Starcodes March 2, 2018

Starcodes March 2, 2018


This first week of March rolls in like a lamb and out like a lion. After a foggy, internal, potentially low-energy but creative weekend, and moods with claws on Monday, the winds shift on Tuesday and bring a whiff of springtime. Mercury and Venus both enter fiery brash Aries, the rocket fuel of the zodiac, two weeks before spring officially begins and start a fresh chapter.

There’s a reason why most revolutions get underway in the springtime. The fresh new life of spring, the crocus pushing their way through the remnants of snow is a revolution against the winter. The simple, straightforward energy we need to rip out the old garden, turn the soil, plant new seeds, encourage their growth and attend our crops until the harvest– whatever meta-level we want to play that on—brings a revolution every year. This year looks like it could be a doozy, so let’s think about where we need a revolution, and bring our focus there.

But first, through the weekend Mercury, Venus, Sun, Neptune, and the asteroids Chiron, Juno, and Hygeia are all in subtle Pisces and bring out our sensitivity and underline our personal doubts and the complexity of our situation. We may feel flooded, metaphorically or literally. It can be easier to feel sorry for ourselves than to cope. Our brains can feel amorphous and receptive, but as focused as a wet noodle.

The Moon is in relationship-oriented Libra over the weekend as mental Mercury conjuncts heart-centered Venus, so be tender with one another and share a dream. Even if we’re feeling unusually sensitive we can’t expect others to guess what we need; we have to be clear. Sensitivity to our own experience doesn’t always translate into sensitivity about another person’s experience.

The Sun conjuncts intuitive, confusing Neptune on Sunday and increases our sense of permeability. We can feel at one with the world on a good moment, or swamped and dealing with sloppy conditions, wanting to escape, in the more challenging moments. If we’ve had the flu or have just been busy, we may feel tired and easily overwhelmed and just need to pace ourselves.

A Scorpio Moon brings a difficult edginess to the beginning of the week, On Tuesday both Venus and Mercury enter Aries, adds a touch of explosives, loan us more energy, and simplify our answers. In a few weeks, on the spring equinox, the Sun enters Aries and the new astrological year begins; but just as the momentum builds Mercury retrogrades on 22 March and our world slows down. We’ll need to go back and deal with problems that are already on our plate. This week is the last week before Mercury enters its shadow, the area that Mercury retrogrades back over in its three-week retrograde cycle. Let’s put plans together now that will keep us organized and give us the map we need when spring is sprung.

Friday, March 2: Many problems, flies in the ointment, were outlined this week under yesterday’s full Moon in Virgo, and now we need to deal with them. Don’t waste time in petty recriminations or self-criticism; make progress and actually feel better. Mercury trines Jupiter and can help us see the bigger picture. Work around timing problems or and off centered feeling midday. Let people process their week’s troubles or take care of health tonight as the Moon opposes Chiron. They will be readier to connect tomorrow.

Mercury trine Jupiter 6:04 AM, Moon trine Pluto 9:26 AM, Moon square Mars 10:28 AM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 1:40 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 2:48 PM, Moon opposed Venus 4:50 PM.

Saturday, March 3: Our sensitivities and touchiness can echo off one another, adding strange stressors even to people who really want to get along. Don’t take everything so personally and trust in the good intentions of those closest under this Libra Moon and as Venus semi-sextiles Uranus. The desire to change the aesthetics of the surroundings or paint a beautiful picture is not trivial, it allows our soul to feel the world can be more beautiful, and if we can do it on the painting, maybe we can do it in our life. Communication can hit a bumpy spell tonight as Mercury semi-sextiles Uranus, we can get lost in a crowd or have the cell phone run out of power. Just check in and make alternative plans. Hold hands if the words aren’t working.

Moon enters Libra 1:20 AM, Venus semi-sextiles Uranus 12:30 PM, Moon square Saturn 2:19 PM, Mercury semi-sextiles Uranus 7:48 PM.

Sunday, March 4: Find a positive use for Neptune; pray, meditate, paint, vision, escape to a beautiful place in mind, body, or soul. Journey within, journey without. But let’s not pretend we’re seeing clearly as the Sun conjuncts Neptune and Mercury conjuncts Venus. Everything can be hazy, and our hopes and fears project out. We can feel unusually permeable, germ sensitive or affected by other people’s vibes, so put attention in into something we’d like to soak up and become. Take a deep breath now for the busy week ahead. Late tonight our minds may begin to rev about coming changes as the Moon opposes Uranus.

Sun conjuncts Neptune 6:53 AM, Mercury conjuncts Venus 10:04 AM, Moon square Pluto 1:35 PM, Mercury conjunct Chiron to 20 4 PM, Venus conjunct Chiron 3:59 PM, Moon sextiles Mars 5 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 11:18 PM.

Monday, March 5: It furthers to have something to concentrate upon. Even if feeling a little edgy, use this time to follow up on connections and unfinished business while Venus and Mercury are still in Pisces. After tomorrow, people will be less interested in cleanup and more interested in new work. Mars semi-sextiles Jupiter as the Moon enters focused Scorpio and sharpens our claws. A strong competitive edge, militant and suspicious can make even simple dealings a little complicated.

Moon enters Scorpio 6:22 AM, Mars semi-sextiles Jupiter 5:07 PM, Moon sextiles Saturn 8:31 PM.

Tuesday, March 6: The winds shift as Mercury and Venus enter Aries. Action picks up, patience wears thin. Suddenly people want results. Momentum and urgency begin to build, but if we feel hemmed in or worried that we won’t be heard, the mood can grow explosive. Let’s just not bite off more than we can chew. Tonight, the Scorpio Moon approaches a conjunction with Jupiter (visible in the morning hours), and expands our sense of the possible.

Mercury enters Aries 12:34 AM, Moon square Neptune 8:22 AM, Moon square Sun 12:27 PM, Venus enters Aries for 40 5 PM, Moon sextiles Pluto 9:12 PM.

Wednesday, March 7: Feel a release of tension today, watch it turn into action if we can stay focused as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter this morning then enter Sagittarius this afternoon. Sound out potential allies, offer aid and enlist theirs. If we are sensitive to other people’s circumstance rather than just try to impose our will, we accomplish what we need to, and build support.

Say yes and get agreement as the Sagittarius Moon trines Venus and Mars this evening.

Moon conjunct Jupiter at 1:54 AM, Moon square Chiron 10:26 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 3:02 PM, Moon trine Venus 5:33 PM, Moon trine Mercury 9:15 PM.

Thursday, March 8: Be honest. No one’s feeling particularly subtle, so it furthers to tactfully get to the point. We can be easily distracted by what-ever grabs our imagination or swept away by a moments urgency, but can make real progress where we have a good plan and follow through, and weave good connections along the way. Let’s just watch what we get swept up in. Jupiter retrogrades tonight and sends us back to do some homework over the next few months.

Moon square Neptune 6:52 PM, Jupiter retrogrades 9:45 PM.


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