Starcodes August 18, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes August 18, 2017 Heather Roan Robbins


The past sits heavily with us this week while Mercury retrogrades, Venus challenges Saturn, and we prepare for Monday’s solar eclipse, so we might as well put it to work. We may finally catch up with our belated emails, visit with old friends or let abundant school supplies bring back childhood autumnal dread and anticipation.

But a much deeper pain could also get triggered by the spear-shaking threat of nuclear war, or white supremacists roiling the South. or some echo of more personal trauma. Mercury retrograde is no excuse for these old threats, but it stirs the dust and reminds us to use strengths learned through earlier tough lessons. We’re farther out on the spiral this time, if back at a familiar point on the circle, and we can heal another layer. We can promise ourselves we won’t go back, but for those who have real historic trauma, this may not be easy, so let’s activate all our compassionate support.

As the weekend begins the ease and comfort of our love is somewhat tested as Venus quincunx Saturn under a tender Cancer Moon, whether by old bad habits, inconvenient circumstances, or, more profoundly. by historic trauma. We will appreciate those who can love one another with steadiness and support, even if we get a little brittle. Prioritize comfort and safety through midday on Saturday when the Moon enters Leo, and then get out there; the mod becomes more outspoken, energized and competitive as Mars and Jupiter sextile under an extroverted Leo Moon. We all suddenly need either attention, and to feel heard.

Monday’s solar eclipse will be billed as the greatest show on earth with the Sun and Moon both in last degree of extravagant Leo. Expect grandstanding of all types. The world takes on an over-the-top operatic tone which may resonate for months to come. We can share this amazing celestial event, palpably feel the rhythm of the dance between sun, moon, and earth.

This is a tricky eclipse, crossing our country and exacerbating Trump’s Mars, opposed America’s Moon. Although we’ve experience eclipses many times in the USA, the last time a total solar eclipse swept the whole width of the country was 1918, and, significantly, 1776 was the last time a total solar eclipse passed only over the United States and no other country. That decade was also the last time Pluto traversed Capricorn, where it is again this decade.

Work with the parallel; who is eclipsed, what is eclipsed, and how is America being eclipsed in this year. An eclipse acts like astrological acupuncture; as the sun, moon, and earth align they unblock blocked energy and shake the tree, and knocking down whatever is ripe to happen. If there’s nothing stuck or hidden, we just feel energized. But if something is overdue and needs to happen, or some truth needs to be revealed, we can experience a healing crisis, to put it politely. This eclipse focuses on the Leo paradox: do I shine for the good of all, or do I make it all about myself and not care about the consequences for others.

So, for those who been hiding their light, now’s the time to break out of that shell and be more honest about who you truly are. For those who’ve been self- focused and damn the consequences, now’s the time for karma to dance on you. We can tap into the best of Leo, the generous, protective heart, true graciousness and respect, to deal with the worst.

Both luminaries shift into Virgo right after the big show, the Moon only a few hours later, and the Sun joins in on Tuesday. The Virgo harvest begins. Use the thoughtfulness of Virgo to re-stabilize and reconnect.

Along with all this more intense transformation, we need to practice good basic Mercury retrograde skills to ease the way through Sept 6. Confirm appointments, track important communications carefully, confirm facts before spreading rumors, check for misunderstandings, and pad the schedule with extra time for the unexpected. Enjoy reviewing and reminiscing. If a relationship feels stuck or frustrating, instead of perseverating, take a break; go to neutral corners until the dust settles, then find common ground and re-approach the problem from there.

Friday, August 18: It can be tempting to withhold or test in relationships as Venus quincunx Saturn under a domestic, low-key, family-protective Cancer Moon, but probably won’t further the cause. Old wounds can activate around scarcity of food, love, or supplies, and make us anxious, or stimulate healthy concrete action. Our hearts connections are better served by building trust, not testing it; build trust through steady presence and help one another in a pragmatic way.

Moon sextile Mercury 3:18 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:16 AM, Venus quincunx Saturn 12:55 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 2:45 PM, Moon square Jupiter 6:51 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:05 PM

Saturday, August 19: Deal with unfinished emotional business. Morning is more family-oriented, but in the afternoon, some part of our heart that has been neglected now needs attention. If we’ve been paying attention to our neighborhood, we need to pay attention to our mate, if we’ve been paying attention to the cat we need to be attention to the dog. And we need to ask for what we need ourselves in an honest and straightforward way. Self-care is not the same as selfishness. Look for unexpected moments that can turn into fun.

Moon square Uranus 9:16 AM, Moon enters Leo 10:54 AM.

Sunday, August 20: What can we liberate today as active Mars forms a friendly sextile to expansive Jupiter? We don’t want to be good, we want to take care of business. Mixed cross currents let each minute bring different demands, enthusiasm, arguments, energy, self-indulgence, but the arc will bend towards an opportunity to heal. Exercise caution around communications glitches with love people late afternoon as Mercury semi-squares Venus, as unintentional splinters can really rub as Moon conjuncts Mars tonight, unless we find a shared enthusiasm, or give each other room to go our own way for a bit.

Sun quincunx Chiron 10:20 AM, Mars sextile Jupiter 10:41 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 4:57 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:32 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 9:54 PM, Moon trine Saturn 11:25 PM.

Monday, August 21: Expect the unexpected as the solar eclipse trines Uranus, peaking about 11:46 am MDT. Morning can feel wild and edgy, but potentially bring bonding moments as we share this wild and egalitarian show. The day grows edgier as the Moon enters Virgo, as if strong coffee is wearing off. Keep eyes open for sudden shifts as a logjam opens, a flood of action for better or worse. direct the focus away from unnecessary drama, and towards evolutionary love. Come back to the priorities.

Sun trine Uranus 12:21 AM, Moon trine Uranus 11:39 AM, solar eclipse new Moon 12:30 PM, Moon enters Virgo 2:24 PM

Tuesday, August 22: Good work can be accomplished as Mars trines Saturn. Now we pay the pipers; our bills become due, whether it is a money, energy, or karmic deficit. Our health, particularly our guts, may need some TLC. Stay involved in important decisions being made now; though they will have to be reorganized in a few weeks, be part of the process now. The Sun enters Virgo, and the season of harvesting and sorting begins.

Moon conjunct Mercury 3:40 AM, Mars trine Saturn 7:20 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 1:16 PM, Sun enters Virgo 4:20 PM, Moon trine Pluto 8:12 PM.

Wednesday, August 23: We have to rethink, reorganized, and figure things out. People can be twitchy, hard on themselves and others, or just a little nervous with the Sun and Moon in Virgo this morning. Don’t get sidetracked by self-consciousness or self-doubts; it’s easy to think too but then combine that with information from the heart and find a way through. We become kindlier to ourselves and others as the Moon enters Libra tonight.

Moon square Saturn 3:18 AM. Moon sextile Venus 2:02 PM, Moon enters Libra 7:04 PM, Venus trine Chiron 11:59 PM.

Thursday, August 24: A new hopefulness tickles around the edges, new possibilities of collaboration as the Libra Moon approaches Jupiter and Venus squares Uranus. So does an emotional restlessness around things that do not work, but please do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. We are ready for an opening, a new road, a new connection, a new artistic endeavor. Invite in unusual allies to solve a common problem.

Mercury semi-square Jupiter 12:05 PM, Venus square Uranus 1:01 PM.




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