Starcodes June 29 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Summer days heat up as we celebrate our country’s solar return this week. The Sun moves into a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune this week and helps us laze by the pool or relax with family. But when were not in such a relaxed or creative place, we may need to wrestle with Neptune. And that is going to take some creativity.

Each planet is a symbol of a wide spectrum. The cure for the negative expression of a planet always engages the positive aspect of that same planet. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and as it trines Neptune (exact Dec 2,2017, May 25, and August 19 2018), we’re working through an expanded archetype of Neptune. On a bad day this aspect can bring floods, a certain passivity, a feeling of either hopelessness or overwhelm. Archetypes of martyrdom. A desperate need to escape. Confusion or obscuration of facts. Our sense of time drifts so that whatever we’re doing can feel infinite, which is lovely when we’re meditating or joyful, and really tough if in a difficult situation.

We need to find a way of using Neptune’s oceanic connection, vision, and empathy to deal with escapism, delusion, and martyrdom. If we don’t like our reality, let’s not vote on it with our imagination, but use Neptune’s gift to empathize, think outside the box and work together to find a way through.  When we feel overwhelmed by a personal concern or a political issue, it is important to let any anger wash through like a flash flood, and then use our Neptunian imagination to find a solution, a goal we can reach towards with our whole being. Align with Spirit and proceed.

We can feel both that cultural discontent and a more personal versions this weekend as Mercury in Leo squares restless Uranus in Taurus, and then opposes action- oriented Mars in Aquarius at the end of the week. These aspects can wind up our nervous systems and add a touch of chaos to our electrical systems. We want to see change, be the change, create a shift with our discontent. But these fixed signs can leave us deeply entrenched in our opinions, which is paradoxical.

Friday brings an industrious Capricorn Moon and lets us see what work we need to do, then helps us get to it. If we start to get depressed, it furthers to take a moment in our happy place, whether meditating or hugging a beloved. A sociable Aquarius Moon over the weekend encourages us to participate in community events, whether family picnic or working towards a cause we believe in. Building community is never a waste of time, it helps build the resiliency and the connections we need to find good answers.

We can also feel political and personal discontent as Mercury squares restless, electrical Uranus this weekend, winds up our nervous systems and encourages us to be the change.  Watch out for edgy nerves or minor electrical mishaps as Mercury squares Uranus on Saturday.  some shocking news or need to wrestle with or an unsettling conversation encourages us to create change, let’s just make it worthy, and not just make a change for change sake.

Our emotions can get squishy on Monday as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces. The fireworks return on July 4, both in the sky and in our spirits as the Moon enters Aries and shifts the gears towards action for the rest of the week.

Our emotions get a little squishy on Monday as the Moon enters Pisces and brings nostalgia. The fireworks return on July 4, both in the sky and in our spirits as the Moon enters Aries and puts the rest of the week puts us into action mode. Let’s know what we want to do and then get it done.

Friday, June 29: Potentially troubled dreams or early morning moods can haunt us as the Moon conjuncts Pluto; it furthers to engage in intense discussion and get to the root of a matter. The mood lightens up into a productive day, though nothing may seem to finalize. Complete rather than initiate.  An early evening grimness lifts as the Moon enters Aquarius tonight.

Moon the conjunct Pluto 2:57 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 10:36 PM.

Saturday, June 30: Go on an adventure, let’s put ourselves out of our cultural comfort zone, try something completely different as mental Mercury squares restless Uranus under a collective Aquarius moon. We could want to create cultural change and won’t have any patience. Energy winds up easily, and anxiety or low impulse-control can be a product.  We may need to change our minds or deal with surprising information but need to practice patience with one another and not insist on what’s obvious to us. Watch for a difficult, impatient streak tonight as the Moon conjunct’s Mars.

Moon opposes Mercury 2 AM, Moon squares Uranus 2:37 AM, Mercury squares Uranus 7:01 AM, Mercury trine Chiron 2:10 PM, Moon conjuncts Mars 5:09 PM, Sun quincunx Mars 5:28 PM.

Sunday, July 1: The astrological mood is celebratory and impatient, with some whispering melancholy reminding us of better days. Notice what’s missing and decide whether it just needs respect, or new effort to create a shift in the future, as Venus challenges Pluto. Count on warm hearts, but with a potential disconnect or discomfort, or conflicting needs, but that can heal with acceptance and appreciation as the Moon opposes Venus around dinnertime.

Moon square Jupiter 2:02 AM, Venus quincunx Pluto 5:59 AM, Moon opposed Venus 4:55 PM.

Monday, July 2: A tender, vulnerable sense can make us less brave and outgoing, more in need of our comfort zone as the Moon enters Pisces this morning. Communication may occasionally feel stilted because as Mercury semi-quincunx Saturn but this may be because there’s too much feeling rather than too little, give it time and reassurance. Some serious issues need attention. Expect minor delays, and an irrational stubborn streak on emotional subjects. We’ll be most comfortable if we have nothing in particular to do.

Moon enters Pisces 11:30 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:38 PM, Mercury quincunx Saturn 5:48 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:26 PM.

Tuesday, July 3: What does freedom mean to us? Is it healthy politics, is it a day it off with no demands, is it the freedom to explore? Let’s engage our vision of freedom as the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune and forms a grand trine with the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. A subtle competition refers to present insecurities, do not reward bad behavior but do reassure where possible.  Because we still tend to feel vulnerable, we are more open to affectionate sweetness today, but also can be guarded and reactionary if we feel hurt or unaccepted. Don’t set off each other’s defenses, do make it safe to be tender.

Moon trine Sun 10:58 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:21 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 8:19 PM.

Wednesday, July 4: The Sun moves closer to that grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune, keeping our vision of freedom alive and activating our hopes and fears for our country on the soul return of the USA. This trine can help us live out the dream the archetype of a sweet July 4 and remember what we love in our community, then compare that to what we see happening in the headlines these days. After a soft or drifting day, fireworks revive us and add a whiff of danger and excitement tonight as the Moon heads towards Aries. Consider choosing to sidestep unproductive controversy.

Moon sextile Pluto 3:46 AM, Chiron retrogrades 10:45 PM, Moon enters Aries 10:49 PM.

Thursday, July 5: Take action as verbal Mercury opposes feisty Mars under a willful Aries moon. Be careful around mechanical objects and cars if in a fit of temper.  We need to speak up, will not be tactful, have little patience with the process, and are willing to fight for our philosophies. Empathy will be less obvious, we need to consciously call it up.  Stay in touch with the actual hearts around, live that philosophy on the micro as well as macro level. Speak up, just remember that skillful means further.

Moon conjunct Chiron 3:29 AM, Sun trine Jupiter 5:04 AM, Mercury opposed Mars 5:48 AM, Moon square Saturn 8:55 AM, Moon sex lie Mars 3:28 PM, Moon trine Mercury 4:38 PM.




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