Starcodes April 20, 2018

Starcodes April 20, 2018


The Sun has just entered fertile earthy Taurus, and this slows the pace down but increases our determination and our need to get comfortable. Venus also in her home sign of Taurus encourages us to be tactile and embodied. The Moon, arbiter of our daily mood, waxes in fertile and sensitive Cancer through the weekend calls us to cuddle up at home, connect with old friends, plant good seeds and ideas and use the rich loam of this Taurus-Cancer energy to cultivate a good life.

Though our bodies may slow down, our thinking is still fast and reactive. Headlines stay loaded with spicy commentary as mental Mercury works through feisty Aries. Although Mercury is now direct, it’s still in its shadow, or traversing the area through which it recently retrograde, which can leave us with strange technical snafus, wrong orders, or misunderstandings to straighten out this week, but also offers the opportunity to integrate fertile material we may have unearthed under the Mercury retrograde introspective review.

Our minds are can be feisty but we our reaction time may soften. Taurus energy works like Ferdinand the bull, for the most part the Taurus energy encourages us to just stand in our field and smell the flowers. If we do get upset, though, it brings the power and determination of the bull to bear.

And this deeper, less feisty but more determined momentum is underlined by a motivating, willful Mars-Pluto conjunction in determined Capricorn. This conjunction has been driving us for weeks but peaks on Thursday. It can work for us when we have places to go and things to do, though some people will just get pushy. If we’re not sure of our long-term goals, we can direct this discontent towards urgent projects and feel relief. We can rototill a garden, refine a skill, or solve a problem rather push others around others with our frustration. Because this is such a willful aspect, watch for strategic moves made on the global and political arena. What begins now will be hard to stop.

The weekend begins under a sensitive Cancer Moon that can leave us tender and self-protective as it encourages us to tend the home front through early Sunday. Sunday afternoon calls us back out of our shell as Moon enters extroverted Leo while Pluto turns retrograde and stirs the depths of our psyche. Power dynamics can get complicated, but we’ll feel this tension more in political hotspots and in our deepest dreams, rather than in daily life.

On Monday, Mars sextiles Jupiter and nudges us to get to work, reach into new territory, make new contacts and promote ourselves. The mood picks up a flirtatious sparkle and flexibility as Venus enters Gemini on Tuesday.

Serious decisions concretize and our path may clarify when Mars conjuncts Pluto on Thursday. While this adds power to the engines, we need to keep our focus. Several minor challenging Neptune aspects call for caution around potential water damage and can make details slippery or leave us distracted. Stay on target.

Friday, April 20: Momentum can slow down because people need to catch up with themselves and with one another. Tend to the important but not urgent details. A tenderness brought by the Cancer Moon can both encourage gentle coziness and a willingness to get closer where we feel safe, but spike hellacious defenses when we feel judged or unsafe. The Sun challenges Neptune and makes details and timing slip away; pay extra attention around patches of confusion. Be present for one another rather than try to jolly somebody out of a mood tonight.

Moon sextiles Uranus 6:04 AM, Moon enters cancer 8:26 AM, Moon sextile Sun 9:15 AM, Sun semi-squares Neptune 11:26 AM, Moon square Mercury 6:41 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:49 PM.

Saturday, April 21: The world can push on us to get busy, people can poke at us to get on board with their plans, but most of us will prefer to drift and dream, turn up the volume on imagination, perception, and feeling. Let the wisdom of that inner world guide this week’s willfulness as the Moon, Neptune, and Jupiter form a grand trine in intuitive emotional water signs. Keep an eye out for literal water issues, melting snows or water spilled can complicate our life.

Moon trine Neptune 10:44 AM, Moon opposed Mars 4:35 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:55 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:20 PM.

Sunday, April 22: Savor a slow morning where breakfast in bed sounds delightful, then engage the world. The mood is generally cheerful but utterly stubborn and potentially self-absorbed under a Leo moon, though Pluto turns retrograde and stirs the depths of the cultural psyche. Conversation and cooperation flow more easily tonight as the Moon trines Mercury.

Moon sextile Venus 6:39 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:57 AM, Pluto retrogrades 9:25 AM, Moon enters Leo 11:08 AM Moon squares Sun 3:45 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:32 PM.

Monday, April 23: People need appreciation and resent being ignored or undervalued. But if we appreciate ourselves for what we have to offer, we are freed from the need of other people’s feedback and can think more independently as Venus sextiles Uranus and Mars sextiles Jupiter. We can create a collaborative atmosphere by what we give, not what we ask for, but that collaboration can go far. There’s potential for healthy shifts in relationship patterns if we care about another’s happiness as much as our own.

Venus semi-sextile Uranus 11:33 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:44 PM, Mars sextile Jupiter 11:12 PM.

Tuesday, April 24: Encourage new relationships around work. Our nerves wind up, which can make us more flirtatious, conversational, anxious, and funny as Venus enters flirtatious and nervy Gemini, while the Moon enters industrious Virgo. Dial down a tendency to criticize oneself and others, just make notes for future improvement. Enjoy the witty repartee, but keep the heart connected. If distracted, talk for a minute then get back to what’s important.

Venus enters Gemini 10:39 AM, Moon trine Uranus 12:39 PM, Moon enters Virgo 2:40 PM, Moon square Venus 3:03 PM, Venus sextile Chiron 3:10 PM, Moon trine Sun 11:16 PM.

Wednesday, April 25: We’ll take things seriously. The Moon moves into and industrious grand trine in Earth signs with the Sun and Saturn; this configuration can really help us keep build momentum as long as we remember what we’re doing. The Moon also opposes fuzzy-thinking Neptune, which distracts us with activity in our inner world; we can walk into the kitchen and forget why we’re there or get lost in the detail and forget what absolutely has to be done. Make lists and check priorities often. Do not get in the way of someone on a mission, they won’t be grateful. If self-doubts creep in around the edge, remember recent successes, and encourage one another.

Moon trine Saturn 6:29 AM, Mercury square Saturn 3:27 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 6:04 PM.

Thursday, April 26: Be alert for a bustle of activity early this morning as Mars conjuncts Pluto, be ready to make decisions. Be flexible enough to work around surprises but stay on target. It’s important to follow up on what we’ve just begun, but our attention can get lost in irrelevant details as the Moon makes no major aspect until it enters Libra tonight. Notice what motivates, both our own motivation and what drives others. Keep an eye on the headlines. Decisions made today will have impact.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:28 AM, Moon trine Mars 3:46 AM, Moon square Pluto 3:49 AM, Mars conjunct Pluto 5 AM, Moon enters Libra 7:12 PM.






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