars 10:50 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 7:57 PM.

Thursday, June 29: We can get depressed today, feeling inadequate or not enough, worried about the future as the Moon squares serious Saturn, Mercury opposes intense Pluto and brings our attention to look on the dark side. Transportation can be problematic. Our suspicious are either confirmed, or we have to let them go and free that energy. Or it may just be time to say goodbye. We can pour this questioning intensity into our artwork, or we can grow our confidence as we face our worst-case scenario and clear the dross of inessentials. face our worst-case scenario. Honor those moody feelings rather than fight them, just don’t hold on to them and loose proportion. Healing opportunities arise as evening progresses and the Moon opposes Chiron.

Moon trine Pluto 3:31 AM, Moon square Saturn 12:51 PM, Moon trine Venus 2:34 PM, Mercury opposed Pluto 6:35 PM, Moon opposed Chiron 10:54 PM.




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