Starcodes November 17, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes November 17, 2017  Heather Roan Robbins


Right before Thanksgiving, every year, our energy swirls in preparation. Like the last of autumn’s leaves our work and term papers churn in a last-minute reckoning before we dash to organize, travel, or cook while the Sun finishes its tour of Scorpio. The Sun then enters the spacious energy-field of Sagittarius around November 21 and calls us to travel, count our blessings, and be on good behavior with friends and family.

This cycle is intensified this year by a focused, deep, soul-searching new Moon in Scorpio over this weekend, which is perfect for divination and exploration. But this New Moon could also bring out a rash of new investigative reports that make our blood boil. This brooding, thoughtful, haunted New Moon is underscored by a tough Mars-Pluto square early in the week which can fuel any ongoing conflicts and also easily set off our holiday control issues. Power struggles, frustration, and revelations can make a hermitage look good. But let’s not get grim or distracted by melodramas in our surroundings; instead let’s get real and get our work done.

Then late on Tuesday the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn already in Sagittarius and the holiday vibe commences, though our ability to focus may be fugitive and we may feel like we’re in a hurry for something, a feeling we can justify with whatever our schedule brings. Neptune turns direct on Wednesday after months retrograde; after a foggy and confusing moment, it becomes easier to be honest and clear, and get moving.

Sagittarius brings a holiday energy, all of the sociability we associate with the holiday works through the Sagittarius month until the Sun enters Capricorn, when we’re called home to family and traditions. Travel is a Sagittarian joy, and more people travel, whether they like it or not, over the Thanksgiving holiday than any other time all year. Time to look on the bright side and give thanks.

But Thanksgivings not just about looking on the brighter side of life. Sagittarius asked us for fresh honesty and a wider horizon. It asks us to look at the bigger picture and to see how we can broaden our horizon and be more generous.

This Sagittarian found of honesty has been churning the political scene since Mercury went into Sagittarius and Jupiter entered Scorpio a few weeks ago, pouring outspoken comments around sexual misconduct into the press. These revelations and their ramifications will continue to spill forth well into January.

And this Sagittarius honesty is why Thanksgiving dinners can be so interesting around families or friends that are not usually open with one another, why they can be a founts of family revelations. The time leading up to it can be so rough on our nervous systems that we pour into Thanksgiving dinner so tired from final exams or long trips or recent work deadlines that we spout out whatever we’ve been brooding upon. Let’s dig even deeper and see if we can find the truth of our compassion and honest connection.

Friday, November 17: Get it done on this dark of the Moon in Scorpio, it can be restful to focus intensely on our work, object objective focus can help keep the emotions calm. Complete. The aspects run deep and strong, and if we have loved in our hearts that bathing and that depth is beautiful. Watch for those Scorpionic sting of retribution, anger, possessiveness and see if that depth of feeling can explore the depths of caring and connection instead. Real focus can bring accomplishment and productive changes as Mercury sextiles Mars and sharpens our insight and commentary.

Moon conjuncts Venus 1:03 AM, Sun quincunx Uranus 7:03 AM, Mercury sextile Mars 7:24 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:15 AM.

Saturday, November 18: After this morning’s intense new Moon in Scorpio, the Moon enters Sagittarius midday and we’re ready to move. Willfulness can start wars. A new level of honesty, and a strange this attachment can further the changes we began during the week. We’re ready to travel, find new territory, new candidates new terrain. But watch in the name of frankness and honesty that we don’t say something hurtful that underneath is a play for power or retribution for some earlier hurts as Mars squares Pluto tonight.

Moon conjunct Sun 4:02 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:58 AM.

Sunday, November 19: Deal with a strong torque of will power and won’t power this morning. Distrust an impulse to change a situation just to flex one’s muscles. Be honest, but don’t be shallow. Keep the heart connected so that truth isn’t just a surface irritant, but accomplishes a more compassionate approach. This new honesty can help us make some important decisions over the next week or two; we may see a change in staff or candidates or find we may be able to laugh at things today that we could not previously. Work together across unusual boundaries today, talk to strangers.

Mars square Pluto 5:18 AM, Moon square Neptune 10:50 AM, Moon sextile Mars 11:57 PM.

Monday, November 20: The energy is outspoken quick, if a bit scattered; tend to last-minute travel arrangements, errands, communiqués and memos as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Sagittarius. Watch for hurt feelings that need tending as our old scars feel touchy midday. Afternoon brings opportunity for, even nags us towards, responsible change as the moon trines changeable Uranus and conjuncts reliable Saturn.

Moon conjunct Mercury 3:36 AM, Moon trine Uranus 2:43 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 5:26 PM.

Tuesday, November 21: Get it done as the Moon enters competent Capricorn, but watch control issues; details won’t work out just the way we’d like, but we can co-create good things. Don’t waste people’s time, deadlines loom, we won’t listen unless what is said contributes to what we need to do. Look for strength within women, the feminine the culture, within our deeper creative self as Venus sextiles Pluto. We’re ready for a change of scene as the Sun enters Sagittarius tonight, though a cloud of last-minute confusion can temporarily fog progress.

Moon enters Capricorn 12:13 AM, Venus sextiles Pluto 4:29 AM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 6:56 PM, Sun enters Sagittarius 8:04 PM.

Wednesday, November 22 We’re ready to be on the move this morning, but everyone will have differing opinions about how to proceed; after Moon conjunct Pluto at noon the mood eases, bringing more helpful camaraderie and safety, and less efforts to control. A Moon-Mars square around dinnertime cranks up impatience, avoid bad decisions made just for expediency, but the evening helps us unwind and tell stories.

Neptune turns direct 7:20 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 11:59 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:40 PM, Moon square Mars 4:16 PM.

Thursday, November 23: Expect some last-minute changes of plans or ingredients as the moon squares Uranus this morning. Edgy people get snarky and controlling. The mood changes after the Moon enters Aquarius at 1:14 PM MST and encourages laughter and camaraderie. Be honest, but keep an eye on tactfulness; before spouting off, ask if it’s true, necessary, and kind. Share stories, but forget trying to change people’s minds today.

Moon square Uranus 3:32 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 1:14 PM, Moon sextile Sun 5:04 PM.





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