Starcodes October 6, 2017 

Starcodes October 6, 2017 


It’s a week to be a grown up, the stars call on us to be mature, deep, and able to perceive what’s important and what is not. That doesn’t mean we have to rush, but let’s keep our eye on our goal.

Over the weekend we need to be perceptive to see through a haze of fuzzy thinking as Mercury and the Sun form a challenging aspect to confusing Neptune. It is a great weekend to unwind, wander, and restore our resiliency, but we can lose track of time or make mistakes of inattention. Let’s also keep an eye out for pragmatic water problems like spillage, mold, or seepage. And if it feels like our conversation veers out on skew lines, let’s clarify to make sure that we hear what was actually said, and that we are understood.

If we’re not careful, our imprecise communication can test our relationships towards Sunday as emotional Venus squares serious Saturn. While this aspect encourages us to learn a skill or practice our craft or art form, it can make love feel like a lot of work. It asks us to practice diplomacy and good interpersonal skills even (especially) when we don’t feel like it.

Diplomacy and cooperation can help us work together on Monday as both the Sun and Mercury form a challenging square to deep Pluto, a tough aspect that can bring up questions of loneliness, loss, irritation, disempowerment and storm damage. This haunting aspect brings a whiff of our mortality, reminds us that life is too short and asks us to use our time wisely, something recent headlines have been pounding home. If we’re feeling lonely, maybe we now notice where we push others away and so participate in our isolation. Or we may feel like we’re at a fork in the road and need to decide which way we proceed.

Some people will naturally respond to these Pluto transits with renewed compassion. Other people could assert their ego or use their power over others, just to help them feel safe and alive. If so, we can know they’re operating from fear of loss, but let’s not feed that flame. A few of us will just find this time contemplative and deep.

We feel this rather haunting note echoed on Tuesday as Jupiter enters Scorpio, its home for the next year. Jupiter symbolizes what frees us, what expands us, or what overflows. Jupiter is larger than all the other planets in the solar system combined and symbolizes abundance, for good or ill. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, it calls us to free ourselves by getting down to the roots with intensity, seriousness, and focus. Jupiter in Scorpio promotes research and investigation. It imparts the urge to get real, or get even, though that’s not the same thing. Scorpio wants us to cut through the social niceties and get down to fundamentals; for some it may be about sex, for others spelunking in their psyche or rebuilding cultural foundations. Jupiter spends about a year in a sign once every 12 years, so we can think back on the years following November 1993 and October 2005 to reflect on how Jupiter in the Scorpio affects us personally.

Early next week we need to operate from our sane and mature level and work through some frustrations or difficulties or just show up for the effort as active Mars squares serious Saturn. If we feel we have to choose between our desires and our responsibilities, this may be temporary; our job is to figure out how to work them together. This aspect can intensify the generation gap, so watch the tendency to polarize based on age and experience, and see what there is to learn from one another.

Friday, October 6: Work with paradoxes, time-share amongst competing responsibilities. Early morning indecisiveness can shift to an abrupt conclusion, deadlines and emergencies require action as the Moon conjuncts urgent Uranus in Aries this afternoon. Luckily a good, pointed, sense of humor can help us collaborate in difficult circumstances. The Moon enters more sensual and settled Taurus tonight and helps refill our earthly wells.

Moon trine Saturn 5:26 AM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 11:44 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:58 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 4:37 PM, Moon enters Taurus 5:55 PM.

Saturday, October 7: If there’s important work for us to do, we can attend to it in a steady pace. Just don’t rush us. But it may feel more important just to love one another, savor life and return some resilience to the soul. An underlying stubbornness is a survival skill; people are more pliable than they look but we need to flow with them rather than push.

Uranus semi-square Neptune 1:13 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 1:57 PM, Moon trine Pluto 10:01 PM.

Sunday, October 8: Go antiquing. Value old friends. Find a way to use the past to strengthen the present, but be willing to break old habits that no longer work. We need to practice good relationship skills as well as practice our creative crafts as Venus squares Saturn. Trust issues are easily triggered. Responsibilities may cramp our love life, but our affection can deepen when we are truly there for one another. A day of doing, and being. Conversation and communication pick up tonight as the Moon enters verbal Gemini; we may hear from old friends. Clear any jammed lines of communication, because we will need them in the next couple of days.

Moon trine Mars 4:45 AM, Venus squares Saturn 6:53 AM, Moon trine Venus 7:45 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 2:53 PM, Moon enters Gemini 7:44 PM.

Monday, October 9: It may just be world weariness, a dash of autumnal melancholy. Or it may be a haunting awareness of the intensity and seriousness of world problems, or a personal challenge as both the Sun and Mercury square Pluto. And this intensity can leave us nervy, or flighty so as to not deal with it, or we can really use our mind and heart together to be present to the situation and make good decisions. Expect people to be a little distracted today because so much is going on in the big realms.

Mercury square Pluto 6:26 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:33 PM, Sun square Pluto 6:11 PM.

Tuesday, October 10: Love can feel like a lot of work, but hang in there. Whether we love another person or our work, that love may take finagling and adjusting, balancing, and just plain showing up for one another as the Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and squares Venus and Mars. Find a way to create room in the loopholes, room to negotiate and to allow another person to feel they have a choice. Jupiter enters Scorpio and shifts our attention towards more serious subjects. The Moon enters Cancer tonight and encourages us to let go of the conversation and look for comfort.

Moon trine Sun 12:08 AM, Moon trine Mercury 2:04 AM, Jupiter enters Scorpio 7:20 AM, Moon square Mars 8:46 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 9:42 AM, Moon square Venus 2:11 PM, Venus opposed Chiron 3:03 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 4:24 PM, Moon enters Cancer 9:36 PM, Moon trines Jupiter 9:51 PM.

Wednesday, October 11: The political headlines may scream of inner child tantrums, but we don’t have to go there. We need to take good care of our inner child the day, because though it may need to be heard and considered, our maturity and perseverance has to lead so we can handle some frustrations or delays, negotiate instead of demand, and take advantage of opportunities as Mars squares Saturn under a sensitive Cancer moon. If we’re feeling creatively stuck, we can practice our craft and inspiration will eventually follow.

Mars square Saturn 7:37 AM, Venus in conjunct quincunx Uranus 3:03 PM, Moon trine Uranus 5:45 PM.

Thursday, October 12: We can expect strong feelings but solid thinking. We may feel out of sorts this morning as the Moon squares Sun and Mercury and opposes Pluto and need to catch up on emotional processing or deal with potentially difficult news. But then a sane if controlling Mercury-Saturn sextile helps us accomplish as well as be able to speak in a solid and reasonable way. We need balance, so if we stay connected to home and loved ones, our worldly work goes more smoothly.

Moon opposed Pluto 2:12 AM, Moon square Sun 6:25 AM, Moon square Mercury 11:33 AM, Moon sextile Mars 1:52 PM, Moon square Uranus 7:09 PM, Mercury sextiles, Saturn 9:02 PM Moon sextile Venus 9:59 PM.

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