Starcodes April 6 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes April 6 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Be industriously patient this week. The planets are sending us a few different messages and we need to find a balance between them. On one level the astrological mood is cozy, friendly and encourages us to rest up, cozy up to young animals and savor the hints of spring. But at deeper level our attention may be drawn to major work stirring, big issues moving towards a dénouement over the next few weeks as the Sun squares Pluto and then conjunct Uranus. All while the stars tell us to hurry up and wait as Mercury retrogrades and slows us down but does so in impatient Aries and with a lingering Mars and Saturn conjunction in ambitious Capricorn egging us on.

The size of the coming dénouement could range from a small revelation to seismic shift. The Sun-Pluto square on Tuesday asks us to contemplate our life in the face of life, death, and the balance of power in the world or on the home front. Some event may trigger our thoughtfulness or make us aware that we have to let go of one thing in order to grab another. Pluto doesn’t want us to be miserable, it just wants us to remember why we’re alive and what we want to do with our wild and precious life.

From this thoughtfulness new cycles, new birth, new growth activates in response to this ache under a new Moon in Aries, as the Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury turns direct during April 15-18. But this week we may feel like we’re molting and new feathers are pushing out the old.

The weekend begins industriously, if a bit haunted with memories as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Saturn, Mars, and Pluto. let’s just remember we can’t do it all at once, whatever it is we feel we should be getting on with. Mercury is retrograde so it will be more productive to work on projects we’ve already begun.

It’s not a great time to make life altering decisions, though we may feel some pressure to do so. It is good for going through memories, calling the past, editing, writing up notes, and processing with people we trust as Venus trines Saturn. If we start walking around in a spacey fog, it may be because we’re distracted, processing at a deep level. This look backwards could help with the forensic thinking necessary for last-minute taxes but might bring grim moments otherwise.

The mood grows less industrious and more sociable on Sunday evening as the Moon heads into Aquarius. Early next week we feel that double layer, a lovely surface with thoughtful interior aspects tug us into deeper waters.

Midweek we could run into technical snafus but can also feel our hearts unusually warm as a Venus-Mars trine stirs that spring feverish sparkle in the eye that brings baby animals. Possessiveness and territoriality could be a problem but we can choose to let difficulties bring us closer to our heart rather than farther away. Hold hands with one another rather than put the problems between, exercise the Venus–Mars capacity to love while the Sun squares Pluto and implies we have to face our concerns.

A gently affectionate Pisces Moon on Wednesday through Friday with a creative Venus-Neptune sextile offers chance to make it safe to care. This softness could be overshadowed if we focus on what’s going wrong but can be a real gift if we choose to savor the warmth around the edges.

Since Mercury is retrograde all week, schedule extra time to get moving or get anything done, pay attention and move with grace rather than speed, and when in doubt, be kind. When the irritations at delays or unplanned snafus pile up, step outside and shake out tension rather than take it out on one another, then find the Mercury retrograde humor in it. Life starts to speed up in a week so let’s rest up and get ready.

Friday, April 6: Awkward conversations and odd timing test us this morning. We can question the decisions made by those in authority, and if we’re the one deciding, need to expect questions pointed our way. We can get more organized at the Moon enters Capricorn this afternoon, though some will get cranky depressed if they it feels like there’s too much to do. Support one another’s work efforts and all goes well. Tonight, it will help to process the week before we relax.

Moon trine Uranus 7:35 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Venus 11:05 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:01 PM.

Saturday, April 7: Get it done. We want to accomplish and make it beautiful as Venus trines Saturn and the Moon conjunct both Saturn and Mars and can pour this into domestic projects. Just proceed with patience and care so the project only needs to be done once. If what needs to be done is to take a nap, go ahead. Build trust by supporting each other’s work early on and relax later. Forgive people if they are distracted, it can be hard to let go of ongoing concerns.

Moon square Mercury 3:15 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:09 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:18 AM, Venus trine Saturn 7:36 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 11:41 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 6:44 PM.

Sunday, April 8: An introverted, potentially difficult or moody morning as the Moon conjunct Pluto early on, but the mood shifts quickly and the ghosts stay in the dreams. Enthusiasm can shift our perspective this afternoon; a change of scene furthers as the Moon squares Uranus.

Moon square Sun 1:17 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:02 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:14 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:39 PM.

Monday, April 9: We are in this together: lots of small challenges can pile up but a fresh sense of camaraderie can help us work together for the benefit of both the project and our friendships under the Moon enters Aquarius. Put the relationships first and the project falls into place; put the project first and neither furthers.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:49 AM, Moon sextiles Mercury 1:16 PM.

Tuesday, April 10: The energy can wander this day, it may be hard to focus or find direction. We could feel a haunting sense that we are not enough, or what we have to work with is inadequate as the Sun squares Pluto. And be tempted to blame unhappiness on another, which disempowers us and is dangerous. Instead, deal with loose and follow through, discuss the whys and wherefores. Share an experience and philosophize. Make extra effort to be aware of the feelings of others, empathy makes all the difference.

Moon square Venus 1:56 AM, Moon sextile Sun 7:10 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:09 PM, Sun square Pluto 10:56 p.m.

Wednesday, April 11: We want to love, to use our heart as Venus trines Mars, and can get resentful of anything that gets in this way. Old emotional patterns come up for review, familiar opinions and prejudices can run well-worn pathways this morning unless we ask clear questions and are willing to step out of our comfort zone. All sweetness furthers, kindness reaches the soul and starts new paths as the Moon enters Pisces this afternoon. Tend vulnerability, treat it like delicate gold.

Venus trine Mars 12:02 AM, Sun quincunx Jupiter 6:14 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:55 AM, Moon enters Pisces 12:39 PM, Venus semi-square Chiron 10:17 PM.

Thursday, April 12: In the midst of a busy world our imagination calls us, and we can either imagine our pains are worse than they are, or we can imagine creative solutions and beautiful answers. Let’s take our muse out for a spin. Art supplies further as Venus sextiles inspired Neptune, romantic gestures are appreciated as long as no one feels pressured.

Moon sextile Saturn 6:17 AM, Venus sextile Neptune 10:26 AM, Moon sextile Mars 4:28 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 6:08 PM, Moon the sextile Venus 6:56 PM.




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Beautifully written as usual. Thanks, Heather.